Upcoming Shows April 28th-May 4th

Here is a list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

April 28th

  1. Irving Plaza- Life of Agony.
  2. Upstate Concert Hall- Thursday, Basement, Touche Amore, Cities Aviv.
  3. Amityville Music Hall- Local H, Yankee Long Straw, Sargasm.
  4. Brooklyn Bazaar- Surf Curse, EZTV, Joy Again, Rips.
  5. Revolution Music Hall- An Old Friend, Loveseat, Shiver, Crash The Calm, The Atlantic Eye, Life After TV, Danni Christian, Alumni, Brain Gaudet, Kevin Davis of Staleworth.
  6. Alumni Hall- Ace Enders of The Early November, Chase Huglin, Koji, Young Culture (Acoustic), Dan O’Connor.
  7. Ramapoo College of New Jersey- We The Kings, Halogens, Hang Tight.

April 29th

  1. Irving Plaza- Thursday, Basement, Touche Amore, Cities Aviv.
  2. Wamleg- Laid 2 Rest, Trail of Lies, Recycled Earth, Jukai, Forced Out, Mourned.
  3. Berman Student Center- PWR BTTM, Zack Free, Stawberry Blonde, Houseleaks, Alex Cano, Danielle Carr, Bluejack.
  4. Studio Luloo- Breaking Tradition, Table Talk, Sleep In, Crash Landing.
  5. Beacon Soundworks- Hungover, Young Culture, Keep It Quiet, Luciano Ferrara, Viewpoints, Break Down The Wall.
  6. Menzelvania- Survay Says, Keep Flying, The Longest Monday, Something More, A Boy Named John, Crazies, Louis Pratt (Acoustic).
  7. The Chance Theater- Life of Agony, Sworn Enemy, Painmask, Mama Doom, Brick By Brick, Visits, Family Friendly Criminals.
  8. Brooklyn Steel- Mitski, Salt Cathedral, Told Slant.
  9. Brickhouse Brewery- Gutterlife, Part Time Bear, Check Engine Light, Lexxe.
  10. The Studio at Webster Hall- White Lung, Pop 1280, Verdi Girls.
  11. Sunnyvale- Shonen Knife, Yucky Duster, The Prits.
  12. Baby’s All Right- Forth, Wildhoney, Soft Fangs.
  13. The Ballroom at Outer Space- Mono, Holy Sons.

April 30th

  1. Irving Plaza- Thursday, Basement, Touche Amore, Cities Aviv.
  2. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Pinegrove, Half Waif, Hovvdy.
  3. Amityville Music Hall- Giants At Large, Table Talk, Gin War, Bloom, The Toms.
  4. Menzekvania- With The Punches, Carousel Kings, Keep Flying, Head Splitter, Ladder Match.
  5. Cook Campus Center- The Hotelier, Petal, The Moms, Curtis Cooper, Hong Kong Graffiti, Johnny Cola.
  6. Baby’s All Right- 0′ (Eskimeaux), Chris Gethard, Big Ups, Sharpless, Ian Sweet (Solo Set).
  7. Mexicali Live- Local H, Cyclone Static, Monster Brew.

May 1st

  1. Gold Sounds- Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Mover Shaker, Cutters, Who Loves You, Monster Bad.
  2. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Mono, Holy Sons.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Dad, A Deer A Horse, Darking, My Heart and The Real World, Samantha Nose.

May 2nd

  1. The Ballroom at Outer Space- Local H, Wayward City.
  2. Brooklyn Steel- The Black Angels, A Place To Bury Strangers.

May 3rd

  1. Sunnyvale- Shark Muffin, Alexnader F, Weeping Icon, Pink Mexico, Sic Tic.

May 4th

  1. MISA- The World is a Beatufil Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, TBD, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Dance Cop.
  2. Bowery Ballroom- Redd Kross, Roya.
  3. Bond Stree Complex- Sharkmuffin, The Off White.


Upcoming Shows April 28th-May 4th

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