Upcoming Shows January 20th-January 26th

Here is a list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

January 20th

  1. Shakers Pub- Hangman, Impact, Warehouse, Queensway, Forced Out, Silenus.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Makeshift, Giants At Large, Nice Shot Kid, Christian Evanko & Company, Shorebreak, Alumi.
  3. Starland Ballroom- Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, Ballyhoo!, Direct Hit!
  4. Shea Stadium- Ovlov, Sinai Vessel, Bilge Rat, Fon Han.
  5. Wamleg- The Most, Sports, Grag Mask, Ourselves, Alone.
  6. Sunnyvale- Creepoid, Russian Baths, IYEZ, Birds.
  7. Bowery Ballroom- Tokyo Police Club, Charly Bliss.
  8. Irving Plaza- Dashboard Confessional, Vinyl Theatre.
  9. The Gateway- Dad, Garbage Brain, The Royal They, Sic Tic, Heavy Traffic, Sun Abuduction, Personal Space, Toyzanne.
  10. The Meatlocker- Patrick Yeo (IT), Friendly Dog, Harpoon Thrower, No Such Agency, Shred Flintsone, Sunflower.
  11. Goldsounds-No Nets, The Thirds, Swinging Riot, Almost Aimless, Girl Scout.

January 21st

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Candiria, Netherlands, Tiger Flowers, Time King, Sanction, The Lygine Condingency.
  2. Irving Plaza- Dashboard Confessional, Vinyl Theatre.
  3. MAC 650 Gallery & Artisit Co-Op- Sinai Vessel, Queen Moo, Fight Song, Grass Stains, Mineva, Jared Knapik.
  4. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Tokyo Police Club, Charley Bliss.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Caveman Cult, Genocide Pact, Lucid Terror.
  6. QXT- Blanks 77, Internationsl Override, DSU.
  7. Pista Bandas Unidas Oficica- The Onemes, Los Perros, Raise The Kicks, The Omega men, Eskrofula.
  8. Sine Gallery- My Heart & The Real World, Darj Wing, Sadlips, Snowyard.
  9. Silent Barn- Casa, Vanitas, Tombstom, Vomit Fist.

January 22nd

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- Nightfear, Trenchfoot, I Disappear, Skuz, Flesh Prison, Locus Mortis.
  2. Saint Vitus- Cold Cave.
  3. Trans-Pecos- Emily Reo, Frame, Soft Ethic, Tocca.
  4. Lucky 13 Saloon- The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravagenza, GFY, Ten Ton Hammer, Decmiate The Living, Hate Diplomacy, Dissent, Threat 2 Society, Stinger.

January 23rd

January 24th

  1. Baby’s All Right- Pill, The Dreebs, Weeping Icon.

January 25th

  1. Alphaville- A Deer A Horse, Jouska, Baglady, Hoypoluxo.

January 26th

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Forever Losing Sleep, For Everest, Take One Car.
  2. The Meatlocker-Jouska, The Great Depression, Fire is Motion, Kissing is a Crime.
  3. Bar Matchless- Ultraviolence, Mugs, Hot Blood, The Minutes.


Upcoming Shows January 20th-January 26th

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