Alex G Rocket Record Release Show

Last Thursday, Alex G performed a sold-out show at the venue The Park Church Co-Op in Williamsburg, New York. The venue was an actual church and it was not held in a basement. The show was in the main hall and people were sitting down on the benches. This was just wild but it felt cool to see a band play in a spot like this. I felt like I watching  Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged where everyone sitting down and watching the band play. I believe the show had over two hundred the most. I mean by the time Alex G got on people were standing in the back.

Alex G had an opening band which was True Blue. True Blue are from Brooklyn, New York. They started to play. They had this New Wave meets Dream Pop vibe. They were very 80’s like. They played about five or six songs. One of the songs the lead singer invited Alex G on stage where she put a blonde wig on him and started to cut the hair off the wig. She was singing while this was happening. The keyboard player helped with the haircut and she just sang while cutting the hair. This was insane. Later on, she would walk down the aisle and sing right in people’s faces.  Another song was her to singing to a mirror and flashing it to the audience to show the reflection. Overall this was an interesting performance. The band was good and very artsy.

Alex G took the stage. This was my second time seeing him play. I saw him two years prior opening up Title Fight and Basement in New Jersey. That performance I was not a fan of him. I found him weird and out of place at the show. Later on, his music grew on me. Now I am a fan of his music. Alex G and his band started to play. Alex G sounded great and he was sitting down most of the set. The songs he played were mostly off the new album Rocket. The band sounded fantastic and he had his brother play some songs with him. During the song “Brite Boy” Alex G had the lead singer of True Blue join in for the performance. Alex G played for over an hour and it was great. He did an encore which was all cover songs. He played Dave Matthews Band “Ants Marching”, Green Day “Good Riddance”, and Third Eye Blind “Jumper.” The Third Eye Blind cover was something else. That song got the best reaction from the crowd. Alex G’s record release was a lot of fun. Alex G is something else. He and brother are both talented. They were playing multiple instruments on stage and performed so well. He will be back in the New York City area July 7th at the Bowery Ballroom. I might be at that show but I will be seeing him in Philly the following day at Union Transfer. If you like some Indie music with some Blues, Country, and Jazz influences Alex G is for you. Check out his new album Rocket that are some good tunes on the record.

Alex G Rocket Record Release Show

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