PWR BTTM Sold Out Show @ The Knitting Factory 2/18/17

Last Saturday, I got a chance to see PWR BTTM for the third time. They were wrapping up their East coast tour with Mal Blums and The Blums and Naked Giants. This was a sold out show at the Brooklyn Venue the Knitting Factory. Originally the show was suppose to be at Shea Stadium but Shea Stadium was  shut down  for a few weeks which forced this show to be moved. They released more tickets which I brought once that was announced. I have not been at this venue since fall of 2015 where I saw a CMJ showcase that featured Superheaven, Pinegrove, The Superweaks and some other acts. This venue I think is over 300 cap which is good for PWR BTTM for selling this place out.

The opening band of the night was Naked Giants. Naked Giants are a three piece from Seattle, Washington. This was their first time playing NY even first time touring the East coast. They started to play and the crowd seemed to be into it. The band had this Grunge mixed Blues mixed Surf sound. I do not wan to say they ere like Nirvana but they had that Punk style that Nirvana had but mixed between Wavves and White Stripes. I liked the style. They truly are a West coast band.The set they play was fantastic and the songs were very catchy. Naked Giants released an EP last year titled RIP out on Miscreant Records. When these guys come back to the East coast especially New York City I am going to see them again. I thank PWR BTTM for putting these guys on the lineup because the set was great. Be out on the lookout when they come to your area, they are well worth seeing.

Mal Blums and The Blums were up next. For about a year I have been seeing there name on shows for awhile. They took the stage and started to play. They had this 90’s Alternative rock sound that was mixed with Queer Rock which was sick. This was my first time seeing band that would mixed the two genres. Just like the last band there was no reaction but I did notice some people singing along to their tunes. The band played three songs for an upcoming release and they sounded tight. For this show they well perfect for this lineup. PWR BTTM gave the crowd another cool band to check out. I would like to see this band again. Their next show will be at the Brooklyn Sunnyvale on April 12.

PWR BTTM took the stage.  As I mention before this was my third time seeing The place was going crazy for them. Before they started they stated that they want everyone not to hurt each and enjoy the safe space. I think it cool that a band wants to take a stand on moshing. I like moshing and enjoy watching people going nuts but I do respect bands that want people not to mosh. PWR BTTM reminded me about how Fugazi and Smashing Pumpkins were about anti-moshing back in the nineties. They also said that most of the set was going to be new songs. The new album Pageant in on Polyvinyl Records which the duo was signed last Fall. The first song was a new song that featured the singer Ben Hopkins doing guest vocals. The band also features two other members for their live shows now. One is a bass play and the other plays the keyboards and a french horn. The new song was great and some people were going off. Like I said most of the set was new songs but they did play songs off of their debut LP Ugly Cherries. Overall PWR BTTM played a great set. They announced a new show at Webster Hall in June. The show is on June 21st which means you should buy your tickets for it. Seriously PWR BTTM is the future and they might become the biggest Queer-Punk band every honestly. Every song they make is so good and so catchy. They are a fun band overall and if you like bands that play catchy Garage/Punk rock this band is for you. One of the best bands coming out of New York right now.

PWR BTTM Sold Out Show @ The Knitting Factory 2/18/17

Upcoming Shows February 24th-March 2nd

Here is another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

February 24th

  1. The Warehouse- Mindforce, Hangman, Jab, Hellkeeper, Rochdale.
  2. Fitizies Irish Pub- World of Pain, Laid 2 Rest, Absolute Suffering, Mal Intent, Dissent, Separated, Misgiver, Delinquence.
  3. Sunnyvale- JEFF The Brotherhood, Tweens.
  4. Cianfano’s Bar- Vatican, John Coza, Heavens Die, Tourniquet.
  5. Playstation Theater- We The Kings, Cute is What We Aim For, Plaid Brixx, Astro Lasso.

February 25th

  1. The Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Ignite, Red Hymns, Hangman, I Disappear.
  2. AMH- Adult Magic, Table Talk, Petal Head, Beach Craft Bonanza.
  3. The Knitting Factory- Big D and The Kids Table, Stray Bullets, Crazy and The Brains.
  4. Gold Sounds- The Superweaks, No Thank You, Small Talk, The Vansaders, Old Monk, Grundie Thunder,
  5. The Meatlocker- Nghtcrwlrs, Luch Ladies, Roswell Debacle, The Subcultures, Garage Sale.
  6. The Rabbit Hole- Out of System Transfer, Trollz, McGaragle, Meltman, Talpike Disti.
  7. Saint Vitus Bar- The Body, Muslin, Lingua Ignota.

February 26th

  1. The Garage- Heavens Die, Vatican, Tourniquet, Third Rail, Blame God.
  2. Championship Bar- World of Pain, Laid 2 Rest, Abouslte Suffering, Brick By Brick, Deparated, Dissent, Separated, Drawn Out.

February 27th

  1. My Place Pizza- Vatican, Sanction, Heavens Die, Tourniquet, Slavestate.
  2. Rough Trade NYC- Gang of Youths, Dinouralrus, Julietta.

February 28th

  1. The Studio at Webster Hall- Head North, Heart Attack Man, A Boy Named John, Rich People.
  2. Rough Trade NYC- Robyn Hitchcocl, Yo La Tengo.

March 1st

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- You Blew It!, All Get out, Free Throw.
  2. AMH- Head North, Heart Attack Man, Fiugre Eight, For What It’s Worth, Crash The Calm.
  3. Wamleg- Cast In Blood, Vatican, Heavens Die, Pry, Atonement.
  4. The Studio at Webster Hall- Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, Empty Houses, Dryjacket.

March 2nd

  1. Shakers Pub- Heavens Die, Vatican, Whittled Down, They All Flat, Silenus, Suffering.
  2. Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Power Trip, Iron Reagan, Concealed Blade, Krimewatch.
  3. Gamechanger World- Head North, Heart Attack Man, Save Fave, Serious Matters, Ben Greenblatt.


Upcoming Shows February 24th-March 2nd

Lemuria Sold Out Show in Brooklyn.

Last Friday, I got I finally got a chance to see Lemuria. Lemuria played a sold out show with Cayetana and Mikey Erg. The show was located at the Brooklyn Bazaar. This was my third time being as the new Bazaar. The last one closed back in 2015 and they try to make a new one in Queens but that did not last. The band were on tour for celebrating the anniversary of their debut album Get Better on Asian Man Records. This was my first time seeing the entire lineup so I was excited for this show.

The opening act of the night was Mikey Erg. Mikey Erg is a solo Punk Rocker. He was in the Punk band The Ergs who just recently reunited last fall at the annual Punk festival The Fest. He started to play. On stage was just him and his guitar. This was not an acoustic act but an electric act. I found this pretty cool to see this guy playing Punk songs by himself with no backing bands and playing the songs electric. I thought this was pretty sick. There was a big crowd there for him. I notice some people singing along to his tunes especially when he played some Ergs songs. At one point Jeff Rosenstock and member of Cayetana got on stage and started to sing a song with Mikey. The set was good overall. Last year Mikey Erg debut his first solo album titled Tentative Decisions on Don Giovanni Records. Be sure to check this out. Since the release of the album I have been seeing his name all of the place playing shows all around the tr-state. I was glad that i got an opportunity to finally see him play.

Up next was Cayetana. Cayetana are a Indie/Punk band from Philadelphia, PA. Just like all of the other bands on the lineup I had multiple opportunities to see this band perform. Cayetana got on the stage and started to play. They had almost the entire crowd there for them. The music was good. They were a three piece and they played so tight. The crowd was singing along to them. There was not a reaction from the crowd for them which I kind of expected. Cayetana were so good. I could not believe it took me two years to finally see this band. They rocked their set and I was impressed by this. They were a perfect band for this tour and they proved last Friday. Overall you should check this band if you have not. They will be releasing a new LP later this year which you should check out when it comes out.

Lemuria took the stage. Everyone was there waiting for them to play. The room was hot and people were starting to sweat. For awhile I have been wanting to see this Buffalo Punk/Indie band. They started to play Get Better in full. The crowd was loud for this set. The band themselves sounded great. Every song they play off that album sounded great. I was just a little surprised how  calm the crowd was. I expected some people to stage dive and bump into each other. It was not until they did a cover of The Ramones song, “Rockaway Beach.” This got a pit going and people went nuts. After that song they started to play other songs that got better reactions. Overall Lemuria played a fantastic set. I was so glad I was finally able to see them play. They are a great band to see live. I would love to see this band again.

Lemuria Sold Out Show in Brooklyn.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Night 1 2/15/17

Last Wednesday, I finally got a chance to see Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since 2006 I have been wanting to see this band. They were playing three nights at Madison Square Garden. I attended the first night which was the 15th. The other two nights were the 17th & 18th. All three nights were sold out and the garden was rocking that night. I was excited for this show because how long I have been a fan of this band.

The night started off with Flea coming on the stage to introduce the original drummer of The Chili Peppers Jack Irons. Jack Irons took the stage and started to play. He was behind a drum set and started to play. He was just playing rhythms on the drums with a background of electro music and samples. It was a little weird because no one was there and the set did not make sense what so ever. I was a little surprise by this. I just thought having the original drummer just playing drums was odd. The set was random and okay.

The next act wad Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave was up next. These guys were a Funky brunch. These guys were somewhat of a good openers for The Chili Peppers. They were a Rock band they had more of a Soul/Funk/Jazz sound. Plus these guys can play. They some sharp tunes what a mix of a horn selection and other instruments. The set was quite interesting. The crowd seemed to be interested. Overall the band played a good set.

Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage. This was my first time I ever seen them. They have been around for thirty five years and they were ready to rock. They stated off with a sick jam session between the members. The first song they started off with was “Can’t Stop.” The song sounded great live and the garden was going off in their seats. I was surprised that they had seats  up for RHCP. People do not usually tend to mosh to the band but i figured a GA area would down there. Back to the Peppers, at the start of each song they would go into a little jam before each song which was really cool. Each jam was over a minute long and boom right into the next song. The band played fifteen songs which I was thought they could play more. They played some more new songs but hearing “Suck My Kiss was sick. They also played my favorite tune “Under The Bridge.” The Peppers did not play their famous cover “Higher Ground” but they did a cover of The Stooges “Search & Destroy.” I was mind blown when they played that song. I was rocking out to it but I was surprised no one else knew it because this a Punk Rock anthem. Besides that RHCP played a solid set. After years of listening to this band I am glad I finally saw this band. I feel that this is a great band to see live and people should see them live. It amazed me when Flea said that this band has been around for thirty five years because they showed me that night they can play. If you get a chance to see them play do it because this show was worth the wait.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Night 1 2/15/17

Cock Sparrer, Judge, Warthog @ Warsaw 2/10/17

On February 10th, I got a chance to see Cock Sparrer again. Cock Sparrer were playing two nights at the Brooklyn Venue Warsaw. They sold out two nights at the venue. The first night which is the night I went to, had Judge and Warthog. The second night had Street Dogs and Career Suicide. I personally wanted to see Judge so that why I went to the first night. The venue for the show is interesting. The venue is a big Polish VFW Hall. It is sick that they allow shows at this venue. My only problem was that there was a barricade which I am never a fan of especially for a Punk show. The one and only time I was at this venue was when I saw Cock Sparrer, The Unseen and The Nightbirds back in 2015.

The opening band of the night was Warthog. For about a year know I have been hearing about this band. I have seen their name on flyers and they play a lot of New York City shows. Warthog are from Brooklyn, New York and I have been told they have been crushing the scene. The band started to play and they were straight forward Hardcore Punk. They reminded me of Negative Approach and other 1980’s American Hardcore bands. Throughout the set they had a little bit of a reaction from the crowd. They did a Motorhead cover which got people going off for them. The last song was the best. It started off with a heavy two step part that would make a lot of people go said to said. If more people knew their material this song would haven gotten a huge reaction. Overall Warthog were a solid opener. I would to see them play with Freedom or Criminal Instinct.

The next band up was Judge. For awhile I have been wanting to see this band. Judge are a Straight Edge Band from NYHC. Judge are from the late 1980’s  NYHC scene and are a huge influential band in Hardcore especially in the straight edge community. Before they started to play I was curious how this set will go. There was barricade up and this crowd was a mix. A straight edge opening up for a band that loves to drink. Back twenty to thirty years ago this show would have been a riot. Obviously there was more people here for Cock Sparrer but there was good portion of people here for Judge. They started to play and they got a big reaction. Judge played for a little more than a half hour. Judge got the crowd going and they sounded great. There were some people crowd surfing but I figured if this was a no barricade show the reaction would be better. Judge played everything I wanted to hear. Overall Judge played a great set. If you are reading third and you never seen Judge you are missing out. They are one of the most important straight edge bands of all time. I would love to see this band again.

Cock Sparrer took the stage. As I mention before this was my second time seeing this legendary British Oi band. I saw these guys pay two year ago at the same venue. In 2015, the band played two sold out shows at the Warsaw. I attend the second night two years go. Back in 2017, the band started to play and the crowd went off. People were crowd surfing and moshing to the band. Cock Sparrer set was mostly from their 1980’s discography. Every song the crowd was singing along. This band is fun to see live. I recommend seeing Cock Sparrer. The band has been around since 1972 and they do not seem like they will be stopping. These guys are in their early to mid sixties and they were very energetic on stage. Even the singer sounded amazing and this was great. I was so impressed about how well they played for the second time around. Overall if you like Oi this band is for you. Cock Sparrer are a classic band and worth seeing live. I actually would to see this band play a show with Dropkick Murphys. That would be an insane show.

Cock Sparrer, Judge, Warthog @ Warsaw 2/10/17

Upcoming Shows February 17th-February 23rd

Here is a list of upcoming shows I would like you to come check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

February 17th

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- Lemuria, Cayetana, Mikey Erg.
  2. Playstation Theater- Less Than Jake, Pepper, The Bunny Gang, The Attack.
  3. The Chance- Mayhem, Inquisition, Black Anvil.
  4. The Loft- Trenchfoot, Drowning Room, Strappado, Frayed Ends, Maniac, Atonement, Silenus.
  5. Monty Hall- Screaming Females, Spowder.
  6. Blackthorn 51- Stigma, We All Die, Abandon Vessels, The Carbomb Parade, The Muckrackers, Truth in Needles, Narc, TBA.

February 18th

  1. The Knitting Factory- PWR BTTM, Mal Blum & The Blums, Naked Giants.
  2. The Paramount- Less Than Jake, Pepper, The Attack, The Bunny Gang.
  3. Shakers Pub- Dryjacket, Perspective A Lovely Hand To Hold, Casanova, Parallel, Puppy Brother.
  4. Goldsounds- Sheer Terror, Stars & Stripes, No Time, 45 Adapters.
  5. Monty Hall- Screaming Females, Wild Race.
  6. Saint Vitus Bar- Buzzoven, Unearthly Trance, It’s Not Night! It’s Space.
  7. Trans Pecos- Neaux, QTY, Black Beach, Other Houses.
  8. The Chance- Carousel Kings, Bad Case of Big Mouth, Benchmark, Most Girls, Boarded Windows.

February 19th

  1. Sunnyvale- Xibalba, Separated, Super Natural Psycho, Buried Dreams, I Disappear.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- Mayhem, Inquisition, Black Anvil.
  3. The Crunch House- Dryjacket, The Most, Perspective A Lovely To Hold, Pendeso.
  4. Irving Plaza- Alcest, The Body, Creepers.
  5. The Emporium- Devildriver, Death Angel, Winds of Plague, The Agonist, Azreal Despyre.
  6. Starland Ballroom- (Hed) P.E., Motorgrater, Among Us, Seas of Wake, Know Your Enemy, Ender, Raftree.
  7. The Space- Bad Case of Big Mouth, The Fairview, Bonasi Trees, Tonsi Hockey, Just A Pipe Dream

February 20th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Mayhem.
  2. Mercury Lounge- Gangs of Youths, Silverbird, Best Behavior, Monograms.
  3. Revolution Music Hall- (Hed) P.E., Motograter, Prey Upon.

February 21st

  1. Gramercy Theatre- Max & Igor Cavalera, Immolation, Full of Hell.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Darkest Hour, Ringworm, Rotten Sound, Rivers of Nilhil, Withered, Immortal Bind.
  3. Shea Stadium- Told Slant, Gobbinigr, Puppy Problems, Common Holly.

February 22nd

  1. Sunnyvale- Homeshake, Gobbinjr, Triathlon.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- None Above All, Nerve Gas Attack, Wastelands, Narcos.

February 23rd

  1. Terminal 5- Japandroids, Craig Finn & The Uptown Controllers.
  2. The Silent Barn- Homeshake, Brandon Can’t Dance, Beastie Vee.
Upcoming Shows February 17th-February 23rd

AFI, Nothing, and Souvenirs @ Terminal 5 February 3rd, 2017

Last Friday, I got a chance to see AFI perform a sold out show in New York City. The show was located at Terminal 5 which holds over 3,000 fans. I was just at this venue a week prior when I finally saw American Football. The tour lineup was stacked. AFI are currently touring with Nothing and Souvenirs. I was quite excited for this show because I am huge fan of Nothing and I was hoping to see some 90’s songs from AFI.

The opening band of the night was Souvenirs. Souvenirs are from California and this was my third time seeing this band. It is somewhat weird that I have seen them every other year. The band comes to NY on the odd number years for some reason. The first time was in 2003 followed by 2015. Both shows they were opening up for The Story So Far. The band took the stage and started to play. The crowd seemed to be into them and there were a lot of people there to see them. Out of all of the people that were there I think it is safe to say that only 5% of the crowd knew who they were. I think they gain some fans out of this set. The band just recently released a new record a few weeks prior titled Posture of Apology on Other People Records. Overall they had a good set. If you like 90’s Emo this band is for you. They were solid opener and AFI did well for choosing them to play on this tour.

Nothing was up. They were the main reason why I was at this show. The band has been blowing up for the past two years especially with their new album Tired of Tomorrow which came out last May. This was my sixth seeing this band. Nothing are a Shoegaze/Alternative Rock band that take a lot influences from the 90’s. They started off their set with first track off of their new album, “Fever Queen”. The band set consisted with both albums Tired of Tomorrow and Guilty of Everything as well as the two songs they did on a split with Whirr. This set was great because they had so much time to play because Souvenirs ended a lot early than the set times the venue posted. The crowd though was getting antsy and chanted AFI. Honestly Nothing is so much better but the band seemed they were having a lot of fun on stage. Just like Souvenirs, most of the audience did not know who they were. I am pretty sure I was the only one rocking out to them where I was. Overall if you like bands like Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine this band is for you.

AFI was up next. The last time I saw this band was when they opened up for Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars at Jones Beach Theater. Seeing them there was cool but Terminal 5 was a lot better. Going from a 14,000 amphitheater to a 3,000 cap ballroom sounds a lot better plus the band only had an half hour set at that show. AFI are currently on tour for support of their new album AFI (The Blood Album) on Concord Records. They started their set off with their most known song “Miss Murder.” The crowd went berserk including myself. The crowd calm down after but still they were alive for the entire set. The band themselves sounded great especially Davey Havok. Mr. Havok who is forty one years old was all over the stage. He is a very energetic front man. Besides that it was great hearing songs like “The Day of The Phoenix” and “Girl’s Not Grey.” Unfortunately the band did not play a lot of the jams i wanted to hear. Overall I recommend everyone who is reading this to go see AFI. They put on a good show.

AFI, Nothing, and Souvenirs @ Terminal 5 February 3rd, 2017