Agnostic Front @ Amityville Music Hall 4/6/17

Last Thursday, Agnostic Front played their Long Island date of their short East Coast tour. This show was a few days before the Richmond Hardcore festival United Blood. The band was playing the second day of the fest. Last Thursday show they had no supporting acts on the tour so the openers were all Long Island bands. They had Hangman, Diesel, and Spit It Out open up the show. Surprising this was not a sold out show. Since AMH is a small venue I expected a lot of people to come out but since United Blood was the next day a lot of Long Island Hardcore fans probably used Thursday for their travel day.

The opening band of the night of Spit It Out. This was my fifth time seeing this band. The last time I saw them play was back in January when they opened up for Jesus Piece, Absolute Suffering, and Vein at the same venue. Spit It Out started to play. Spit It Out just recently added a second guitarist which made their set sounded pretty tight. Unfortunately, no one moshed until the end where was a little bit of a reaction. Besides not getting a reaction I still think they were a solid opener because they have this late 80’s and early 90’s NYHC sound. I hear a mix between Madball and Breakdown. They have some sick two-step parts and some of the breakdowns are heavy. Their next Long Island show is on April 20th at Shakers Pub in Oakdale. They are playing with Incited, Triple Cripple, Bruise, Accelerator, and Dismal Dream. If you are free that night go to that show.

Up next was Diesel. Diesel is a local band. Before this show, I have only seen them once when they opened up for Crowbar at the same venue. Diesel is somewhat a Metallic-Hardcore band. They are heavy with a lot of Metal riffs. They started to play. They have a huge nineties influences. I hear a mix between Biohazard, All Out War, and some early Metalcore. These guys had a reaction. Plus there were a lot of people there watching them. These guys played a good set and recommend seeing them if you like heavy 90’s Hardcore.

Hangman was up next. This was my sixteen time seeing this band. The last time I saw them was when they played a matinee in Brooklyn at Saint Vitus. They were opening for Sect which features members of Earth Crisis and Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy.  The band started to play and right off the bat, they got a reaction. This was the first set of the night that a band got a reaction from every song they played. Hangman takes influences from Biohazard, Backtrack, and Burn. Just like Spit It Out they have these great two-step parts and aggressive mosh parts. Their intro is a great example of this. This set was probably one of the best sets I have ever seen them play. Since writing show reviews I have been covering Hangman for awhile and I love this band. This is also my second time seeing them open up for Agnostic Front. This was back in September of 2015 and they were still a four piece. Overall Hangman is a great band I recommend seeing them live.

Agnostic Front took the stage. This is my fourth time seeing this legendary NYHC band. I believe the last time I saw them was when they had Hangman and Recycled Earth open up for them at the same venue. They started off their set with “Victim in Pain.” People were going off but I felt that this song should have gotten a better reaction. This is one of their most well-known songs. It seemed like people just wanted to drink their beers and singing along that its. After that song, the band announced that they will be playing most of Live at CBGB album. When they said that I thought AMH would erupt. People were going for each song but I thought it would be crazier. They played “Friend or Foe”, “Blind Justice,” and “Crucified.” They got a huge reaction for “Crucifed.” Agnostic Front played other songs besides this album. They played “Gotta Go” which probably had the best reaction of the night. They played about five encores because they would say, “We got one more song…. Hey, we got two more for you… Hey, you guys have been so good to us so here is another one.” Still, these guys put on a great set. This might have been one of the best sets I ever saw them play. Agnostic Front is a great band and  I wish I went to United Blood to see them play this album in full again. If you have not seen them you are messing up big time. I love Agnostic Front and I enjoy seeing them live.

Agnostic Front @ Amityville Music Hall 4/6/17

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