Balance and Composure @ Revolution

Last Thursday, Balance and Composure played their first date of their Spring tour. The first date of the tour was at Revolution Music Hall in Amityville, New York. It was nice to see them opening their tour on Long Island. They had From Indian Lakes and Queen of Jeans for tour support. This was not a sold out show but there were plenty of people at this show. This was their second tour supporting their new record Light We Made.

The opening band of the night was Queen of Jeans. Queen of Jeans is from Philly. They took the stage and started to play. They had this Indie-Pop sound. The band had some early 90’s with some Shoegaze influence. Also, they reminded me of Best Coast but not so heavy on the Surf sound. I personally felt that this band could have had a better crowd reaction if they show was in Brooklyn. Long Island is usually weird to bands that have an Indie-Pop sound. Even in the Long Island, there are barely any bands that are close to that genre. Overall Queen of Jeans played a good set. They ended their set with Aaliyah “Are You That Somebody” which was so sick. A late 1990’s R&B song with some Shoegaze was awesome. I think I was the only one that knew the song.

From Indian Lakes was up next. They are an Indie band from California. I heard a lot of good things about this band. The band began to play. They had this interesting sound. I heard influences from the 90’s and 2000’s. I found that somewhat unique. I heard some Post Rock/Shoegaze vibes mixed in with 00’s Emo. It seemed like the band was a little all over the place but I love the experimentation. I thought this band was really good. I felt like they were a mix of four bands combine into one. Overall they played a good set.

Balance and Composure took the stage. This was my third time seeing this Alternative Rock band. They are from Doylestown, PA. The last time I saw them was when I saw them at Riot Fest. This was my first time seeing them for their new album Light We Made. I was not able to see them on their first run of the new album which was back in November. They played the Brooklyn venue Warsaw with Foxing and Mercury Girl opening up. They started off their set with “Midnight Zone.” This is the opening song of the album. Surprisedly people started to mosh to this song. Eventually, it would get crazier when they played older songs. When they played “Tiny Raindrop” people started to crowd surf and stage dive. I was just surprised by the reaction of the new songs. People were moshing to those songs. I found it weird because they are not aggressive and mellow. The crowd overall was weird that night. Balance played a great set, They had a good mix of all three albums. Unofrunlty they did not play “Mediocre Love” This song is my favorite song off the new album. I personally think it is the best song the band has ever written. Besides, that Balance and Composure played a good set. If you have not seen them I recommend seeing them.


Balance and Composure @ Revolution

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