They All Float, Heavens Die, Vatican, Whittled Down, Silenus, and Suffering @ Shakers March 3rd

Last night at Shakers Pub, Heavens Die and Vatican played their Long Island date of the tour. Both bands have not played Long Island in over nine months especially Vatican who has not played since December 2015 . The two bands are currently on a big East Coast tour. They had some local support from Whittled Down, They All Float, Silenus, and Suffering. This was special show because this was They All Float last show. The price for the show was $7 and a lot of people came out for a Thursday night show that started at 9 pm with six bands on the lineup.

The opening band of the night was Suffering. Suffering are from Nassau County, Long Island. This was my second time seeing this band. I have not seen this band play for over a year now. The band has not been playing shows and they also had some lineup changes. They played a quick set that felt a little over five minutes. They did not get a reaction until the last song  which they covered “Suckerpunch” by Billy Club Sandwich. People started moving to that songs. The other songs they played seemed  good. One actually sounded like the Long Island band Neglect. Overall this band as improved from the last time I saw them. I look forward seeing  them more progressive with their music. If you like Hatebreed, Everybody Gets Hurt, and Neglect this band is for you.

Up next was Silenus. This was my fourth time seeing this band. The last time I saw them was when they opened up for Knocked Loose at Amityville Music Hall last year. Silenus started to play and they got a reaction right off the bat with their intro. The most of the set was all new songs. The songs sounded sick and I notice they changed their style. The songs they used to play sounded like bands like Knocked Loose and Kublai Khan. The style that was mixed between bad Metalcore and Beatdown. The band is now heading into a new direction that fits them. They seemed to be going more experimental and not doing what everyone else is doing. I believe it was last song they played where the breakdown reminded me of Disembodied “Heroin Fingers.” I thought that songs was sick. The set overall was great. This was my favorite I ever seen them play. A good band and good people and they are worth checking out.

Whittled Down got on stage. They were the “odd band” on the lineup. Whittled Down are a Long Island Screamo band. The have sound that is mixed between Touche Amore and Balance and Composure. This was my thirteen time seeing this band. There was no moshing for this set so everyone was moved up to the stage. The band played four  songs and had a quick set. The first three songs were all new. They sounded good. They had more of a Mathy approach. The riffs sounded more complex which was interesting. Their more early releases had a lot of pedal work but last night the new songs sounded raw. The band will be recording a full length in  the next few weeks so when that comes out check that out. The last song was the opening track off their EP Bold Print. Whittled Down played a good set. Their next Long Island will be the 2nd of April when they open up for Four Year Strong at Revolution Music Hall.

Vatican took the stage. Vatican are a Metalcore band from Savannah, George. They have the vibes of the 2000’s era of Metalcore. This was the only band I have not seen before on the lineup. Last time they came up to play Long Island I was not able to see them. This set differently made up for this. They had a big reaction the entire set. Long Island gave them their best. Vatican sounded great and they played great. I like bands that take influences from 7 Angels 7 Plagues and Poison The Well. The 1996-2004 era of Hardcore/Metal or what I call the “Hellfest era”were the best times for heavy music. Besides that I recommend everyone who is reading this to check out Vatican. If you like classic Metalcore this band is for you. This past month they just recently released a four way split with Funerals, Iron Curtain, and Long Island own Sanction. Be sure to check out that split.

The next band up was the last touring band which was Heavens Die. Heavens Die is a Metal influenced Hardcore band from West Virginia. This was my third time seeing them. The last time I saw them was actually the last time they played Long Island which was a. These guys play a really heavy aggressive music. Just like Vatican they also got a crazy reaction from the crowd. Since seeing this band in a garage in Maryland back in December 2015 I love this band. They are very underrated. They have this modern heavy sound. Vocally the singer reminds me of Entombed. He has this strong growl vocals that are so intense. There is a strong Entombed influence over this band. Also there are some Hatebreed influences from the band. At one point during the set there was song they played Overall good set and like seeing these guys. Check out their last EP The Hands of Man which came out last Summer.

The last band of the night was They All Float. They were suppose to play in between Whittled Down and Silenus but got moved to the headliner. This was the last show they were going to play. Here is a little brief history of the band. They started back in 2011 as a “scene band” aka a Metalcore. Later they changed their sound and became a Melodic Hardcore/Hardcore band. The first time I saw them was when they played ECC’s festival Spring Mixtape  in 2014 at 89 North. The band broke up around spring of 2015. About a year ago they released an album they were going to drop in 2015 and the album was a good release. The band started to play and it was a quick set. They did not want to play a lot of songs but the set was great.The lineup for this set was the two original members Joey who is the singer and Harold is the guitarist including one of their former bassist, and the drummer of Silenus. It was great seeing a bunch of people going off for them. For a lot of people on Long Island this band was the introduction for people getting into the LI scene. This was my fifth and final time seeing this band. Every time I seen them it was a blast. I will never forget the time my friends and I drove an hour to Stony Brook to see They All Float play set and shoot a music video. That was a fun time. Overall last night was sick. If you missed this show you messed up. Long Island Hardcore on top.

They All Float, Heavens Die, Vatican, Whittled Down, Silenus, and Suffering @ Shakers March 3rd

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