Upcoming Shows 1/27/16-2/2/16

Here is another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

January 27th

  1. The Silent Barn- ACxDc, Cloud Rat, Backslider, Die Choking, Escuela, Goolagoon, Grindmother, Chepung, Death Vacation, Sick Shit.
  2. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Nervous Dater, Hard Pass.
  3. The Spleen- Macseal, Rich People, Young Culture, Catlike, Parallel.
  4. O’Brien’s- Foresterr, Heal, Sad Magic, Consonance, Crash The Calm.
  5. Town Hall- Mogwai.
  6. Webster Hall- Adam Ant & Glam Skunks.
  7. Trickshot Billiards Sports Pub- Incontince, Methedras, Goblet, The Imperialist, Head of Hydrus.
  8. Brighton Bar- The Black Clouds, After The Burn, Gravity Well, Suspect, Paul Mauled.
  9. Fitzies Irish Pub- Manbeast, Yesod, NEG, Narcos, Street Feet, Talk Hard.
  10. The Millhill Basement- Bryan Mcpherson, The Cryptkeeper Five, T Gunn and The Semantics, DIM, Logan Carpenter.
  11. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church- Holyveins, Hillside, Brook Pridemore, Teenage Halloween, Baby Hands.
  12. Don Pedro- Silence Equals Death, The Wurst, The Third Kind, Total Waste, Demencia Alkoholika.
  13. Boontunes- Entia, Furnace Head, Scavangers, Manalive, Fluoride.

January 28th

  1. Terminal 5- American Football, Joan of Arc, Mothers.
  2. SUNY Oneonta Hunt Union Waterfront- Tigers Jaw, Macseal, Arrowhead, Tiny Blue Ghost, Nobody’s Babe, Catlike.
  3. My Place Pizza- Violence To Fade, Rochdale, Limit, Mase, Ends Meet, High Card.
  4. Brooklyn Night Bazaar- Priests, Snail Mail, Juciey 2.
  5. Amityville Music Hall- Out Live Death, Jones Crusher, The Last Stand, The Great Lie, Broken Bay Coalition.
  6. The Silent Barn- Sadist, Murderer, Exit Order, Nandas, Subversive Rite.
  7. Starland Ballroom- Circa Surivie, mewithoutyou, Turnover, Aernosiff.
  8. The Brighton Bar- East of The Wall, Circurity, Psalm Zero, VSSL, No More Pain
  9. Blackburn Hall- Blind Lion, Future Reflection, Feeny, Lunch Ladies, LKFFCT, Milkmen.
  10. Lucky 13 Saloon- Sunrot, Pink Mass, Toxicology, Mad Diesel, Goat’s Grave.
  11. Hot Shots Bar and Grill- Splitwig, Belligerent, Duress, Sunbreaker, Shattered Skin.

January 29th

  1. Brick EMS- Turnover, Krust, Westpoint, Seaside Caves.
  2. Fuzebox- Widsom in Chains, Sentries, 1 Through 10, Widowed.
  3. Mercury Lounge- Joan of Arc, Magas.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Revocation, Coagula, Luminous Vault.
  5. Lucky 13 Saloon- Dutchguts, Toke, Goa, Aneurysm, Thera Roya.

January 30th

  1. Rough Trade NYC- Field Trip, The Yin Yangs, Total Slacker, Hypolenxo.
  2. Silent Barn- Boosegrumps. Gobbinjr, Tall Friend, Slow Ref.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Locus Mortis, Prostitution, Night rite, Mutual Assured Destruction, Dismal.

January 31st 

  1. Union Pool- Sheer Mag, Vanity, Honey, Nastie Band.

February 1st

  1. Brooklyn Night Bazaar- Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Pear, Nervous Dater, Hard Pass.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Detriment, Strength What Remains, High Card, Forced Out, Draw The Line, Discouraged.
  3. Webster Hall- Cloud Nothings, LVL Up.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Moontooth, Astronoid.
  5. The Silent Barn- Mahoguny, Infinity Girl, Grist, Decoram.

February 2nd 

  1. Looney Tunes- The Menzingers.
  2. The Brighton Bar- The Plimsouls, Sink Tapes, Goat Rope, Swamp City Rockers.
Upcoming Shows 1/27/16-2/2/16

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