Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper, and Blame God @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 3/22/17

Last Wednesday, Nails played their NY date of their tour with Toxic Holocaust and Gatecreeper. The show was located at the Brooklyn venue Music Hall of Williamsburg. They had local support from the Long Island band Blame God. This was not a sold out show which I was surprised about but they were a lot of people there on Wednesday night. I have not attended a show at this venue since last October when I saw Joyce Manor & The Hotelier.

The opening band of the night was Blame God. As I mention before Blame God are from Long Island. They are a Grindcore band. This was my fourth time seeing them. The last time I saw them play was when they opened up for Dangers for a New Year Eve matinee at Gold Sounds. Blame God started to play. They got a good reaction from the crowd throughout the entire set. Plus they had over 100 people watching them play. This was probably their biggest show to date. It is crazy that almost a year ago I saw them as a three piece that explains to a four piece to a five piece. Last Wednesday they sounded great. They close off with a set with Pig Destroyer cover which was “Piss Angel”. Overall Blame God played a great set. Check out their new EP that they just released a week prior. If you like some intense Grindcore this band is for you.

The next band up was Gatecreeper. Gatecreeper is from Arizona. These guys are the new masters of Death Metal.  They play these killer riffs that are very heavy and makes people go insane. They are dubbed “caveman music.” Last fall they released their debut album Sonoran Deprivation on Relapse Record. Since that album came out the band is blowing up. Also with the help of the FYA set on Youtube, this band got bigger since then. I wanted to see these guys play for a while. Once they started to play people started to go off. This was my favorite set of the night. I enjoyed this band’s set. I love the album Sonoran Depravation. I love the fact that they were a lot of people going off for them. Overall best band.  If you like early 90’s Death Metal bands like Entombed, Bolt Thrower, and Obituary this band is for you. I was so glad I finally got a chance to see these guys. I can not wait to see them again.

Toxic Holocaust was up next. Toxic Holocaust is from Portland, Oregon. The band is a modern day Thrash Metal band. They reminisce a lot of the 1980’s Thrash styles that were coming out of the West Coast especially the San Francisco scene.  The band is a three-piece. Once they started to play they had people up front and moving for them. Throughout the set, they had a lot od moshing and people running around in a circle pit. I think for reach song they had a circle pit for them. As I mention before these guys reminded me of the 1980’s. They had a mix between bands like Exodus and Anthrax. This was my least favorite set of the night. Toxic Holocaust was a cool band but I was not crazy about the whole nostalgia aspects. I know bands like Power Trip and Red Death are like the new Thrash/Crossover kings but I feel those guys are doing something new. Seeing this band I thought I was seeing every band from the 1980’s. They were okay for me. Overall if you like Old School Thrash this band is for you.

Nails was up next. This was my third time seeing them play. The last time I saw them was when they played the Marlin Room at Webster Hall during their last tour. I was supposed to see them again at This is Hardcore Fest but they went on a quick hiatus. This was their first East Coast since that brief hiatus. Once they got on stage, Todd Jones the singer/guitarist came from the backstage area with his guitar and goes up to mic. The crowd was cheering and he looks at the crowd and goes, “We’re Fucking Nails.” They go into their first song and Brooklyn erupts. Every song the crowd gave the band everything they had. People were moshing and stage diving. The set they were mostly from all three albums. The latest album You Will Be Never One Of Us came last year and they played a good portion of that album. Nails also played a cover. The band covered Charged GBH’s “Sick Boy.” They got a little reaction for that song. To me, I was amped because when I was younger I was into that style of Punk Rock and I never Charged GBH live so this was the closest I will ever see them or hear one of their songs live. Overall Nails played another fantastic set. For everyone who is reading this, I recommend everyone who is into Powerviolence to listen to Nails and go see them live. They have a rowdy live presence and worth seeing life.

Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper, and Blame God @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 3/22/17

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