Upcoming Shows March 24th-March 30th

Here is another list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

March 24th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Jukai, Recycled Earth, Year of The Knife, High Card, Queensway, Jab, The Fight.
  2. Union Pool- Iron Chic, Greensleep, King Pussy Face.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- All Out War, Anicon, Die Choking, Insect Ark.
  4. Gramercy Theatre- Fishbone, No Redeeming Social Value, Ache.
  5. Knitting Factory- Voodoo Glow Skull, Hub City Stompers, Midnight Foorshness.
  6. Saint Vitus Bar- Crazy Spirit, Haram, Conspiracy, Bull.
  7. Blackthorn 51- The Undead, The Muckrakers, Pain, Emerald City, NARC, Yogush Ghoul God, TBA.
  8. Meatlocker- Neaux, No Sun, Akris, Sickshit, Tru.
  9. Legion Bar- Trashy, Modern Trigger, Ares of The State.
  10. Bar Matchless- BillXNYE, Hashgrinder, Nerve Gas Attack, Wrist Deep.

March 25th

  1. Playstation Theater- Simple Pan, Set It Off, Seaway.
  2. The Loft- Recycled Earth, Jukai, Dissolve, Mindforce, Separated, Violence To Fade.
  3. Wamleg- Jagged Visions, Regulate, Buried Dreams, Queensway, Zero Hour, Mase.
  4. Amityville Music Hall- Everyone Leaves, Household, Check Engine Light, Crash The Calm, This Crooked Home, Part Time Bear.
  5. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Pallbeaer, Marissa Nadler, Kayo Dot.
  6. Silent Barn- Nine of Swords, Sister Much, Downtrodder, Bleeders.
  7. Saint Vitus Bar- Planning For Burial, No Sun.
  8. Webster Hall- Shiny Toy Guns, Savoir Adoce.
  9. Sunnyvale- Told Slant, gobbinjr, Small Wonder, Fits.
  10. Lucky 13 Saloon- Death Metal Pope, Graviton, Embrace Agony, She Wolf.
  11. Muchmores- Hopeless Otis, Cold Wrecks, The Bloody Muffs, But Pyre.
  12. The Meatshop- Dreamcrusher, Soul Glo, Machine Girl, Wolvves.

March 26th

  1. Rough Trade NYC- Laura Stevenson, Adult Mom, Hiccup.

March 27th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Seaway, Legend of You, MakeShift, Times Like These.
  2. Warsaw- Teenage Fanclub.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Thern Roya, Fuzzy Osbourne, Somnuri.

March 28th

  1. Starland Ballroom- New Found Glory, Trash Boat.
  2. Meatlocker- Citycop, Alomar, Haunter, Basement Beers, Ladder Match.

March 29th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Touche Amore, Slingshot Dakota.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Basement, Limit, Discolor.
  3. Don Pedro- Citycop, Almor, Detach The Islands, Aspine.
  4. Starland Ballroom- New Found Glory, Trash Boat.
  5. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Minus The Bear, Beach Slang, Bayonne.
  6. Brooklyn Bazaar- Wax Idols, Pop. 1280, Decorum.
  7. Cianfanos- Sick Shit, Skuz, ATM, Hashgrinder, Smell The Rat.
  8. The Outerspace/Ballroom- Kevin Morby, Waxahatchee with Mary Lattimore.

March 30th

  1. Irving Plaza- The Menzingers, Jeff Rosenstock, Rozwell Kid.
  2. Goldsounds- Makari, Wynder, Synapsis Firing, Parallel, My Kinda Fire, Setbacks.
  3. Revolution Music Hall- Archspire, Ark Aik, Extinction A.D., Sica Da, More of Myself to Kill.
Upcoming Shows March 24th-March 30th

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