Wild Fest 2

This upcoming weekend is the second annual Long Island Punk Festival Wild Fest. This is a day two festival that features some old and new Long Island Punk and Hardcore bands including bands who are not from Long Island. The festival will be taking place at the Long Island venue Amityville Music Hall. This is a benefit for the passing of Rob McAllister who played in Iron Chic. The money for this show will be going to this memorial fund. If you are going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Day One Friday, May 26, 2017


Iron Chic


Doc Hopper (Reunion)

Notches (NH)


Warm Needles

Adult Magic

Old Ironsides

Outlive Death

Way Harsh

Day Two Saturday 27th, 2017


James Dewees (The Get-Up Kids/Reggie & Full Effect)

The Men

Explosivo! (Reunion)

Too Many Voices

Celebrity Roast (Reunion)


Somerset Thrower

Buckshot Facelift


Field Day





Wild Fest 2

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