Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint @ First Unitarian Church 1/6/17

Last Friday, I took a drive down to Philadelphia. I went to see the Philly date of Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint tour. The show was at the First Unitarian Church. I saw the tour package the night before in New York City. That show was good but there was a barricade which tamed the crowd. Going to this venue in Philly I knew this show would be insane. The venue is in a basement of a church. For a long time, I always wanted to attend a show at this venue. This was the perfect show and this was also a sold-out show. Title Fight were doing a small run on the East coast and they played Philly twice. One was the day before New York and then the following day after New York. Both shows were sold out.

Westpoint took the stage. Westpoint are a Grunge Inspired Punk band from Kingston, PA which is also where Title Fight are from. This was my fourth time seeing them play. The band released their debut Self-Titled album last November on Triple B Records. A good portion of their set was from that album while other songs were off their 2015 EP titled Dive. The band had a good crowd for them. I notice they were a lot more people singing along to them then the night before. I figured that would happen because this show was closer to their area. Also, there was no one moshing for them compare to the night before where there was people just randomly moshing. Also, Westpoint was not awkward. The set was so much better than the night before. Since there was no barricade the band was closer to the crowd. Overall Westpoint was great check out their Self-Titled album. If you like bands like Nirvana, Title Fight, Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements this band is for you.

Give was up next. Give are from Washington D.C. and they are a Punk band. They take influences from the 1980’s/1990’s Washington D.C. Punk scene or bands who were part of the Dischord Records roster. If you like bands like Fugazi, Nation of Ulysses, and Embrace then this band is for you. For me Dischord is one of my favorite labels of all time and I enjoy a lot the D.C. bands from those two decades. Give takes influences from that era and they put it in their own way. Listening to this band you think just a bunch a short hair Punk rockers. That is not the case they all have long hair and some of them have beards. Overall I love the whole flower power vibe behind the band. Once they started to play a lot people moved up. On this tour, they were selling their new 12inch that is out on Lockin’ Out titled Electric Flower Cult. They played a few songs off that new record. Give played a great set and they got a god reaction from the crowd. People were stage diving and moshing. When they played “Fuck Me Blind” they had a member of the audience get on stage and sang the bridge of that song. Once again Give played great set, if you have never check this band you must do that. They are my favorite band from D.C. and I am lucky enough to have seen them four times now.

Title Fight was up. I was up front for this set. I was position in front of Jamie. (Singer/Guitarist of Title Fight) I figured it was going to get crazy. I was not ready for it. Usually I am more in the back but I wanted to be up front. Ned Russin started to talk and then they went into “Symmetry.” This song is the first song I ever heard from them and the crowd went wild. What was crazy about this is that the night before they played nothing off the compilation album The Last Thing You Forget. This set was crazy. There was no barricade and it was Title Fight in a church basement. Title Fight should never be behind a barricade. This is the way Title Fight should always play. The rest of the set a mix of songs from all three of their albums. The entire set the audience was alive. Every song people singing along to and stage diving to. I love seeing shows like this. Everyone was having a good time. This was my fifth time seeing this band and I absolutely enjoyed last Friday night. Philly has a great scene going on. The city has plenty of good people and great venues. By now if you have not seen Title Fight you really messed up. In my opinion they are one of the greatest live bands right now. I never had a bad time seeing them. Also, see a show at this venue I would love to come back for another show like this.

Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint @ First Unitarian Church 1/6/17

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