PWR BTTM Sold Out Show @ The Knitting Factory 2/18/17

Last Saturday, I got a chance to see PWR BTTM for the third time. They were wrapping up their East coast tour with Mal Blums and The Blums and Naked Giants. This was a sold out show at the Brooklyn Venue the Knitting Factory. Originally the show was suppose to be at Shea Stadium but Shea Stadium was  shut down  for a few weeks which forced this show to be moved. They released more tickets which I brought once that was announced. I have not been at this venue since fall of 2015 where I saw a CMJ showcase that featured Superheaven, Pinegrove, The Superweaks and some other acts. This venue I think is over 300 cap which is good for PWR BTTM for selling this place out.

The opening band of the night was Naked Giants. Naked Giants are a three piece from Seattle, Washington. This was their first time playing NY even first time touring the East coast. They started to play and the crowd seemed to be into it. The band had this Grunge mixed Blues mixed Surf sound. I do not wan to say they ere like Nirvana but they had that Punk style that Nirvana had but mixed between Wavves and White Stripes. I liked the style. They truly are a West coast band.The set they play was fantastic and the songs were very catchy. Naked Giants released an EP last year titled RIP out on Miscreant Records. When these guys come back to the East coast especially New York City I am going to see them again. I thank PWR BTTM for putting these guys on the lineup because the set was great. Be out on the lookout when they come to your area, they are well worth seeing.

Mal Blums and The Blums were up next. For about a year I have been seeing there name on shows for awhile. They took the stage and started to play. They had this 90’s Alternative rock sound that was mixed with Queer Rock which was sick. This was my first time seeing band that would mixed the two genres. Just like the last band there was no reaction but I did notice some people singing along to their tunes. The band played three songs for an upcoming release and they sounded tight. For this show they well perfect for this lineup. PWR BTTM gave the crowd another cool band to check out. I would like to see this band again. Their next show will be at the Brooklyn Sunnyvale on April 12.

PWR BTTM took the stage.  As I mention before this was my third time seeing The place was going crazy for them. Before they started they stated that they want everyone not to hurt each and enjoy the safe space. I think it cool that a band wants to take a stand on moshing. I like moshing and enjoy watching people going nuts but I do respect bands that want people not to mosh. PWR BTTM reminded me about how Fugazi and Smashing Pumpkins were about anti-moshing back in the nineties. They also said that most of the set was going to be new songs. The new album Pageant in on Polyvinyl Records which the duo was signed last Fall. The first song was a new song that featured the singer Ben Hopkins doing guest vocals. The band also features two other members for their live shows now. One is a bass play and the other plays the keyboards and a french horn. The new song was great and some people were going off. Like I said most of the set was new songs but they did play songs off of their debut LP Ugly Cherries. Overall PWR BTTM played a great set. They announced a new show at Webster Hall in June. The show is on June 21st which means you should buy your tickets for it. Seriously PWR BTTM is the future and they might become the biggest Queer-Punk band every honestly. Every song they make is so good and so catchy. They are a fun band overall and if you like bands that play catchy Garage/Punk rock this band is for you. One of the best bands coming out of New York right now.

PWR BTTM Sold Out Show @ The Knitting Factory 2/18/17

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