Rise Against @ House of Vans

Last Monday, I got a chance to see Rise Against play for free at the Brooklyn venue House of Vans. Last Thursday they announce two free House of Vans shows. One was in Chicago and the other one was in Brooklyn”. Rise Against will be doing a Summer tour with Deftones and Thrice. This was somewhat of their warm up show. They had Dead Heavens openings up the show. House of Vans

Dead Heavens opened up the show. They are an NYC based hard rocking Blues band. Their lead singer is Walter Schreifels who was in Quicksand, Warzone, Rival Schools, CIV, Gorilla Biscuits and other bands. They started to play and it was a little different than I expected. I was not expecting a Blues band. I was expecting a Post-Hardcore band like Rival Schools and Quicksand. I was surprised that Rise Against had them opening up the show. The audiences seemed to like them. Seeing a Blues band opening up for a Punk band was odd.  Two different styles especially pace. I thought Dead Heavens were okay. I am not a fan of a modern Blues band. I prefer music from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Overall I was not crazy about this band but the set was alright. If you like modern day Blues check them out especially if you are a Walter Schreifels fan.

Rise Against took the stage. The audience was chanting “Rise Against.” The crowd looked like they were about to pop off. This was my fourth time seeing this Chicago Punk band. They started off their set with “Give It All.” The crowd went berzerk. People were moshing and crowd surfing. It felt like the last time I saw them which was two summers ago in Central Park. Last Monday they played a good set. They played sixteen songs. They played some rare track, popular songs, and some new songs. At one point they played three new songs in the row. The new songs sounded great. The crowd liked them and so did I. I believe the new album will be coming out in a few months. After those songs, they played a song I never expected them to play. They played “State of The Union.” The reaction was crazy for this. I could not believe they played this. It was absolutely insane. Besides that, they covered Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Fortunate Son.” This was my first time seeing them cover a song. It was good cover and the crowd loved it. They did a three song encore that featured “Hero of War” where Tim Mcllrath the lead singer comes out and plays this acoustic. This was followed by “Blood-Red, White & Blue” which got a good reaction. The last song was “Savior.” This song probably had the best reaction of the night. It looks like three pits opened up for this. Overall Rise Against was great last Monday. If you have never seen them before you have to, they always play great sets. I mention before that they will be doing a summer tour with the Deftones. Be sure to check that out.

Rise Against @ House of Vans

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