Touche Amore Benefit Show

Last Wednesday, Touche Amore played an off date for their upcoming tour. Touche Amore will be going on tour with Basement and Thursday starting the following night in Philly. The show was a benefit for Planned Parenthood and The ACLU. The show was sold out and took place at the Brooklyn venue Saint Vitus in Greenpoint. This was an all ages show and they had Slingshot Dakota and Whipworm opening up for them.

The first band of the night was Whipworm. They are a Punk band from Philly. For their entire set, the lead singer sang on the floor where the audience was not on the stage. The entire was probably ten minutes if that.  I think the set was seven and a half minutes. The crowd was just standing there. No one moved around for them. The band was okay, they were a little too generic for me. Quick Punk songs with raw vocals. This is something that has been done many times before. In a way, they reminded me of Krimewatch. Overall I was not a fan.

Up next was Slingshot Dakota. I  have only seen Slingshot once and that was in 2015 when they played with Iron Chic to close out the Long Island DIY venue The Wood Shop. Slingshot are an Indie band from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Last year they released Break on Topshelf Records which I enjoyed a lot. The band started to play. They had a good crowd there to watch them. I forgot but they just came back from a headline tour which is crazy that they decided to play this last minute show. I love the fact that this band sets up by playing to each other and not the audience. If you do not know Slingshot Dakota are a duo. The singer Carly Comando is playing keyboards and facing Tom Patterson who playing the drums. Keyboards and Drums are the only instruments of this band and they make great Indie music. Overall last Wednesday, Slingshot played a wonderful set. I recommend seeing this band.

Touche Amore took the stage. Touche Amore is from Los Angeles, California. This was my fourth time seeing them play. The last time I saw them play was when I attended Chicago annual Rock festival Riot Fest. This set I knew it was going to be good because I have not seen Touche play a small venue since 2014 when they toured with Tiger’s Jaw and Dads. They started to play. Their set started off with “Flowers of You” which is the opening track off of the new album Stage Four on Epitaph Records. The rest of set was mixed with their second and third album. The band played a good portion of the new album. I actually enjoyed the new album a lot. It was my one of my top releases of last year. They got a reaction from the crowd with the new songs but when they played the old songs people went nuts. People were stage diving, moshing, and singing along. This was the best set I have ever seen at Saint Vitus. This set went by too fast. I mean once they played “Honest Sleep” they said it was over. That was the only song they played off of …To the Beat of a Dead Horse. They played nineteen songs and this was my favorite set I ever saw them play. If you have not seen Touche Amore I recommend you to do so. They are a fantastic live band and they are so much fun live. They will be playing the New York City area at the end of April on the tour I mention before. Thursday, Touche Amore, Basement, and Wax Idols will be playing Irving Plaza April 29h & 30th. I will probably be there and so should you.

Touche Amore Benefit Show

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