Sheer Mag, Iron Chic, Weed Hounds, and Somerset Thrower @ Revolution Music Hall April 19th

Last Wednesday, Sheer Mag played Revolution Music Hall. I believe this was their first time playing Long Island. They had Iron Chic, Weed Hounds, and Somerset Thrower opened up the show. This was not a sold out show which I was not surprised. The cap that Revolution has is big but usually, when Sheer Mag plays Brooklyn venues they have the same cap. If this show was at Amityville Music Hall which is a few blocks up I think most of the venue will be sold out. I felt that over 100 people came last Wednesday. There should have been more but still, this was a good show.

The opening band of the night was Somerset Thrower. This was my sixth time seeing this 90’s Alternative Rock worship band. The last time I saw them was last December when they played Incendiary’s Holiday show.  As I mention before the band is heavily influenced by the 90’s. To me, this style is my favorite so I always love seeing these guys play. The band started to play. They were not a lot of people there for them. The band setlist was a mix between their last EP and some new tunes. Somerset Thrower played a good set overall. I think they are one of the most underrated bands from Long Island. They always playing great sets and I wish more people were into them. The 90’s style is popular in the underground and these guys need more attention. If you like 90’s Alternative Rock or Grunge this band is for you.

Weed Hounds was up next. They are a Long Island/Indie band. Prior to this show, I saw their name on flyers just never got the chance to check them out. They started to play. The band reminded me a lot like Best Coast but with a heavy Shoegaze influence. They had a strong early 90’s Indie-Pop style. It was a little different for this show because everyone else was a little bit more upbeat. I liked what I heard. I would like to see this band again. I think this lineup was perfect for them. Overall I enjoyed this set. Check out their self-titled album out on Katorga Works.

Iron Chic took the stage.  This was my fourth time seeing this band. The last time I saw them was when they opened up for Fucked Up at Amityville Music Hall. Iron Chic started to play. People moved up to the stage but no one was doing anything. People were just singing along or drinking their beer. This was the tamest set I ever saw Iron Chic play. I was shocked. I was expected people to go off. I was a little disappointed by this, not by the band but the fans. It was probably because not a lot of people came and there was a lot of room. I guess no one wanted to go off. Besides that Iron Chic played a fantastic set. They are one of the best Punk bands from Long Island. I believe their next Long Island show will be Wild Fest at Amityville Music Hall on May 26th. They are the headline of day one of Wild Fest. This is a benefit fest for Rob Mcallister who was the guitarist of Iron Chic and who passed away early 2016. Overall go see and support Iron Chic.

Sheer Mag was up next. For about two years I have been hearing about this band. Only recently I checked them out. I would always see their name on lineups in Brooklyn and they play a lot of sold out shows. Sheer Mag is from Philly. They have a huge 70’s influence.  If you mix Led Zeppelin, Power-Pop, New York Dolls, and early Proto-Punk bands. The band came out on stage. They started to play a little jam. These guys looked like the 70’s with the long hair and facial hair. I loved it. They had a two to three-minute jam.  The lead singer came out and the crowd was cheering. Just like Iron Chic they crowd was tame but Sheer Mag was so sick. They played some new songs which will be coming out in July. As for now, they have three EPs but early this year they came out with Compilation which all three Eps together. Sheer Mag rocked Revolution that night. This was my first time seeing them. I would love to see them again. Hopefully the next time it would be a show where they are more appreciation for the band. Overall Sheer Mag played a great set. I’m glad they played a Long Island but I do wish more people came out to see them. This band deserves a lot of recognition and if you never listen to them go check them out.

Sheer Mag, Iron Chic, Weed Hounds, and Somerset Thrower @ Revolution Music Hall April 19th

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