Green Day & Against Me! @ Barclay Center 3/15/17

Last night, I got a chance to see Green Day again. Green Day are currently on tour supporting their new album Revolution Radio which came last October. In my opinion it is their best album since American Idiot which came out in 2004. This leg of the tour they had Against Me opening up for them. This was sick because Against Me is one of the best Punk bands I have seen live. This was a sold out show and Brooklyn was rocking last night.

Against Me took the stage. I have seen them before when they played a Gov Ball aftershow at Webster Hall last June. That was a fantastic set. I knew last night was going to be weird because they do not play arenas. I also kind of figure that majority of the audience do not know who they are. They opened up with their set with “True Trans Soul Rebel”. I looked around and no one knew words. I was pretty sure that I was the only one who knew the songs for the entire set. I notice people in the GA digging the music. Most of the set were from the last three albums. The band played for over half hour. For the people who do not know Against Me they are a Punk band with some Folk influences. The music is about being open mind especially to transgenders. The lead singer Laura Jean Grace is transgender and the songs are so good. They are one of the best bands right now and they play so well live. Overall last night Against Me was great. I recommend everyone who is reading this to see them live. I will be seeing them tonight at The Paramount in Long Island playing a headline off date set.

Green Day was next. This was my third time seeing them. The last time I saw them I spent $300 to see them play a small show at Webster Hall. I still do not regret doing that. Right before they came on they had “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing over the speakers. This got the the crowd going where everyone was singing along. After that they had their bunny mascot come out during the next song which was “Blitzkrieg Bop”. After that Green Day came out to the theme song of the movie The Good The Bad and The Ugly. The first song of their set was “Know Your Enemy”. The place erupted. Everyone was singing along. The band had pyro and explosions on stages. During this song they got a fan to sing the last verse of the song. A few songs during the set they had this too. A few times they had members of the audience sing a verse then stage dive and crowd surf. During their cover of Operation Ivy’s “Knowledge” the last verse they had a member of the audience play the three chords of the song. After the song they gave the fan the guitar.  Green Day played about six or seven news songs that all sounded great and people were going off for them. Like I said before Revolution Radio is a great album and the songs on there were prefect on there. Green Day played songs from Dookie, American Idiot, Nimrod, and Warning. I think it was crazy when they played “2,000 Light Years Away” which is song off of Kerplunk. Overall Green Day played another fantastic set. The band played twenty eight songs and played for two and half hours. My only complicate about this set is that they did not play “Welcome to Paradise.” Everything else was perfect. If you have not seen Green Day yet you are messing up big time. Hopefully I get another chance to see them play over the summer either in Connecticut or New Jersey.

Green Day & Against Me! @ Barclay Center 3/15/17

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