First Show of the Year with Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint 1/05/17

Last Thursday, Title Fight played in Queens, New York. The band was on a small run of the Northeast. Their small tour featured Give and Westpoint. The show took place at a new venue called the Knockdown Center. The venue was right by the border of Queens and Brooklyn. The venue was big and this was a sold out shows. I am sure that the cap was over 600 maybe even 700. Unfortunately, there was a barricade for this show which I thought was going to make the show weird. I am never a fan of a barricade at a Punk show.

The opening band of the night was Westpoint. This was my third time seeing this Grunge influenced Punk band. They are from Kingston, PA which is where Title Fight are from. The last time I saw them play was when they opened for Title Fight in 2015 in Nanticoke, PA for their Thanksgiving Eve show. The band took the stage and started to play. Right off the band it was awkward and it was all because of the barricade. They band looked nervous and uncomfortable. Westpoint set consisted of their debut Self-Titled LP which came out last November on Triple B Records. They had a little bit of a reaction from the crowd which I was surprised about. People were moshing for them. Besides that, Westpoint played a good set. I was looking more forward to following day which is the same show but in Philly.

Give took the stage. I have not seen this Washington D.C. band since 2015 when they played Trapped Under Ice’s comeback show at Back to School Jam. They started to play and they got a little bit of a reaction from the crowd first song. People were going a little too hard in the pit. For me Give is not a band that you can windmill. There are no breakdowns. To me Give are more of a Punk band. They take influences from the 1980’s and 1990’s Washington DC scene especially the bands that were on Dischord Records. Just like Westpoint set seeing Give behind a barricade was very awkward and I did not like it one bit. Give played great though and really enjoyed the set. They played a mix between news and songs off their last EP and first album. During the tour, they were selling their new 12inch Electric Flower Cult that was released on Lockin’ Out Records. They played some songs off that. Overall Give was a good and they are worth checking out. If you like bands like Swiz, Fugazi, or Embrace this band is for you.

Title Fight took the stage. I knew right off the bat this would get crazy. I saw the set list before the show and they were going to start off with “Coxtard Yard.” They started to play and the crowd went off. I was close to barricade so I was right in the middle of the action. It was weird seeing this band behind a barricade because people go crazy for this band. People were crowd surfing and moshing. This set was so much better than the set I saw them last. The last time I saw Title Fight was at Back to School 2016 where it was too hot to be in the room. I could not enjoy that set. The set they played in Queens was mixed between their third albums. They also played the song “Receiving Line” which is on their last EP Spring Songs. I was curious upon why they did not play songs off the compilation album The Last Thing You Forget. Usually they get a crazy reaction when they play songs off that album. Overall this was my fifth time seeing them and they were sick. They played a sixteen-songs and the set went by way too fast. I love this band and I was excited that I will be seeing them the following day in Philly.

First Show of the Year with Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint 1/05/17

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