Lemuria Sold Out Show in Brooklyn.

Last Friday, I got I finally got a chance to see Lemuria. Lemuria played a sold out show with Cayetana and Mikey Erg. The show was located at the Brooklyn Bazaar. This was my third time being as the new Bazaar. The last one closed back in 2015 and they try to make a new one in Queens but that did not last. The band were on tour for celebrating the anniversary of their debut album Get Better on Asian Man Records. This was my first time seeing the entire lineup so I was excited for this show.

The opening act of the night was Mikey Erg. Mikey Erg is a solo Punk Rocker. He was in the Punk band The Ergs who just recently reunited last fall at the annual Punk festival The Fest. He started to play. On stage was just him and his guitar. This was not an acoustic act but an electric act. I found this pretty cool to see this guy playing Punk songs by himself with no backing bands and playing the songs electric. I thought this was pretty sick. There was a big crowd there for him. I notice some people singing along to his tunes especially when he played some Ergs songs. At one point Jeff Rosenstock and member of Cayetana got on stage and started to sing a song with Mikey. The set was good overall. Last year Mikey Erg debut his first solo album titled Tentative Decisions on Don Giovanni Records. Be sure to check this out. Since the release of the album I have been seeing his name all of the place playing shows all around the tr-state. I was glad that i got an opportunity to finally see him play.

Up next was Cayetana. Cayetana are a Indie/Punk band from Philadelphia, PA. Just like all of the other bands on the lineup I had multiple opportunities to see this band perform. Cayetana got on the stage and started to play. They had almost the entire crowd there for them. The music was good. They were a three piece and they played so tight. The crowd was singing along to them. There was not a reaction from the crowd for them which I kind of expected. Cayetana were so good. I could not believe it took me two years to finally see this band. They rocked their set and I was impressed by this. They were a perfect band for this tour and they proved last Friday. Overall you should check this band if you have not. They will be releasing a new LP later this year which you should check out when it comes out.

Lemuria took the stage. Everyone was there waiting for them to play. The room was hot and people were starting to sweat. For awhile I have been wanting to see this Buffalo Punk/Indie band. They started to play Get Better in full. The crowd was loud for this set. The band themselves sounded great. Every song they play off that album sounded great. I was just a little surprised how  calm the crowd was. I expected some people to stage dive and bump into each other. It was not until they did a cover of The Ramones song, “Rockaway Beach.” This got a pit going and people went nuts. After that song they started to play other songs that got better reactions. Overall Lemuria played a fantastic set. I was so glad I was finally able to see them play. They are a great band to see live. I would love to see this band again.

Lemuria Sold Out Show in Brooklyn.

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