The Menzingers, Jeff Rosenstock, & Rozwell Kid @ Irving Plaza 3/30/17

Last Thursday, The Menzingers came to New York City to play a sold-out show. On their tour they had Jeff Rosenstock & Rozwell Kid open up for them. The tour had two nights in New York City. The first one was last Thursday and the next was not until Sunday when they played Music Hall of Williamsburg. The show I went to was at Irving Plaza. I was there the week prior seeing Enter Shikari. A few years ago I used to go to this venue all of the time until other venues started to book great shows.

The Opening band of the night was Rozwell Kid. They are from West Virgina. This was my second time seeing this Power Pop/Indie Rock band. The last time was when they played Amityville Music Hall during their mini tour with Long Island own Soda Bomb (RIP) back in August of 2015. That set they did not impress me. It was not until a year later I gave them another chance. Listening to their albums Unmacho and Too Shabby I became a fan. The band took the stage. They had a banner behind them that said, “Jeff’s Up Next”, which is referring to Jeff Rosenstock playing next. Rozwell Kid started to play and the set was pretty good. To me, it is crazy that I saw them play to fifty people on Long island but last Thursday they played to probably 400-500 people. That must be something for them. They played some new tunes that will come out in late Spring early Summer. Rozwell Kid was a solid opener. The band reminds me of Weezer but a little bit more on the nerdy side. If you like classic Power Pop with a little bit of a Hard Rock edge this band is for you.

Jeff Rosenstock was up next. This was my third time seeing this Long Island legend. The last time I saw him was when he played with Modern Baseball and Pinegrove at the Brooklyn venue Baby’s All Right. That was February of last year. Since then he released a new album Worry on Side One Dummy Records. Back to back years, Jeff Rosenstock has released albums that both made my top ten releases of the year for 2015 and 2016. Back to the show, Jeff took the stage with his band. The band members are from San Francisco and New York City. The band started to play. The opening song was “We Begged 2 Explode” which is the opening track of his new album. Right off the bat people moved up and started to sing along. This set was great. Jeff Would go into the crowd and let people play his guitar. Most of the set were from both Worry and We Cool? I do not think most of the crowd of that sold crowd was there but the ones who were there for Jeff was going. There was a lot of people singing along to his jams. The last song was crazy. The last song was “You, in Weird Cities” and during this song Jeff played his saxophone. He got up on the side area. At Irving Plaza, there is a little stage area that sometimes performers will climb up there to play or dive into the crowd. Jeff played a sax solo on there. Overall Jeff Rosenstock played an amazing set. On June 11th, he will be playing a free show at McCarren Park in Brooklyn with Thursday, PUP, and The Hotelier.

The Menzingers were up next. This was my second time seeing this Scranton, Pennslyvania band. The last time I saw them was in 2012 opening up for Rise Against, A Day To Remember, and Glassjaw. The show was at Nassau Coliseum. They were the opening band of the night and I liked them but it never made me check them out. When they released the single “Lookers” last December I absolutely loved it. That is when I started to listen to them. After the Party was released on February 3th on Epitaph Records. From start to finish that record is amazing and it is one of my top releases of this year so far. I love their Heartland Rock meets Punk Rock style. It reminds me of bands Beach Slang, Dropkick Murphys, The Clash, and Against Me! The Menzingers took the stage. The first song off the set was the first song off of After the Party which was “Tellin’ Lies”. The crowd was going off. People were moshing, crowd surfing, and singing along. I did not mention before but this show had a barricade. People who read my blog know that I am not a huge fan of barricades especially for Punk shows. Besides that The Menzingers were great and the crowd was just wonderful for them. I was not expecting it to be crazy. I mention before that I have not seen this band in over five years so their fanbase has grown. A good portion of their set that night was were songs off of the new album. They played some classics like, “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore,” “In Remission,” and “The Obituaries.” The Menzingers were fantastic last Thursday. This show overall was one of the best shows so far this year. I wish I was able to get tickets for their Sunday show before hand but that sold out before I got a chance. Their next New York City show will be on a boat on June 22nd. I think I will be going to this because this Irving show was great but seeing them on a boat is going to be mind blowing so I have to go.

The Menzingers, Jeff Rosenstock, & Rozwell Kid @ Irving Plaza 3/30/17

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