March Releases

The first quarter of the year is over. March had some cool releases. Here are some LPs, Eps, Demos, and other releases I thought were good. The first four are my top of the month followed by other releases I liked.

Top Five Releases of March

  1. The Obsessives- S/T
  2. Blame God- Strategically Confined
  3. Candy- Demo
  4. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Damage and Joy

Other Releases

A Will Away- Here Again

Basement Life- Love is Not Real

Break Away- Cold Wave, Snow Beach/Divison Treaty

Can’t Swim- Fall You Again

Charmer- Best Worst Birthday Ever

Charmer- Whateverville

Days N Daze- Crustfall

Dead Heat- Access Denied/S.E.E.D.

Del Paxton- All Day, Every Day, All Night

Easy Money- Rules of The Game

Heart Attack Man- The Manson Family

Heavy Pockets- Mopeless

Hot Mulligan- Opportunities

Obituary- S/T

Pillow Talk- This is All Pretend

Primal Rite- Sensory Link To Pain

Protester-Hide From Reality LP

Remo Drive- Greatest Hits

Restraining Order- The Demo

Sorority Noise- You’re Not As___As You…

The Fight- Nuke Long Island

The Globs- Do You Feel Weird?

Trail of Lies- God of Rave/Bottom Feeder

Treason- Demo






March Releases

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