Upcoming Shows March 3rd-March 9th

Here is list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

March 3rd

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Expire, Homewrecker, Cross Me, Limit, Heal.
  2. Creative Corner- Oso Oso, Macseal, Soft Cough, Casanova, Transcience, Catlike.
  3. Sunnyvale- Chain of Flowers, Bamboro, Blank Spell.
  4. Alphaville- Bellows, Big Ups, Fits, Yucky Duster.
  5. Gold Sounds- Vinnie Caruana, Spirit House.
  6. Spiegel Theater- Monster Bad, Bonzo, Dying Siren, Ironclad, Lev Ziskind.
  7. Villain- A Place to Bury Strangers, Oneida, Yvette.
  8. Saint Vitus Bar- An Albatross, Fucking Invincible, Fences.
  9. Rough Trade NYC- Slothrust, Ian Sweet, Surfbort.
  10. The Stone Pony- Save Ferris, Backyard Superheros, Baby Baby.
  11. Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Waterparks, Too Close To Touch, Creeper.
  12. The Loft 2R- Funeral Attire, I Dreamt The Sea, Futures, With Snails Ahead, My Lonely Heart.
  13. Gutter Bar- Live Ones, Vash Register, The Pissies.
  14. Purgatory- Lunglust, Fluoride, Downtrader, Woodland Tomb.
  15. Milhiil Basement- Ellen and The Degenerates, No Paraole, School Drugs, Khali ALi.
  16. The Meatlocker- Show Me The Body, Dutchguts, Machine Girl, Whiner.

March 4th

  1. Harper’s Pub- Rich People, Iron Price, Garland Greene, Threat 2 Society, Timespent, Manalive, Push.
  2. Brooklyn Bazaar- Pianos Become The Teeth, The Saddest Landscape, Sleep Bellum Sonno.
  3. East Islip Lanes- Spring Fling 2017.
  4. Aisle D- Hodera, Oso Oso, Halgoens, Secret Mountain.
  5. Gramercy Theatre- Save Ferries, Rude Boy George, Baby Baby.
  6. Mother Pug’s Saloon- The Blame NYC, Reason Enough, Eleventh Hour, The Enables, The Straphangers.
  7. Buckleys- Scofflaws, Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers, Radio Daze, Beach Craft Bonanza.
  8. Mercury Lounge- Slothrust, Ian Sweet, Mal Blum& The Blums.
  9. Shea Stadium- No Parents, Surfbort, Stringer, Plain Dog.

March 5th

  1. Brick EMS- Break Away, Mindforce, Limit, Prospect.
  2. Trickshot Billiards Sports Pub- Expire, Homewrecker, Cross Me, Born Low, Meth Mouth.
  3. Muchmore’s- Cold Wrecks, Mosey Jones, Parallel, Catlike.
  4. Revolution Music Hall- Ghost Bath, Amigo The Devil, Locus Mortis.
  5. Bar Matchless- Brain Slug, Nosebleed, Mad Existence, Rare Form, The Lion’s Cage.
  6. The Studio at Webster Hall- Anvil, Night Demon, Graveshadow.
  7. The Meatlocker- Long Neck, Hold On Caulfield, Hoboken Moms, Secret Mounatins.
  8. Paradise Lost- No Paraole, Dusters, NGGA, Ivan Saladin, Fence Cutter.

March 6th

  1. Shea Stadium- Slingshot Dakota, Ratboys, Teenage Halloween, Mallrat.

March 7th

  1. TCNJ Decker Hall- Turnover, Pear, Rhea.
  2. Friends Hall- Slaughter Beach Dog, Hold on Caulfield, Teenage Halloween.
  3. Shea Stadium- Sic Tic, A Deer A Horse, Big Band, Baglady.
  4. The Meatlocker- Pilgrim, Dutchgutz, Heavy Temple, Thera Roya, Cowardice.

March 8th

  1. Cool Carmines- Laughing Stock, Ugly, School Drugs, Pisskvlt, Lemon Zest, Fence Cutter.

March 9th 

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- Foxing, Yohuna, Oyama, Snail Mail.
  2. Mercury Lounge- Heat, Mercury Girls, Navy Gangs.
Upcoming Shows March 3rd-March 9th

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