Upcoming Shows February 10th to February 16th

Here is another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows in the Tri-state era.

February 10th

  1. Warsaw- Cock Sparrer, Judge, Warthog.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Judge.
  3. Gold Sounds- Clique, Hodera, Figure Eight, White Pisces.
  4. Alphaville- Wild Pink, Active Bird Community, Alex Napping Bodies.
  5. Amityville Music Hall- Young Graves, Hold Fast Hope, Mutiny Aboard, Crash The Calm, I Dreamt The Sea, Life After TV.
  6. Monty Hall- Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound/Oblivians), The Whips, Low Dores.
  7. Bar Matchless- Nuke (Japan), Tornanavox, Old Monk, Skull Practitioners, Unconditional Love.
  8. Chalk Zone- Krelboyne, Clearview, The New Harmony.
  9. Clash Bar- Cahined To The Dead, Sycarian, Prostitution, Toxicology.
  10. Bamboo Bar- Curious Garden, Sleep First, Young Culture, Trustfall, Kay Roman, Actually I’m A Ghost, The Mondays, Nothing But Net, Point Place.
  11. The Meatlocker- Whiner, Howardian, Terror Pigeon, Taking Meds, Teenage Halloween, Cottontail.

February 11th

  1. Warsaw- Cock Sparrer, Street Dogs, Career Sucide.
  2. House of Independents- Old Wounds, On Broken Wings, Hounds, Sick Shit.
  3. Villain- Antarctigo Vespucci, Sammus, Worries, Weird Skin.
  4. Don Pedro- High School Football Heroes, Jukebox Romantics, Keep Flying, Freya Wilcox & The Howl, Jimmy Doyle.
  5. Brooklyn Bazaar- Sammus, Free Cake For Every Creature, Yohuna, Emily Reo, Your Dog.
  6. The Stood- Nine of Swords, Freem Weed Hounds, Havenfield.
  7. Sunyvale- Warthog, Vanity, Protester, Urchin, Subversive Rite.
  8. Amityville Music Hall- Moon Tooth, Astronoid, Consonance, More of Myself To Kill, The Haunt.
  9. The Well- Taking Meds, Hot knife, Patch Kid.
  10. The Meatlocker- Wild Moon, Electric Sensei, Tula Vera, The Big Drops, Shred Flintstone, Paw From The Internet.
  11. Alfies Bar- Surpise Headliner, Decimate The Living, Mad Diesel, Enemy of The State, None Above All.
  12. The Bundy Annex- Gowl, INTHESHIT, Leash, Caste, Street Fight.
  13. Boontunes- Paul From The Internet, Haunter, ITSALONGSHOT, Skytop Motel, Basement Beers.

February 12th

  1. Garage- Guttersnipe, Crooked Society, Spit It Out, Burn Book.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Career Suicide, Urban Waste, Haram.

February 13th

  1. Mercury Lounge- Gangs of Youth, Surf Rock is Dead, Oh Pep!.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Mary Todd, Through The Discipline, She Wolf, Galare.

February 14th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Havok, Ex Mortus, Extinction A.D.

February 15th

  1. BAR- Lemuria, Cayetana, Mikey Erg.

February 16th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- The Bouncing Souls, Vapers.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Lemuria, Mikey Erg, Casanova.
  3. Rough Trade NYC- The Orwells.
  4. Alphaville- Tancred, Lilith, Vasudea, Yuckey Duster.
  5. The Delancey- Damn Kids, Brick + Mortar, Red Hymns.


Upcoming Shows February 10th to February 16th

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