Incendiary Record Release Show

Last Friday, Incendiary sold out the Brooklyn Bazaar for their record release show. Their new record Thousand Mile Stare came out a week prior on Closed Casket Activites. Incendiary had Crime In Stereo, King Nine, and Trail of Lies opening the show. The show sold out right before the record came out which was sick. I believe the bazaar holds over five hundred people so there was a lot of people at this show to see them play.

The opening band of the night was Trail of Lies. They are from Syracuse, New York. They were the only band on the lineup that was not from Long Island. These guys are a straight edge Metallic Hardcore band. They have heavy riffs and heavy breakdowns. This was my second time seeing them play. My first time was when they played with Merauder at Amityville Music Hall last December. I was not a fan of them. They did nothing for me but this set was different. Right off the bat, I loved the set. The opening song just got to me. I know this band is on a hype train but this band was so sick. The set overall I enjoyed and now I am a fan of this band. I believe the next time I’ll be seeing them will be at This is Hardcore. That set will be something else. Besides that check out this heavy band.

King Nine took the stage. I recently saw the band headline a show the Tuesday prior on Long Island with God’s Hate, Regulate, Jukai, and The Fight. That was a great show. Last Friday was my tenth time seeing this Long Island band. They always play great sets and get great reactions. Their set featured some new songs that sounded heavy and people went off for them which was good. People were moshing and singing along to the lyrics to other songs. The reaction was great but I felt if this show was on Long Island the reaction would be a lot crazier. Once again King Nine Played a memorable set and can not wait to see them again. One of my favorites from Long Island. If you have not seen this band you are messing up big time.

Up next was Crime In Stereo. This was my third time seeing this legendary Long Island Punk/Melodic Hardcore band. This band changed the pace of the show. Three out of four bands were heavy bands and Crime In Stereo somewhat cooled down the crowd. By somewhat I mean people were not trying to hit each other hard. Crime In Stereo had more people two-stepping and stage diving. There were a lot of people there for them and it was nice to see them play again. Every time I have seen Crime In Stereo play Incendiary is always on the lineup which is sick. Overall this was a good set. If you like early 2000’s Melodic Hardcore this band is for you.

Incendiary took the stage. Everyone was getting hype for this set. This was my thirteen time seeing them. The last time I saw them was when they were part of the New Jersey annual Hardcore fest Back To School Jam. That set was crazy because of hot that room was and people going insane for them. Back to Last Friday, Icnedariy opened their set with “The Power Process.” People went off. The pit got big. For this set people were cord surfing and stage diving. This was a fantastic song to start off with. Their set on Friday was a mix of old and new songs. They even played “Anesthesia” which was off of their first album Crusade. The songs off of the new album sounded really good and they got good reactions especially the song “Front Toward Enemy.” This is actually my favorite song off the new album. They also played my favorite song “Surivial” which usually gets a huge reaction. Last Friday was a great set and this band I could see time and time again. They will be a second record release show which will be at Revolution Music Hall on Long Island August 12th with Jukai, Vein, Sanction, and Becoming One. Be there for round two Incendiary record release show.

Incendiary Record Release Show

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