Life of Agony Record Release Show 4/28/17

Last Friday, The Brooklyn-based Metal band Life of Agony sold out Irving Plaza for their record release show. The same day they released their fifth album A Place Where There’s No Pain out on Napalm Records. They are currently on tour supporting the new album. Life of Agony had a battle of bands contest for the opener for the show. The winners were Wastelands.

Wastelands took the stage. They are from New Jersey. They are a Hardcore band. I have seen their name around flyers before. Once they started to play I was surprised that they were good. The last time I saw Life of Agony they had a terrible band opening up for them. I was not happy about that. Wastelands was a good opener. Uniformly no one moved for them at all. I was not surprised by this at all. Wastelands said they will be going into the studio soon record an album. These guys were a solid opener for Life of Agony. I notice at the end people were singing along to their material which was sick. This was probably the biggest crowd they ever played too so it must have been cool for them. Overall this was a good set.

Life of Agony took the stage. This was my second time seeing them play. The last time I saw them was when they played the Brooklyn venue The Well. I believe that was their first Brooklyn shows in years. Back to the show Life of Agony started their set with “River Runs Red”. The crowd reaction was great. A pit opened up for them and people were crowd surfing for them. The audience was loud for them. A lot of people were singing along to them. This was followed by “Through and Through” which is one of my favorite songs from them. The reaction from the crowd was great for that song. After they played some songs from Ugly and Soul Searching Sun including the song Lost at 22 another favorite of mine. Since this was a record release show they played some new songs. They played three songs. The songs sounded good I especially liked the title track song “A Place Where There’s No Pain.” Besides that, they close off their set with playing This Time and Underground. The crowd reaction to this was great. Overall Life of Agony played a great set. I will be seeing them again at Mulcahy’s on Long Island May 13th with Vision of Disorder and Ludichrist. If they place the same set it is going to be a great show.

Life of Agony Record Release Show 4/28/17

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