December Releases

2016 is over and 2017 is here. 2016 was a great year of releases. The last month of year left the year on a high note. Here is a list of releases of the previous month. There are some albums, EPs, Demos, Splits, and promos. Check out my top 3 and then the other releases I found cool this year.

My Top 3

Old Gray- Slow Burn

Jukai/Recycled Earth- Split 7″ 

Vein- Split

Other Releases 

Bind- True Colors 

down in it.- Besides The Dying Fire

Ecostrike- Time Is Now 

Enemies- Valuables 

I Was Afraid- Lonely Frontier 

La Dispute- Tiny Dots 

RVIVR- The Tide b/w Shaggy

Steady Hands- Rude Boys of Bar Rock 

The New & Very Welcome- House Fires

Tourniquet- Separation 

Vamachara- MMXVI

XelegyX- Demo 



December Releases

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