Pinegrove Sold Out Show @ Bowery Ballroom 4/27/17

Last Thursday, Pinegrove played a sold out show at the New York City venue Bowery Ballroom. This show sold out in five hours once they went on sale. Pinegrove is currently on a small tour. Most of the dates are on the East Coast. For this show, they had Hovvdy and Lomelda opening up.

Lomelda came on stage. Lomelda is from Texas and she is a solo artist. I did not check out the music prior to the show but She came out with an electric guitar. She was by herself and played some interesting music. The songs she played were Poppy mixed with some Folk influences. I like the fact this was not an acoustic set. She was a solid opener for Pinegrove. She had over hundred people there for. I was surprised there was not more. I believe the cap room for the venue is over six hundred. Overall the set was good.

Up next was Hovvdy (Pronounced Howdy). Hovvdy is from Austin, Texas. They are an Indie band. They started to play. Hovvdy was an interesting band. They were a lot better then I thought they were going to be. They had a huge portion of the sellout crowd there for them. I did not see any people knowing words to their songs but a lot of people were grooving to them. I myself liked what I heard. This band was a straightforward Indie band. It is pretty sick that they are from Austin. Their shows down there must be sick. Overall I enjoyed this set a lot. Next time they come up here I would love to see them again. The band announced that the following day that they are releasing their new album Taster. The album is great and worth checking out.

Pinegrove took the stage. The crowd was cheering for them. The band looked so happy. This was my fifth time seeing this band. The last time I saw them was back in December of last year when they played Run For Cover fest Something In The Way. They played the Studio of Webster Hall which is the smallest room in the venue. The room was overpacked and you could not move at all. Back to last Thursday, this was my first time seeing them play a headline show. Pinegrove is a Folky Indie mixed some Alt-Country band from Montclair, New Jersey. They opened up their set with “Problems.” Most of their set was their album Cardinal and the compilation Everything So Far. Pinegrove played a great set. Most of that crowd knew every single word. It gave me the chill to hear everyone singing along. They also played a new song. They said after the brief tour they will be recording a new album. The crowd had a big reaction for that. This band is something else. The crowd was so relaxed on Thursday. No one was stage diving or moshing. I expected this and everyone just seemed they were having a good time. I notice a lot of older people at this gig. I was surprised but at the same time, Pinegrove is going to get bigger. People who are not into the Indie scene or do not follow any band fro Run For Cover are eventually going to discover Pinegrove. I hope Pinegrove becomes huge because the music they make is amazing. Last Thursday was a great show. If you have not seen them yet you are missing out because they are going to play bigger and bigger venues. Bowery Ballroom is not a big place but I would not be surprised if they play Webster Hall next headline tour. That will be something else seeing them play behind a barricade while selling out Webster. Pinegrove is taking the world by storm so you have to go see them.

Pinegrove Sold Out Show @ Bowery Ballroom 4/27/17

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