Upcoming Shows March 31st-April 6th

tHere is a list of upcoming shows I would like for you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-state era.

March 31st

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Tony Molina, Uniform, Dark Blue.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Sheer Terror, Inhuman, The Ice Cold Killers, Out Live Deah, Servent.
  3. Gramercy Theatre- Architects, Stray From The Path, Make Them Suffer.

April 1st

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- Skarhead, Billy Club Sandwich, World of Pain, Manipulate, Mad Diesel, Regulate, Black Punk, Separated.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- H2O, Mind Force, The Great Lie, Warehouse.
  3. Amityville Music Hall- Nominee, Sundressed, Table Talk, Sleep In, For What It’s Worth.
  4. SUNY Oneonta Fine Arts- Keep Flying, Ladder Match, Bedmakers, Rootkit Disaster, Banderson.
  5. Irving Plaza- New Found Glory, Trash Boat.
  6. Spiegel Theater- Teenage Halloween, Who Loves You, Monster Bad, Peanut Butter, Good Dog.
  7. Stanhope House- World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Jukebox Romantics, Oh Breey Disposable, Cabbage Platter.
  8. Gamechanger World- Four Year Strong, Can’t Swim, Light Years, Sleep On It, Handguns, Automatic 23, The Ones You Forgot, Stay At Home Dads, Callout.
  9. Al Cibell’s Resturant & Bar- The Undead, Mikell’s Plot, Lawn Darts, The Wurst, The Swindle.
  10. Gramercy Theatre- Architects, Stray From The Path, Make Them Suffer.
  11. Starland Ballroom- Periphery, The Contortionist, Norma Jean, Infinity Shred, Inventure.

April 2nd

  1. Music Hall of Williamsburg- The Menzingers, Jeff Rosenstock, Rozwell Kid.
  2. Asbury Park Convention Hall- Doing it For Dave A Tribute to Dave Franlin Vision NJHC.
  3. Revolution Music Hall- Four Year Strong, Can’t Swim, Light Years, Sleep On It, Whittled Down.
  4. Amityville Music Hall- Four Year Strong, Keep Flying, Shorebreak, Heal.
  5. Irving Plaza- New Found Glory, Trahsboat.
  6. Wonder Bar- World/Inferno Friendship Soicety, Hub City Stompers.
  7. The Silent Barn- Ovlov, Washer, Jackal Onasis, Special Guest TBA.

April 3rd

  1. Terminal 5- The Pretenders.

April 4th

  1. Decker Social Space- Jeff Rosenstock, Thin Lips, Teenage Halloween, Curtis Cooper.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Glue, Exotica, Terrorist, Mati.

April 5th

  1. House Show BK- The Real Cost, Krimewatch, HVAC, HeadSplitters, Illusion.

April 6th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Agnostic Front, Hangman, Spit It Out, Diesel.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- The Marked men, Night Birds, Honey.
  3. Baby’s All Right- Pile, Mannequin Pussy, Fern Mayo, Gnarwhel.
  4. Brooklyn Bazaar- Xiu Xiu, Dreamcrusher, Gold Dime.
Upcoming Shows March 31st-April 6th

Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper, and Blame God @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 3/22/17

Last Wednesday, Nails played their NY date of their tour with Toxic Holocaust and Gatecreeper. The show was located at the Brooklyn venue Music Hall of Williamsburg. They had local support from the Long Island band Blame God. This was not a sold out show which I was surprised about but they were a lot of people there on Wednesday night. I have not attended a show at this venue since last October when I saw Joyce Manor & The Hotelier.

The opening band of the night was Blame God. As I mention before Blame God are from Long Island. They are a Grindcore band. This was my fourth time seeing them. The last time I saw them play was when they opened up for Dangers for a New Year Eve matinee at Gold Sounds. Blame God started to play. They got a good reaction from the crowd throughout the entire set. Plus they had over 100 people watching them play. This was probably their biggest show to date. It is crazy that almost a year ago I saw them as a three piece that explains to a four piece to a five piece. Last Wednesday they sounded great. They close off with a set with Pig Destroyer cover which was “Piss Angel”. Overall Blame God played a great set. Check out their new EP that they just released a week prior. If you like some intense Grindcore this band is for you.

The next band up was Gatecreeper. Gatecreeper is from Arizona. These guys are the new masters of Death Metal.  They play these killer riffs that are very heavy and makes people go insane. They are dubbed “caveman music.” Last fall they released their debut album Sonoran Deprivation on Relapse Record. Since that album came out the band is blowing up. Also with the help of the FYA set on Youtube, this band got bigger since then. I wanted to see these guys play for a while. Once they started to play people started to go off. This was my favorite set of the night. I enjoyed this band’s set. I love the album Sonoran Depravation. I love the fact that they were a lot of people going off for them. Overall best band.  If you like early 90’s Death Metal bands like Entombed, Bolt Thrower, and Obituary this band is for you. I was so glad I finally got a chance to see these guys. I can not wait to see them again.

Toxic Holocaust was up next. Toxic Holocaust is from Portland, Oregon. The band is a modern day Thrash Metal band. They reminisce a lot of the 1980’s Thrash styles that were coming out of the West Coast especially the San Francisco scene.  The band is a three-piece. Once they started to play they had people up front and moving for them. Throughout the set, they had a lot od moshing and people running around in a circle pit. I think for reach song they had a circle pit for them. As I mention before these guys reminded me of the 1980’s. They had a mix between bands like Exodus and Anthrax. This was my least favorite set of the night. Toxic Holocaust was a cool band but I was not crazy about the whole nostalgia aspects. I know bands like Power Trip and Red Death are like the new Thrash/Crossover kings but I feel those guys are doing something new. Seeing this band I thought I was seeing every band from the 1980’s. They were okay for me. Overall if you like Old School Thrash this band is for you.

Nails was up next. This was my third time seeing them play. The last time I saw them was when they played the Marlin Room at Webster Hall during their last tour. I was supposed to see them again at This is Hardcore Fest but they went on a quick hiatus. This was their first East Coast since that brief hiatus. Once they got on stage, Todd Jones the singer/guitarist came from the backstage area with his guitar and goes up to mic. The crowd was cheering and he looks at the crowd and goes, “We’re Fucking Nails.” They go into their first song and Brooklyn erupts. Every song the crowd gave the band everything they had. People were moshing and stage diving. The set they were mostly from all three albums. The latest album You Will Be Never One Of Us came last year and they played a good portion of that album. Nails also played a cover. The band covered Charged GBH’s “Sick Boy.” They got a little reaction for that song. To me, I was amped because when I was younger I was into that style of Punk Rock and I never Charged GBH live so this was the closest I will ever see them or hear one of their songs live. Overall Nails played another fantastic set. For everyone who is reading this, I recommend everyone who is into Powerviolence to listen to Nails and go see them live. They have a rowdy live presence and worth seeing life.

Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper, and Blame God @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 3/22/17

So What Fest 10th Annivesary

This weekend is the annual Music Festival So What. So What has been running now for ten years and will take place in Grand Frairie, Texas. The fest will be located at Arhoggs Stadium. This is a day two festival that features Pop Punk, Metal, Hip Hop, Hardcore, and other Rock sub genres. Also the day prior there will be some pre-shows around Deep Ellum, Texas. If you are going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

March 24th, 2017 Pre-Shows 

The Door: Power Trip, Blue The Misfit, Antwon, Bitter End, Backtrack, Judiciary, Creeping Death, Violent Exit, Panic Room, Facing Worlds.

Trees: Forever The Sickest Kids, He Is We, Rookie of The Year, Kyle Lucas, Kenny Holland, Call Me Karizma, In Her Own Words, Chase Jordan, The Idle Kind.

Three Links: The Friday Night Boys, Between California, And Summer, Forever Starts Today, Page 9, Where Crowds, May Gather, Quite Please, A Dangerous Affair, Idler.

Prophet Bar: Unity TX Killstation + Riverkinn, Pyrexx Pirates, Syringe, Sentenced To Burn, Patrich, Bloodhound, Numb Generation, Glock, Affiliation, Saint Clair, Young Lungs, Maverick, Lil Lotus, Fats’e, Scum.

Club Dada: Caterpillers, Honey Lotus, Elliot Tobias, Mount Tyrant, Loosetemper, Luna Aura, Kinder Than Wolves, Electric Dreamers, Doggo.

Renos: Angel Maker, Distinguisher, Falsifier, Extortionist, Bloodline, Filth, Reign, Ananthemic, Violent Vendetta.

Curtain Club: Miss Fortune, Outline In Color, A Scent Like Wolves, Oh Weatherly, Rival Choir, Keeping Secrets, Beneath The Waves, Light The Fire, Census, Brooke Alley.

March 25th, 2017 Day One

Main Stage 1: Mayday Parade, We The Kings, Envy on The Coast, Forever The Sickest Kids, Never Shout Never, Cute Is What We Aim For, Knuckle Puck,  The Friday Night Boys, Huey Mack, He Is We, Marty Grimes, Blindwish, Blue The Misfit, Closure, Call Me Karizma, Mime Game, Young Lungs, Under Dog House.

Main Stage 2: Attila, Pouya, Emmure, Fat Nick, I See Stars, Antwon, After The Burial, Ghostmane, Escape The Fate, Lil Aaron, Darke Complex, Pyrex Pirates, Unity-TX, Whitney Peyton, The Human Experiment, Stepdad, The Leader The Legend, Begotten, NU-95, Above It All.

Stage 3: The Borowing, Avion Roe, The Last Ten Seconda of Life, It Lives It Breaths, Invent Animate, Rookie of The Year, Milestones, Miss Fortune, Kenny Holland, GP, Plaid Brixx, Clover The Girl, I The Victor, Luna Aura, Run2Cover, The Night of, Alive in Barcelona, Recent Rumors, City Under Siege, Sunsleep, Cutthroat Conspiracy, The Problem, Scarlett Fever, Orenda.

March 26th, 2017 Day Two

Main Stage 1: The Story So Far, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, Turnstile, Power Trip, Kid Liberty, Backtrack, Drug Church, Can’t Swim, Jesus Piece, Capstan, Super Whatevr, ThirtySeven, Sundressed, Runaway Kids, Nominee, Between California & Summer, Keep Flying, Home Above.

Main Stage 2: Dance Gavin Dance, Everytime I Die, CHON, Norma Jean, He is Legend, Like Moths TO Flames, Sianvar, Erra, Kublai Khan, Sworn In, Capsize, Phinehas, Assuming We Survive, The Ongoing Concept, Cover Your Tracks, Navajo,  Hold Close, Baseline.

Stage 3: Fit For An Autopsy, Kurt Travis, Backwordz, The Grindmother, Stolas, My Enemies and I, Eidola, Spite, Icarus The Owl, Light Years, Mylets, Sleep on It, Odd Folks, Idle Lives, Comrades, Let It Happen, Dweelings, The Happy Alright, Forget Conformity, Project Ircaus, Something More, Moth Wings, Golden Week, Young Graves.


So What Fest 10th Annivesary

Upcoming Shows March 24th-March 30th

Here is another list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

March 24th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Jukai, Recycled Earth, Year of The Knife, High Card, Queensway, Jab, The Fight.
  2. Union Pool- Iron Chic, Greensleep, King Pussy Face.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- All Out War, Anicon, Die Choking, Insect Ark.
  4. Gramercy Theatre- Fishbone, No Redeeming Social Value, Ache.
  5. Knitting Factory- Voodoo Glow Skull, Hub City Stompers, Midnight Foorshness.
  6. Saint Vitus Bar- Crazy Spirit, Haram, Conspiracy, Bull.
  7. Blackthorn 51- The Undead, The Muckrakers, Pain, Emerald City, NARC, Yogush Ghoul God, TBA.
  8. Meatlocker- Neaux, No Sun, Akris, Sickshit, Tru.
  9. Legion Bar- Trashy, Modern Trigger, Ares of The State.
  10. Bar Matchless- BillXNYE, Hashgrinder, Nerve Gas Attack, Wrist Deep.

March 25th

  1. Playstation Theater- Simple Pan, Set It Off, Seaway.
  2. The Loft- Recycled Earth, Jukai, Dissolve, Mindforce, Separated, Violence To Fade.
  3. Wamleg- Jagged Visions, Regulate, Buried Dreams, Queensway, Zero Hour, Mase.
  4. Amityville Music Hall- Everyone Leaves, Household, Check Engine Light, Crash The Calm, This Crooked Home, Part Time Bear.
  5. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Pallbeaer, Marissa Nadler, Kayo Dot.
  6. Silent Barn- Nine of Swords, Sister Much, Downtrodder, Bleeders.
  7. Saint Vitus Bar- Planning For Burial, No Sun.
  8. Webster Hall- Shiny Toy Guns, Savoir Adoce.
  9. Sunnyvale- Told Slant, gobbinjr, Small Wonder, Fits.
  10. Lucky 13 Saloon- Death Metal Pope, Graviton, Embrace Agony, She Wolf.
  11. Muchmores- Hopeless Otis, Cold Wrecks, The Bloody Muffs, But Pyre.
  12. The Meatshop- Dreamcrusher, Soul Glo, Machine Girl, Wolvves.

March 26th

  1. Rough Trade NYC- Laura Stevenson, Adult Mom, Hiccup.

March 27th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Seaway, Legend of You, MakeShift, Times Like These.
  2. Warsaw- Teenage Fanclub.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Thern Roya, Fuzzy Osbourne, Somnuri.

March 28th

  1. Starland Ballroom- New Found Glory, Trash Boat.
  2. Meatlocker- Citycop, Alomar, Haunter, Basement Beers, Ladder Match.

March 29th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Touche Amore, Slingshot Dakota.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Basement, Limit, Discolor.
  3. Don Pedro- Citycop, Almor, Detach The Islands, Aspine.
  4. Starland Ballroom- New Found Glory, Trash Boat.
  5. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Minus The Bear, Beach Slang, Bayonne.
  6. Brooklyn Bazaar- Wax Idols, Pop. 1280, Decorum.
  7. Cianfanos- Sick Shit, Skuz, ATM, Hashgrinder, Smell The Rat.
  8. The Outerspace/Ballroom- Kevin Morby, Waxahatchee with Mary Lattimore.

March 30th

  1. Irving Plaza- The Menzingers, Jeff Rosenstock, Rozwell Kid.
  2. Goldsounds- Makari, Wynder, Synapsis Firing, Parallel, My Kinda Fire, Setbacks.
  3. Revolution Music Hall- Archspire, Ark Aik, Extinction A.D., Sica Da, More of Myself to Kill.
Upcoming Shows March 24th-March 30th

Against Me! @ The Paramount 3/16/17

Last Thursday, Against Me played an off date in Long Island. The band is currently opening up for Green Day on their Revolution Radio tour. The previous night I got a chance to see that tour. The show was great overall. That show was sold out. This past Thursday’s show was not sold out. I believe only half of the venue was filled which was disappointing because Against Me is a big band. If this show was booked at Revolution Music Hall in Amityville this ould have been a sold out. Against Me had two bands opening for them in which both bands were from out of state.

Typesetters were the opening band of the night. This five piece are from Chicago. They have a sound that mixes between modern day Emmo and Indie with some Punk roots. I missed their first two songs due to arrival to the show late. I was attending another show where I saw the band Vein playing Amityville Music Hall. Back to the band, they had a little bit of an audience to watch them play. Before this show, I never heard of this band before so this band was brand new to me. Overall the band played a good set. I thought they were a little bit of a weird opener for Against Me. I can also see this band play the annual Punk festival The Fest. They seemed like they are part of that crowd.

The next band up was Mobina Galore. Mobina Galore is a two piece from Winnipeg, Manibota. Once they started to play I liked it right away. The guitarist was the lead singer and her vocals reminded of Courtney Love and Brody Dalle of The Distillers. The vocals were raw and ver Punk. The drummer was the backup singer and her vocals were more melodic. The band sounded like a more aggressive Sleater-Kinney with some Ramones influences. Overall I enjoyed this set. I am glad Aginst Me got this band on the lineup. Mobina Galore was a solid opener for Against Me. They recently released an album titled Feeling Disconnected on New Damage Records which was good. Besides that, I hope to get another chance to see them play.

Against Me took the stage. As I mention before I saw Against Me the night prior opening up Green Day at the Barclay Center. That night they played a little over a half hour. Last Thursday they played for over an hour. The band started off the set with True Trans Soul Rebel. There was a lot of people there for them. People were going crazy for them. People were moshing and crowd surfing for them. It was a nice difference from the night before where no was going off for them. The night before I saw no one singing along to their material. I was quite surprised. Last Thursday was different. Against Me set was filled with songs from all seven albums from their discography. The night before they only played songs off their last three albums. Last year they released their new album Shape Shift With Me. The new album I enjoyed a lot and they played quite a few songs off of their. Overall last Thursday Against Me played a great set. If you have never seen this band you are messing up. To me, this is the best band that writes lyrics about politics and transgenders. Luara Jean Grace is an amazing front woman. I love and support this band. Everyone should see them at least once.

Against Me! @ The Paramount 3/16/17

Upcoming Shows March 17th-March 23rd

Here is a list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state era.

March 17th

  1. Knockdown Center- SUNN O, Big Brave.
  2. Marlin Room at Webster Hall- The Pietasters, Park After Dark, Love is A Fist.
  3. The Stood- Strawberry Blonde, Northernmost, Bedmakers, Loner Spring.
  4. Video Revival- Puppybrother, Greed Island, Idling.
  5. The Spleen- Hiding Out, American Runaways, Parallel, Pelegrin.
  6. Suburbia- Typesetter, Living Room, Pass Away, Petal Head.
  7. Bowery Electric- CJ Ramone, Big Eyes, VAPERS.
  8. Bar Matcheless- Pilot to Gunner, Robes, Easy Creatues, Kiska.
  9. Clash Bar- The Wedge, Kult of Mary, Garbage Brain. Joy Cleaner, The Duke of Sarl.

March 18th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Breakdown, Red Death, manipulate, Krimewatch, Ache.
  2. Webster Hall- Senses Fail, Counterparts, Movements, Like Pacific.
  3. Looney Tunes- Sorority Noise.
  4. Pista Banas Unidas- Amore Prohibido, The Breaking Sounds, Necrotic Society, Invading Species, Material Support.
  5. Basement Show- Straphangers, Scarboro, Alouth, Nightsquad, Baby Sandwiches, Skum City, Pluk.
  6. The Meatlocker- Archine Alone, Tru, No Honey Moon, Whiner, Puddle Splasher.
  7. The Harp n Bard- Typesetter, Rocky and the Chapter, T. Gunn and The Semantics.

March 19th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Death Metal Pope, Warehouse, Discolor, Graviation, Draw The Line, Discouraged.

March 20th

  1. Rough Trade NYC- Tennis.

March 21st

  1. Bowery Ballroom- Tennis, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Le Butcherettes, The Yin Yangs, Nomads.

March 22nd

  1. Music Hall of Williamburg- Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper, Blame God.
  2. Terminal 5- At The Drive In, Le Butcherettes.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Chris Farren, Katie Ellen, Timeshares, Early Riser.
  4. Brewhaus Pub- Adult Magic, Bearchild, Hason Paul, Greg Baker.
  5. Gold Sounds- Beans on Toast, The Old Edison, Ankle Greasem Out of System Transfer.

March 23rd

  1. Starland Ballroom- Senses Fail, Counterparts, Movements, Like Pacific.
  2. Irving Plaza- Enter Shikari, Being As An Ocean.


Upcoming Shows March 17th-March 23rd

Green Day & Against Me! @ Barclay Center 3/15/17

Last night, I got a chance to see Green Day again. Green Day are currently on tour supporting their new album Revolution Radio which came last October. In my opinion it is their best album since American Idiot which came out in 2004. This leg of the tour they had Against Me opening up for them. This was sick because Against Me is one of the best Punk bands I have seen live. This was a sold out show and Brooklyn was rocking last night.

Against Me took the stage. I have seen them before when they played a Gov Ball aftershow at Webster Hall last June. That was a fantastic set. I knew last night was going to be weird because they do not play arenas. I also kind of figure that majority of the audience do not know who they are. They opened up with their set with “True Trans Soul Rebel”. I looked around and no one knew words. I was pretty sure that I was the only one who knew the songs for the entire set. I notice people in the GA digging the music. Most of the set were from the last three albums. The band played for over half hour. For the people who do not know Against Me they are a Punk band with some Folk influences. The music is about being open mind especially to transgenders. The lead singer Laura Jean Grace is transgender and the songs are so good. They are one of the best bands right now and they play so well live. Overall last night Against Me was great. I recommend everyone who is reading this to see them live. I will be seeing them tonight at The Paramount in Long Island playing a headline off date set.

Green Day was next. This was my third time seeing them. The last time I saw them I spent $300 to see them play a small show at Webster Hall. I still do not regret doing that. Right before they came on they had “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing over the speakers. This got the the crowd going where everyone was singing along. After that they had their bunny mascot come out during the next song which was “Blitzkrieg Bop”. After that Green Day came out to the theme song of the movie The Good The Bad and The Ugly. The first song of their set was “Know Your Enemy”. The place erupted. Everyone was singing along. The band had pyro and explosions on stages. During this song they got a fan to sing the last verse of the song. A few songs during the set they had this too. A few times they had members of the audience sing a verse then stage dive and crowd surf. During their cover of Operation Ivy’s “Knowledge” the last verse they had a member of the audience play the three chords of the song. After the song they gave the fan the guitar.  Green Day played about six or seven news songs that all sounded great and people were going off for them. Like I said before Revolution Radio is a great album and the songs on there were prefect on there. Green Day played songs from Dookie, American Idiot, Nimrod, and Warning. I think it was crazy when they played “2,000 Light Years Away” which is song off of Kerplunk. Overall Green Day played another fantastic set. The band played twenty eight songs and played for two and half hours. My only complicate about this set is that they did not play “Welcome to Paradise.” Everything else was perfect. If you have not seen Green Day yet you are messing up big time. Hopefully I get another chance to see them play over the summer either in Connecticut or New Jersey.

Green Day & Against Me! @ Barclay Center 3/15/17