Upcoming Shows April 14th-April 20th

Here is a list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in in the tri-state era.

April 14th

  1. Irving Plaza- Kreator, Obituary, Midnight, Horrendous.
  2. The Loft- Murphy’s Law, Black Punk, Snaring, Truth In Needles, Rude Mood.
  3. The Hudson Zoo- Scum Couch, Aspine, People’s Temple Project.
  4. Wamleg- Tri-State Era, The Most, Milkshakes, Grenading, Minerva.
  5. Meat-A-Tarian- Days N Daze, Teenage Halloween, Joe Jack Talcum (The Dead Milkmen), The Stupid Stupid Henchmen, Harpoon Theater.
  6. The Gateway- Infinity Girl, Marge, Aster More, Coaches.
  7. The Silent Barn- Tiny Hazard, Fern Mayo (Solo), Swoon Lake, Cartina.
  8. Baby’s All Right- gobbinjr, Yucky Duster.
  9. Sunnyvale- Fletcher C. Johnson, Mope Grooves, Holy Tunics, Plains.
  10. Revolution Music Hall- Fox Hollow, SEE, Persona, Bankside Drive.
  11. Clash Bar- Chained To The Death, Drones For Queens, Pants Exploder, Furnace Head, Comb The Desert.
  12. Index Art Center- Francie Moon, Garbage Brain, Jean Pool, Use Big Words, Shred Flintstone.
  13. Fat Baby NYC- Scarboro, Sister Munch, The Carbomb Parade, Red Arkade, QWAM.

April 15th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Murphy’s Law, No Redeeming Social Value, The Drew Stone Hit Squad, The New Rivals, Darkside NYC, Held Hostage.
  2. The Bell House- The Wedding Present, Colleen Green Band.
  3. Bar Matchless- CUTTERS, Answering Machine, Sally Draper, Girlfriend, Polari.
  4. Mom’s- Aspine, People’s Temple Project, DIA, Innis.
  5. Championship Bar- Time Spent, Third Rail, Drawn Out, Promise Breaker, On Sight, Back To Life, DeadBeat.
  6. Sunnyvale- Street Sects, Planning For Burial, Field Agent, Psalm Zero.
  7. Gramercy Theatre- Doyle.
  8. College Street Music Hall- The Decemberists, Julien Baker.
  9. Hollis Wood Community Church- Firestarter, And The Traveler, Float, Fawkes, Without Oars.

April 16th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- The Bronx, Dave Hause & The Mermaid.
  2. Brooklyn Bazaar- Eyehategod, Ecstatic Vision, Netherlands, Haram.
  3. The Silent Barn- Dealer, Chud, Worse, Suspect.

April 17th

  1. The Gramercy Theatre- The Decemberists, Julien Baker.

April 18th

  1. Goldsounds- Northbound, Daisyhead, Tigerwine, Only Sibling, Firestarter, Emergency Protocol, So Yesterday.
  2. The Ballroom at The Outerspace- Sebadoh, Blessed State.
  3. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Frank Iero and The Patience, Dave Hause and The Mermaid.
  4. The Gramercy Theatre- The Decemberists, Julien Baker.

April 19th

  1. Revolution Music Hall- Sheer Mag, Iron Chic, Weed Hounds, Somerset Thrower.
  2. Cianfano’s Bar- Incited, Threat 2 Society, Dismal Dream, Bruise, Push.
  3. Brighton Bar- Doyle, Element A440, Sometimes The Devil, Sean Henry Tonight & The Tonighters.
  4. Brooklyn Bazaar- Peaer, Tall Friend, Your Dog, Human People.
  5. Trickshot Billiards Sports Pub- Kublai Khan, Artisan, Downswing, Assault on The Living, Death Grip.
  6. The Gramercy Theatre- The Decemberists, Julien Baker.

April 20th

  1. Revolution Music Hall- Balance and Composure, From Indian Lakes, Queen of Jeans.
  2. Shakers Pub- Incited, Triple Cripple, Bruise, Accelerator, Dismal Dream, Spit It Out.
  3. Looney Tunes- Have Mercy.
  4. Paul’s Tavern-  Sheer Mag, Sharkmuffin, Teenage Halloween.
  5. Starland Ballroom- Testament, Sepultura, Prong, Ashes of Your Enemy.
  6. Brooklyn Steel- PJ Harvey.
  7. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Surfer Blood, Lazy Eyes.
  8. Sunnyvale- The Coathangers, Snail Mail, SIGNAL.
  9. Bar Matchless- Ultra, Urchin, Conspiracy, Head Splitters.
  10. The Clash Bar- Dutchguts, Sunrut, Fuzze Ozbourne, Pisskvlt, Acid Priest.
  11. Championship Bar- Doc Rotten, Pissed, The Dirty Merlins, Del Mar.
Upcoming Shows April 14th-April 20th

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