FYA 2017

This weekend is the fourth annual Florida Hardcore fest FYA. This two day festival will be taking place at The Orpheum in Tampa Bay. This festival features the best of the upcoming  and well known Hardcore bands. There is a preshow and some after shows. Be sure to check those out. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Preshow Friday January 6th 

S.P.O.T.: Spine, Maldito Substance, Put It Aside, Guilty Conscience.

Day One January 7th

The Orpheum– Blistered, Merauder, Indecision, King Nine, Gag, Billy Club Sandwich, Jesus Piece, Spine, Jukai, Gatecreeper, Bind, Dead and Dreaming, Sect, Year of The Knife, Survival Method, Abuse of Power, Slow Fire Pistol, Faze, Uzi Kids.


S.P.O.T.: Racetraitor, Jukai, Ecostrike, Lower Species, The New Harmony.

Day Two January 8th

The Orpheum– Trapped Under Ice, Strife, Criminal Instinct, Take Offense, The Wrongside, Advent, Lifeless, Three Knee Deep, Trail of Lies, Eternal Sleep, Malice At The Palace, Odd Man Out, Drawing Last Breath, Subliminal Control, Klout, Put it Aside, Flamethrower.


S.P.O.T.: Three Knee Deep, Society Sucker, Vein, Absolute Suffering, Separated.

FYA 2017

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