City of Caterpillar NYC Reunion Show Night 1

Last Monday, I saw the City of Caterpillar reunion show in Brooklyn. The band was on a reunion tour. City of Caterpillar are a legendary Screamo/Post-Rock band from Richmond, Virginia. For their New York City date, they played two dates. Both shows were at the Brooklyn venue, Saint Vitus Bar. I went to the first night which featured Big Hush and Ghastly City Sleep opening. The following night was with Virginia Creep, Suppression, and Skull Kits.

The opening band of the night was Ghastly City Sleep. The band is from Brooklyn, New York. The band features one of the singers of City of Caterpillar as their own vocalist. On stage the band had a lot of equipment. There were a lot of pedals and synthesizers. With all of instruments and equipment on stage I figured the band would be a Shoegaze or a Post Rock band. The band started to play. The lead singer was playing the synth and was recording his vocals. The recording vocals made the band sound more experimental. After a few songs, I was somewhat into it. The music was not my thing but I respect it. The singer’s vocals were like Muse’s singer Matt Bellmay. In a way, the band reminded me of Radiohead and Muse. I got a weird experimental but poppy vibe. Overall if you like Post Rock this band is for you.

The next band up was Big Hush, Big Hush are from Washington D.C. The band took the stage and started to play. They sounded like a mix between Shoegaze and Surf Music. What I mean is that it is Best Coast meets My Bloody Valentine. I found the sound cool plus all four members during the set would sing a song which was unique. Every member had a lead for one of the songs they play. Overall Big Hush was good and I was surprised that this band played this show. With a name like Big Hush I was expected a Punk or Powerviolence band. Like I said before if you like bands like Best Coast and My Bloody Valentine you would love this band.

City of Caterpillar rook the stage. As I mention before they are a legendary Screamo band from the early 2000’s. They are from Richmond, Virginia. City of Caterpillar were only around from 2000-2003. For this set, I was upfront. I was not expected a huge reaction from the audience expect people singing along to the lyrics. I did not think people were going to mosh or stage dive. The band started to play and the audience seemed chill. People were singing along to their material. Later, in the set people started to mosh but just for a little bit. City of Caterpillar put on a great set. These guys sure know how to play. I love the songs with the screaming vocals. Some say this band would lean to influenced bands like Oathbreaker and Deafheaven. Overall City of Caterpillar was so sick. I am glad I got an opportunity to see this band. Since City of Caterpillar came back I hope to see a Pg. 99 reunion. If you like Screamo I recommend seeing City of Caterpillar, they are worth checking out.


City of Caterpillar NYC Reunion Show Night 1

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