Final Show of 2016 with Dangers, Taking Meds, Aspine and Blame God.

On New Years Eve, I attended my final show of 2016. Dangers were a doing a small East Coast tour and this was a matinee show. This was also their last show of the East Coast run. The show took place at the Brooklyn venue Gold Sounds. This was my first at this is venue. There have been multiple times where I wanted to see some shows here but did not make it. I am glad I finally check this place out and the lineup was good. The show was a mixed genre show starting off with Blame God.

Blame God got on the stage and started to play. This was my third time seeing this local Long Island grindcore band. This was finally my first time seeing them play as a five piece. I have seen them as a three piece and a four piece. With having two guitarists in the band, the sound was more aggressive and more feedback. They were noisy on stage which was perfect. At some points of their sets they got a small reaction from the crowd. I would say the last three song of their set are insane. They have crushing grind riffs followed by the short but brutal mosh parts. This set was sick and I cannot wait to see them again. They are playing two big shows in the next two months. If you live by Oneonta they are opening for Knocked Loose, Harms Way and Eternal Sleep on February 5th. If you live near New York City they are opening for Nails on March 22nd at the Music of Williamsburg. If you like grind bands like Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer, then Blame God is up your alley.

Aspine was up next. This is a local screamo act from Long Island. This was my first time seeing them. The day prior to this show they released a demo. I checked it out and I thought it cool. The band was a four piece with two singers. They started to play and they showed that they were a scream band. They sounded great. One thing I love about screamo bands is when the singers will scream away from the mic. This band did it perfectly. I enjoyed what I watching. They had more of an old school screamo vibe not like a lot of bands that are trying to be like Touche Amore. Nothing bad against Touche Amore but there are a lot of bands that are trying to take their style. It was awesome that they got booked to play this show because they somewhat fit with this lineup. Overall if you like Pg. 99 and other 90’s scream bands then this band is for you.

Taking Meds was up next. I heard a lot of about this band recently. The band is split between Upstate NY and Brooklyn. They also feature members from the Punk Band Such Gold. Such Gold I have seen a few times and they always play great sets. I have not seen them since 2014. Taking Meds just recently released an album titled My Life As A Bro on Broken World Media. Once they started to play it seemed okay. The music reminded me of Punk bands from the 2000’s but they were some Math parts involved. They were playing a little technical. As the set progress, I started to like them more. The band played a good set. I could see this band play shows with bands like Iron Chic, Jeff Rosenstock, and even The Menzingers.

Up next was Dangers. I knew about this for a while but never gave them a chance. I did not know they were from California and big underground band. They recently a new album that I checked out prior to the show which was sick. The album is titled The Bend In The Bark on Topshelf Records. They started to play and they had a lot of people moved up. They remind me of a mix of Every Time I Die, Ceremony (Violence Violence era), and Glassjaw. I love the mix of metal and punk. The quick songs but the vocals were sick. It took away to mosh for this band but they were people up front singing along to the material. I love how crazy this band is. I wish I knew who they were a long time ago. I was really surprised how they were not popular. I enjoyed the music and the band was great. If you never seen this band or heard of this band you should checked them out. They said they have been a band for over fourteen years and they killed it on stage.

Final Show of 2016 with Dangers, Taking Meds, Aspine and Blame God.

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