Upcoming Shows April 7th-April 13th

Here is another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state era.

April 7th

  1. Gramercy Theatre- Bowling For Soup, Runaway Kids, Direct Hit.
  2. Stanhope House- Agnostic Front, Choke Artist, Silence Equals Death, Wrist Deep, We All Die.
  3. Baby’s All Right- Diet Cig, Daddy Issues.
  4. Baby’s All Right- Diet Cig, T-Rextasy.
  5. Brooklyn Steel- LCD Soundsystem.
  6. The Silent Barn- Vundabar, Horse Jumper of Love, Tall Friend.
  7. Gamechanger World- A Will Away, Serious Matter.
  8. Sunnyvale- Pile, Stove, Big Ups, Gnarwhal.
  9. Bar Matchless- Secret Crusher, Twin Studios, Teen Body.
  10. Amityville Music Hall- Too Many Voices, Become One, Synapse Firing, Tidal Waves, Copsucker.
  11. Millhill Basement- Judah Pissed!, Sick Shit, Silent Bob, Wade Wilson, Logan Carpenter.
  12. Alphaville- Stolen Jars, Oshwa, Fraternal Twins, Long Beard.

April 8th

  1. The Studio at Webster Hall- Oathbreaker, Sannhet, Jaye-Jayle.
  2. Quinnipiac University- Alex G, Pinegrove, Crying, Half Wait.
  3. Boneyard Bar and Grill- Absolute Suffering, Dissent, Push, Tantrum.
  4. Berlin NYC- U.K. Subs.
  5. Brooklyn Steel- LCD Soundsystem.
  6. Alphaville- Wolf Down, Mad Diesel, Delinquence, Third Rail.
  7. The Meat Shop- Furnsss, Your Dog, Hypoluxo.
  8. Bushwick Public House- Cold Wrecks, Dollaginngs, Good Looking Friends, Freya Wilcox & The Howl.

April 9th

  1. Studio Luloo- Bike Routes, FV, Josh O’ Hara, Keep Flying, Rich People, Vacate.
  2. Bowery Electric- U.K. Subs, UFC, Riots, Scene of Irony.
  3. Bowery Electric- U.K. Subs, Riots, Ice Cold Killers.
  4. Bowery Ballroom- Jonanthan Richman.
  5. Brooklyn Steel- LCD Soundsystem.
  6. Sunnyvale- Nine of Swords, Kal Marks, Jackal Onasis, Bethlehem Steel.

April 10th

  1. Bowery Ballroom- Jonathan Richman.
  2. Brooklyn Steel- LCD Soundsystem.
  3. The Silent Barn- Crusher, Abandon, Debbie.

April 11th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Unearth, Fit For An Autopsy, Darkness Divided, Exalt, This Life We Live.
  2. Brooklyn Steel- LCD Soundsystem.

April 12th

  1. Sunnyvale- Mal Blum & The Blums, Leapling, Sean Henry, Wild Yawp.
  2. The Meatlocker- Sick Shit, Ides, Fluoride, Spandex, Psilocybe.

April 13th

  1. Brooklyn  Bazaar- Days N Daze, Teenage Halloween, Stupid Stupid Henchmen, Out of System Transfer.
  2. Legion Bar- Liberty, Profile, Limit, Just, Thinning.
  3. Amityville Music Hall- Sparrows, Mutiny Aboard, Staleworth, Survivor’s Guilt, The World Between.
  4. Irving Plaza- Biffy Clyro, O’ Brother.
Upcoming Shows April 7th-April 13th

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