AFI, Nothing, and Souvenirs @ Terminal 5 February 3rd, 2017

Last Friday, I got a chance to see AFI perform a sold out show in New York City. The show was located at Terminal 5 which holds over 3,000 fans. I was just at this venue a week prior when I finally saw American Football. The tour lineup was stacked. AFI are currently touring with Nothing and Souvenirs. I was quite excited for this show because I am huge fan of Nothing and I was hoping to see some 90’s songs from AFI.

The opening band of the night was Souvenirs. Souvenirs are from California and this was my third time seeing this band. It is somewhat weird that I have seen them every other year. The band comes to NY on the odd number years for some reason. The first time was in 2003 followed by 2015. Both shows they were opening up for The Story So Far. The band took the stage and started to play. The crowd seemed to be into them and there were a lot of people there to see them. Out of all of the people that were there I think it is safe to say that only 5% of the crowd knew who they were. I think they gain some fans out of this set. The band just recently released a new record a few weeks prior titled Posture of Apology on Other People Records. Overall they had a good set. If you like 90’s Emo this band is for you. They were solid opener and AFI did well for choosing them to play on this tour.

Nothing was up. They were the main reason why I was at this show. The band has been blowing up for the past two years especially with their new album Tired of Tomorrow which came out last May. This was my sixth seeing this band. Nothing are a Shoegaze/Alternative Rock band that take a lot influences from the 90’s. They started off their set with first track off of their new album, “Fever Queen”. The band set consisted with both albums Tired of Tomorrow and Guilty of Everything as well as the two songs they did on a split with Whirr. This set was great because they had so much time to play because Souvenirs ended a lot early than the set times the venue posted. The crowd though was getting antsy and chanted AFI. Honestly Nothing is so much better but the band seemed they were having a lot of fun on stage. Just like Souvenirs, most of the audience did not know who they were. I am pretty sure I was the only one rocking out to them where I was. Overall if you like bands like Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine this band is for you.

AFI was up next. The last time I saw this band was when they opened up for Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars at Jones Beach Theater. Seeing them there was cool but Terminal 5 was a lot better. Going from a 14,000 amphitheater to a 3,000 cap ballroom sounds a lot better plus the band only had an half hour set at that show. AFI are currently on tour for support of their new album AFI (The Blood Album) on Concord Records. They started their set off with their most known song “Miss Murder.” The crowd went berserk including myself. The crowd calm down after but still they were alive for the entire set. The band themselves sounded great especially Davey Havok. Mr. Havok who is forty one years old was all over the stage. He is a very energetic front man. Besides that it was great hearing songs like “The Day of The Phoenix” and “Girl’s Not Grey.” Unfortunately the band did not play a lot of the jams i wanted to hear. Overall I recommend everyone who is reading this to go see AFI. They put on a good show.

AFI, Nothing, and Souvenirs @ Terminal 5 February 3rd, 2017

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