Dropkick Murphys Sold Out Show @ The Paramount 3/12/17

Last Sunday, Dropkick Murphys played a sold out show at the Huntington venue The Paramount. They were playing their one and only NYC/Long Island date. The band is currently touring for their newest album 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory on Born & Bred Records which came out last January. This tour they had The Interrupters and Blood or Whiskey opened up for them.

The opening band of the night was Blood or Whiskey. This was my second time seeing them opening up Dropkick Murphys. I believe the last time was in 2015 at the Paramount. Blood or Whiskey are very similar to Dropkick Murphys. They have songs about the Working class and the songs about drinking. They have a mix between Irish Folk with some Punk with Ska influences. These guys are from the “Motherland” so this band is a legit Irish Folk Punk band. The crowd seemed to enjoyed them. Unfortunately I walked in a few songs into their set. For the rest the set the band played well. They got good portion of the audience to sing along to their songs. They even got people moshing for them. Overall Blood or Whiskey are a excellent band to open for the Dropkick Murphys. They are playing tomorrow at Webster Hall if you want to see them headline a show.

The next band up was The Interrupters. Just like Blood or Whiskey this was my second time seeing this band. The last time was also 2015 but they were opening up for another sold out which was Rancid and H2O at Terminal 5. The Interrupters are a Ska band from Los Angeles. Once they started to play people start to dance to which eventually became a pit. There were a lot of people there who knew the band’s material and a lot of people were going off for them.  They also did a cover of Operation Ivy’s “Sound System.”That got a good reaction. The Interrupters played a great set and if you like Ska Punk I totally recommend seeing this band. Twice they have proved they are good supporting band.

Dropkick Murphys took the stage and the place erupted. The last time I saw Dropkick was last March at Webster Hall for their twenty anniversary tour. This was my fourth time seeing this Boston Celtic-Punk band. As I mention before they recently released an album. A good portion of the set they played those new songs. The reaction was good from the crowd while they played those songs. The band played some of their more notable songs which were “The State of Massachusetts, “The Boys Are Back”, and “Barroom Heroes”. The crowd was insane for each songs. People were moshing, singing along and crowd surfing. The band also did a cover of The Cars hit song, “Just What I Needed.” Even the crowd was wild for that. The encore was the best. They came out to “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya” which went into “I’m Shipping Up To Boston.” This song always gets the biggest reaction because this song got popularized by the crime drama movie The Departed. After that they  played their final two songs, “Kiss Me I’m Shitface” and “Skinheads on The MBTA”.  Both of these songs they get people on stage. With “Kiss Me” the ladies go up. The following song the guys go up. Just like the times before I was able to get on stage and singing along. This was my third time doing so. Overall if you have not seen Dropkick you are messing up. The band is all about the working class and having a good time. I can not wait to see them again at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney island with Rancid and The Bouncing Souls on August 6th.

Dropkick Murphys Sold Out Show @ The Paramount 3/12/17

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