Against Me! @ The Paramount 3/16/17

Last Thursday, Against Me played an off date in Long Island. The band is currently opening up for Green Day on their Revolution Radio tour. The previous night I got a chance to see that tour. The show was great overall. That show was sold out. This past Thursday’s show was not sold out. I believe only half of the venue was filled which was disappointing because Against Me is a big band. If this show was booked at Revolution Music Hall in Amityville this ould have been a sold out. Against Me had two bands opening for them in which both bands were from out of state.

Typesetters were the opening band of the night. This five piece are from Chicago. They have a sound that mixes between modern day Emmo and Indie with some Punk roots. I missed their first two songs due to arrival to the show late. I was attending another show where I saw the band Vein playing Amityville Music Hall. Back to the band, they had a little bit of an audience to watch them play. Before this show, I never heard of this band before so this band was brand new to me. Overall the band played a good set. I thought they were a little bit of a weird opener for Against Me. I can also see this band play the annual Punk festival The Fest. They seemed like they are part of that crowd.

The next band up was Mobina Galore. Mobina Galore is a two piece from Winnipeg, Manibota. Once they started to play I liked it right away. The guitarist was the lead singer and her vocals reminded of Courtney Love and Brody Dalle of The Distillers. The vocals were raw and ver Punk. The drummer was the backup singer and her vocals were more melodic. The band sounded like a more aggressive Sleater-Kinney with some Ramones influences. Overall I enjoyed this set. I am glad Aginst Me got this band on the lineup. Mobina Galore was a solid opener for Against Me. They recently released an album titled Feeling Disconnected on New Damage Records which was good. Besides that, I hope to get another chance to see them play.

Against Me took the stage. As I mention before I saw Against Me the night prior opening up Green Day at the Barclay Center. That night they played a little over a half hour. Last Thursday they played for over an hour. The band started off the set with True Trans Soul Rebel. There was a lot of people there for them. People were going crazy for them. People were moshing and crowd surfing for them. It was a nice difference from the night before where no was going off for them. The night before I saw no one singing along to their material. I was quite surprised. Last Thursday was different. Against Me set was filled with songs from all seven albums from their discography. The night before they only played songs off their last three albums. Last year they released their new album Shape Shift With Me. The new album I enjoyed a lot and they played quite a few songs off of their. Overall last Thursday Against Me played a great set. If you have never seen this band you are messing up. To me, this is the best band that writes lyrics about politics and transgenders. Luara Jean Grace is an amazing front woman. I love and support this band. Everyone should see them at least once.

Against Me! @ The Paramount 3/16/17

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