February Releases

Wow it’s already March, I can not believe how fast we are moving this year. Here are some of the releases I found cool this past month. Here are some LPs, EPs, Demos, splits, and other releases. Please note that most of these releases are Rock, Metal, Punk, Emo, Indie, Etc. Starting off the list with my top 3 releases of the month followed by other releases I thought were worth checking out.

My Top 3

The Menzingers- After The Party

Drawing Last Breath- Final Sacrifice 

Power Trip- Nightmare Logic

Other Releases 

Adult Magic- S/T

Buried Dreams- Winter Demo

Career Suicide- Machine Response 

Catlike/Parallel- Split 

Dave Hause- Bury Me in Philly 

First Blood- Rules

Funeralbloom- The Romance of Crime & Your Beautiful Ones

Head Spell- Winter Demo

Iron Reagan- Crossover Ministry

Jake Clark/Spur- Split

Nothington- In The End

Pissed Jeans- Why Love Now

Slingshot Dakota- Broken

Southern Lord Spring 2017 Compilation

Vatican/Funerals/Sanction/Iron Curtain- 4 Way Split

Wild Pink- S/T

Xibalba- Diablo, Con Amor… Adios

Zero Hour- Demo


February Releases

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