Upcoming Shows 1/27/16-2/2/16

Here is another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

January 27th

  1. The Silent Barn- ACxDc, Cloud Rat, Backslider, Die Choking, Escuela, Goolagoon, Grindmother, Chepung, Death Vacation, Sick Shit.
  2. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Nervous Dater, Hard Pass.
  3. The Spleen- Macseal, Rich People, Young Culture, Catlike, Parallel.
  4. O’Brien’s- Foresterr, Heal, Sad Magic, Consonance, Crash The Calm.
  5. Town Hall- Mogwai.
  6. Webster Hall- Adam Ant & Glam Skunks.
  7. Trickshot Billiards Sports Pub- Incontince, Methedras, Goblet, The Imperialist, Head of Hydrus.
  8. Brighton Bar- The Black Clouds, After The Burn, Gravity Well, Suspect, Paul Mauled.
  9. Fitzies Irish Pub- Manbeast, Yesod, NEG, Narcos, Street Feet, Talk Hard.
  10. The Millhill Basement- Bryan Mcpherson, The Cryptkeeper Five, T Gunn and The Semantics, DIM, Logan Carpenter.
  11. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church- Holyveins, Hillside, Brook Pridemore, Teenage Halloween, Baby Hands.
  12. Don Pedro- Silence Equals Death, The Wurst, The Third Kind, Total Waste, Demencia Alkoholika.
  13. Boontunes- Entia, Furnace Head, Scavangers, Manalive, Fluoride.

January 28th

  1. Terminal 5- American Football, Joan of Arc, Mothers.
  2. SUNY Oneonta Hunt Union Waterfront- Tigers Jaw, Macseal, Arrowhead, Tiny Blue Ghost, Nobody’s Babe, Catlike.
  3. My Place Pizza- Violence To Fade, Rochdale, Limit, Mase, Ends Meet, High Card.
  4. Brooklyn Night Bazaar- Priests, Snail Mail, Juciey 2.
  5. Amityville Music Hall- Out Live Death, Jones Crusher, The Last Stand, The Great Lie, Broken Bay Coalition.
  6. The Silent Barn- Sadist, Murderer, Exit Order, Nandas, Subversive Rite.
  7. Starland Ballroom- Circa Surivie, mewithoutyou, Turnover, Aernosiff.
  8. The Brighton Bar- East of The Wall, Circurity, Psalm Zero, VSSL, No More Pain
  9. Blackburn Hall- Blind Lion, Future Reflection, Feeny, Lunch Ladies, LKFFCT, Milkmen.
  10. Lucky 13 Saloon- Sunrot, Pink Mass, Toxicology, Mad Diesel, Goat’s Grave.
  11. Hot Shots Bar and Grill- Splitwig, Belligerent, Duress, Sunbreaker, Shattered Skin.

January 29th

  1. Brick EMS- Turnover, Krust, Westpoint, Seaside Caves.
  2. Fuzebox- Widsom in Chains, Sentries, 1 Through 10, Widowed.
  3. Mercury Lounge- Joan of Arc, Magas.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Revocation, Coagula, Luminous Vault.
  5. Lucky 13 Saloon- Dutchguts, Toke, Goa, Aneurysm, Thera Roya.

January 30th

  1. Rough Trade NYC- Field Trip, The Yin Yangs, Total Slacker, Hypolenxo.
  2. Silent Barn- Boosegrumps. Gobbinjr, Tall Friend, Slow Ref.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Locus Mortis, Prostitution, Night rite, Mutual Assured Destruction, Dismal.

January 31st 

  1. Union Pool- Sheer Mag, Vanity, Honey, Nastie Band.

February 1st

  1. Brooklyn Night Bazaar- Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Pear, Nervous Dater, Hard Pass.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Detriment, Strength What Remains, High Card, Forced Out, Draw The Line, Discouraged.
  3. Webster Hall- Cloud Nothings, LVL Up.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Moontooth, Astronoid.
  5. The Silent Barn- Mahoguny, Infinity Girl, Grist, Decoram.

February 2nd 

  1. Looney Tunes- The Menzingers.
  2. The Brighton Bar- The Plimsouls, Sink Tapes, Goat Rope, Swamp City Rockers.
Upcoming Shows 1/27/16-2/2/16

City of Caterpillar NYC Reunion Show Night 1

Last Monday, I saw the City of Caterpillar reunion show in Brooklyn. The band was on a reunion tour. City of Caterpillar are a legendary Screamo/Post-Rock band from Richmond, Virginia. For their New York City date, they played two dates. Both shows were at the Brooklyn venue, Saint Vitus Bar. I went to the first night which featured Big Hush and Ghastly City Sleep opening. The following night was with Virginia Creep, Suppression, and Skull Kits.

The opening band of the night was Ghastly City Sleep. The band is from Brooklyn, New York. The band features one of the singers of City of Caterpillar as their own vocalist. On stage the band had a lot of equipment. There were a lot of pedals and synthesizers. With all of instruments and equipment on stage I figured the band would be a Shoegaze or a Post Rock band. The band started to play. The lead singer was playing the synth and was recording his vocals. The recording vocals made the band sound more experimental. After a few songs, I was somewhat into it. The music was not my thing but I respect it. The singer’s vocals were like Muse’s singer Matt Bellmay. In a way, the band reminded me of Radiohead and Muse. I got a weird experimental but poppy vibe. Overall if you like Post Rock this band is for you.

The next band up was Big Hush, Big Hush are from Washington D.C. The band took the stage and started to play. They sounded like a mix between Shoegaze and Surf Music. What I mean is that it is Best Coast meets My Bloody Valentine. I found the sound cool plus all four members during the set would sing a song which was unique. Every member had a lead for one of the songs they play. Overall Big Hush was good and I was surprised that this band played this show. With a name like Big Hush I was expected a Punk or Powerviolence band. Like I said before if you like bands like Best Coast and My Bloody Valentine you would love this band.

City of Caterpillar rook the stage. As I mention before they are a legendary Screamo band from the early 2000’s. They are from Richmond, Virginia. City of Caterpillar were only around from 2000-2003. For this set, I was upfront. I was not expected a huge reaction from the audience expect people singing along to the lyrics. I did not think people were going to mosh or stage dive. The band started to play and the audience seemed chill. People were singing along to their material. Later, in the set people started to mosh but just for a little bit. City of Caterpillar put on a great set. These guys sure know how to play. I love the songs with the screaming vocals. Some say this band would lean to influenced bands like Oathbreaker and Deafheaven. Overall City of Caterpillar was so sick. I am glad I got an opportunity to see this band. Since City of Caterpillar came back I hope to see a Pg. 99 reunion. If you like Screamo I recommend seeing City of Caterpillar, they are worth checking out.


City of Caterpillar NYC Reunion Show Night 1

Upcoming Shows January 20th-January 26th

Here is a list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

January 20th

  1. Shakers Pub- Hangman, Impact, Warehouse, Queensway, Forced Out, Silenus.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Makeshift, Giants At Large, Nice Shot Kid, Christian Evanko & Company, Shorebreak, Alumi.
  3. Starland Ballroom- Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, Ballyhoo!, Direct Hit!
  4. Shea Stadium- Ovlov, Sinai Vessel, Bilge Rat, Fon Han.
  5. Wamleg- The Most, Sports, Grag Mask, Ourselves, Alone.
  6. Sunnyvale- Creepoid, Russian Baths, IYEZ, Birds.
  7. Bowery Ballroom- Tokyo Police Club, Charly Bliss.
  8. Irving Plaza- Dashboard Confessional, Vinyl Theatre.
  9. The Gateway- Dad, Garbage Brain, The Royal They, Sic Tic, Heavy Traffic, Sun Abuduction, Personal Space, Toyzanne.
  10. The Meatlocker- Patrick Yeo (IT), Friendly Dog, Harpoon Thrower, No Such Agency, Shred Flintsone, Sunflower.
  11. Goldsounds-No Nets, The Thirds, Swinging Riot, Almost Aimless, Girl Scout.

January 21st

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Candiria, Netherlands, Tiger Flowers, Time King, Sanction, The Lygine Condingency.
  2. Irving Plaza- Dashboard Confessional, Vinyl Theatre.
  3. MAC 650 Gallery & Artisit Co-Op- Sinai Vessel, Queen Moo, Fight Song, Grass Stains, Mineva, Jared Knapik.
  4. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Tokyo Police Club, Charley Bliss.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Caveman Cult, Genocide Pact, Lucid Terror.
  6. QXT- Blanks 77, Internationsl Override, DSU.
  7. Pista Bandas Unidas Oficica- The Onemes, Los Perros, Raise The Kicks, The Omega men, Eskrofula.
  8. Sine Gallery- My Heart & The Real World, Darj Wing, Sadlips, Snowyard.
  9. Silent Barn- Casa, Vanitas, Tombstom, Vomit Fist.

January 22nd

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- Nightfear, Trenchfoot, I Disappear, Skuz, Flesh Prison, Locus Mortis.
  2. Saint Vitus- Cold Cave.
  3. Trans-Pecos- Emily Reo, Frame, Soft Ethic, Tocca.
  4. Lucky 13 Saloon- The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravagenza, GFY, Ten Ton Hammer, Decmiate The Living, Hate Diplomacy, Dissent, Threat 2 Society, Stinger.

January 23rd

January 24th

  1. Baby’s All Right- Pill, The Dreebs, Weeping Icon.

January 25th

  1. Alphaville- A Deer A Horse, Jouska, Baglady, Hoypoluxo.

January 26th

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Forever Losing Sleep, For Everest, Take One Car.
  2. The Meatlocker-Jouska, The Great Depression, Fire is Motion, Kissing is a Crime.
  3. Bar Matchless- Ultraviolence, Mugs, Hot Blood, The Minutes.


Upcoming Shows January 20th-January 26th

Upcoming Shows 1/13/17-1/19/17

Here’s another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

January 13th

  1. Trickshot Billiards Sports Pub- Old Wounds, Exalt, Lost Souls, Renewal of Faith, The Alaskan, Invoke Thy Wrath.
  2. Music Hall of Willamsburg- The Early November, Hidden In Plainview.
  3. Baby’s All Right- Forth Wanderers, Half Wait, Trace Mountains, Stolen Jars.
  4. Sunnyvale- Infinity Crush, Yohuna, gobbingir, Swoon Lake.
  5. Lucky 13 Saloon- World War IX, Cash Resisters, Bikini Car Wash.

January 14th

  1. Shakers Pub- Drawing Last Breath, Bind, Tourniquet, Ferocious Tasmanian, Jab.
  2. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- Figure Eight, Big Fan, Parents.
  3. Webster Hall- Circa Survive, Mewithoutyou, Turnover.
  4. The Studio at Webster Hall- Mat Kerekes, Elder Brother, The Flats.
  5. The Gateway- Thera Roya, Book of Wyms, Suaka.
  6. Shillelagh Tavern- Bowhead, Eternal Black, Point Blank.
  7. The Otherside- All Torn Up, Tashy, Lady Bizness, Eats Dry Wall, The Orgonauts.
  8. The Meat Locker- The Moms, Corrina Corrina, Halogens, dollts, Staten.
  9. Purgatory Bar & Grills- What of Us, Deathdealer, Fluroide, Abject Birth.

January 15th

  1. Niagara- King Nine, Regulate, Brain Slug, Nerves End, Mind Force.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Old Wounds, Exalt, Lost Souls.
  3. Trickshot Billiards Sports Pub- Jesus Piece, Absolute Suffering, Vein, Before I Had Wings, Departed, Open Casket Division, Mase.
  4. Baby’s All Right- Shannon and The Calms, Brooklyn Blue Birds.
  5. Webster Hall- Circa Survive, Mewithoutyou, Turnover.

January 16th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- City of Caterpiller, Big Hush, Ghaslty City Sleep.
  2. Baby’s All Right- Shannon and The Clams, Dirty Fences, OCDDP.

January 17th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- City of Caterpiller, Virginia Creep, Suppression, Skull Kits.
  2. Wamleg- Jesus Piece, Absolute Suffering, Vein, Hatred Remains, Tourniquet.
  3. The Studio at Webster Hall- Artificial Brain, Cognitive, Torturous Inception.
  4. Shea Stadium- Tall Jaun, Ensalmo, The Wedge, Eleanor.
  5. Baby’s All Right- Shannon and The Calms, PMS & The Moddswings, Scully.
  6. Don Pedro- King Django, Control This!, The Screw-Ups, Carmelo Dibartolo (The Beat Brigade solo)

January 18th

  1. Playstation Theater- Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, Ballyhoo.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Jesus Piece, Absolute Suffering, Vein, Separated, Spit It Out, Discouraged.
  3. The Bowery Ballroom- Cherry Glazerr, Slow Hollows.

January 19th

  1. My Place Pizza- Queensway, Hangman, Draw The Line, Vanitas, Chaste, Frayed End.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Into Another, Supertouch, High Discipline.
  3. Irving Plaza- Dashboard Confessional, Vinyl Theatre.
  4. Silent Barn- Bethlehem Steel, Fern Mayo, Human People, Thelmc.
  5. Shea Stadium- Washer, Rick Rude, Kiss Concert, Tall Friend.


Upcoming Shows 1/13/17-1/19/17

Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint @ First Unitarian Church 1/6/17

Last Friday, I took a drive down to Philadelphia. I went to see the Philly date of Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint tour. The show was at the First Unitarian Church. I saw the tour package the night before in New York City. That show was good but there was a barricade which tamed the crowd. Going to this venue in Philly I knew this show would be insane. The venue is in a basement of a church. For a long time, I always wanted to attend a show at this venue. This was the perfect show and this was also a sold-out show. Title Fight were doing a small run on the East coast and they played Philly twice. One was the day before New York and then the following day after New York. Both shows were sold out.

Westpoint took the stage. Westpoint are a Grunge Inspired Punk band from Kingston, PA which is also where Title Fight are from. This was my fourth time seeing them play. The band released their debut Self-Titled album last November on Triple B Records. A good portion of their set was from that album while other songs were off their 2015 EP titled Dive. The band had a good crowd for them. I notice they were a lot more people singing along to them then the night before. I figured that would happen because this show was closer to their area. Also, there was no one moshing for them compare to the night before where there was people just randomly moshing. Also, Westpoint was not awkward. The set was so much better than the night before. Since there was no barricade the band was closer to the crowd. Overall Westpoint was great check out their Self-Titled album. If you like bands like Nirvana, Title Fight, Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements this band is for you.

Give was up next. Give are from Washington D.C. and they are a Punk band. They take influences from the 1980’s/1990’s Washington D.C. Punk scene or bands who were part of the Dischord Records roster. If you like bands like Fugazi, Nation of Ulysses, and Embrace then this band is for you. For me Dischord is one of my favorite labels of all time and I enjoy a lot the D.C. bands from those two decades. Give takes influences from that era and they put it in their own way. Listening to this band you think just a bunch a short hair Punk rockers. That is not the case they all have long hair and some of them have beards. Overall I love the whole flower power vibe behind the band. Once they started to play a lot people moved up. On this tour, they were selling their new 12inch that is out on Lockin’ Out titled Electric Flower Cult. They played a few songs off that new record. Give played a great set and they got a god reaction from the crowd. People were stage diving and moshing. When they played “Fuck Me Blind” they had a member of the audience get on stage and sang the bridge of that song. Once again Give played great set, if you have never check this band you must do that. They are my favorite band from D.C. and I am lucky enough to have seen them four times now.

Title Fight was up. I was up front for this set. I was position in front of Jamie. (Singer/Guitarist of Title Fight) I figured it was going to get crazy. I was not ready for it. Usually I am more in the back but I wanted to be up front. Ned Russin started to talk and then they went into “Symmetry.” This song is the first song I ever heard from them and the crowd went wild. What was crazy about this is that the night before they played nothing off the compilation album The Last Thing You Forget. This set was crazy. There was no barricade and it was Title Fight in a church basement. Title Fight should never be behind a barricade. This is the way Title Fight should always play. The rest of the set a mix of songs from all three of their albums. The entire set the audience was alive. Every song people singing along to and stage diving to. I love seeing shows like this. Everyone was having a good time. This was my fifth time seeing this band and I absolutely enjoyed last Friday night. Philly has a great scene going on. The city has plenty of good people and great venues. By now if you have not seen Title Fight you really messed up. In my opinion they are one of the greatest live bands right now. I never had a bad time seeing them. Also, see a show at this venue I would love to come back for another show like this.

Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint @ First Unitarian Church 1/6/17

First Show of the Year with Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint 1/05/17

Last Thursday, Title Fight played in Queens, New York. The band was on a small run of the Northeast. Their small tour featured Give and Westpoint. The show took place at a new venue called the Knockdown Center. The venue was right by the border of Queens and Brooklyn. The venue was big and this was a sold out shows. I am sure that the cap was over 600 maybe even 700. Unfortunately, there was a barricade for this show which I thought was going to make the show weird. I am never a fan of a barricade at a Punk show.

The opening band of the night was Westpoint. This was my third time seeing this Grunge influenced Punk band. They are from Kingston, PA which is where Title Fight are from. The last time I saw them play was when they opened for Title Fight in 2015 in Nanticoke, PA for their Thanksgiving Eve show. The band took the stage and started to play. Right off the band it was awkward and it was all because of the barricade. They band looked nervous and uncomfortable. Westpoint set consisted of their debut Self-Titled LP which came out last November on Triple B Records. They had a little bit of a reaction from the crowd which I was surprised about. People were moshing for them. Besides that, Westpoint played a good set. I was looking more forward to following day which is the same show but in Philly.

Give took the stage. I have not seen this Washington D.C. band since 2015 when they played Trapped Under Ice’s comeback show at Back to School Jam. They started to play and they got a little bit of a reaction from the crowd first song. People were going a little too hard in the pit. For me Give is not a band that you can windmill. There are no breakdowns. To me Give are more of a Punk band. They take influences from the 1980’s and 1990’s Washington DC scene especially the bands that were on Dischord Records. Just like Westpoint set seeing Give behind a barricade was very awkward and I did not like it one bit. Give played great though and really enjoyed the set. They played a mix between news and songs off their last EP and first album. During the tour, they were selling their new 12inch Electric Flower Cult that was released on Lockin’ Out Records. They played some songs off that. Overall Give was a good and they are worth checking out. If you like bands like Swiz, Fugazi, or Embrace this band is for you.

Title Fight took the stage. I knew right off the bat this would get crazy. I saw the set list before the show and they were going to start off with “Coxtard Yard.” They started to play and the crowd went off. I was close to barricade so I was right in the middle of the action. It was weird seeing this band behind a barricade because people go crazy for this band. People were crowd surfing and moshing. This set was so much better than the set I saw them last. The last time I saw Title Fight was at Back to School 2016 where it was too hot to be in the room. I could not enjoy that set. The set they played in Queens was mixed between their third albums. They also played the song “Receiving Line” which is on their last EP Spring Songs. I was curious upon why they did not play songs off the compilation album The Last Thing You Forget. Usually they get a crazy reaction when they play songs off that album. Overall this was my fifth time seeing them and they were sick. They played a sixteen-songs and the set went by way too fast. I love this band and I was excited that I will be seeing them the following day in Philly.

First Show of the Year with Title Fight, Give, and Westpoint 1/05/17

Final Show of 2016 with Dangers, Taking Meds, Aspine and Blame God.

On New Years Eve, I attended my final show of 2016. Dangers were a doing a small East Coast tour and this was a matinee show. This was also their last show of the East Coast run. The show took place at the Brooklyn venue Gold Sounds. This was my first at this is venue. There have been multiple times where I wanted to see some shows here but did not make it. I am glad I finally check this place out and the lineup was good. The show was a mixed genre show starting off with Blame God.

Blame God got on the stage and started to play. This was my third time seeing this local Long Island grindcore band. This was finally my first time seeing them play as a five piece. I have seen them as a three piece and a four piece. With having two guitarists in the band, the sound was more aggressive and more feedback. They were noisy on stage which was perfect. At some points of their sets they got a small reaction from the crowd. I would say the last three song of their set are insane. They have crushing grind riffs followed by the short but brutal mosh parts. This set was sick and I cannot wait to see them again. They are playing two big shows in the next two months. If you live by Oneonta they are opening for Knocked Loose, Harms Way and Eternal Sleep on February 5th. If you live near New York City they are opening for Nails on March 22nd at the Music of Williamsburg. If you like grind bands like Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer, then Blame God is up your alley.

Aspine was up next. This is a local screamo act from Long Island. This was my first time seeing them. The day prior to this show they released a demo. I checked it out and I thought it cool. The band was a four piece with two singers. They started to play and they showed that they were a scream band. They sounded great. One thing I love about screamo bands is when the singers will scream away from the mic. This band did it perfectly. I enjoyed what I watching. They had more of an old school screamo vibe not like a lot of bands that are trying to be like Touche Amore. Nothing bad against Touche Amore but there are a lot of bands that are trying to take their style. It was awesome that they got booked to play this show because they somewhat fit with this lineup. Overall if you like Pg. 99 and other 90’s scream bands then this band is for you.

Taking Meds was up next. I heard a lot of about this band recently. The band is split between Upstate NY and Brooklyn. They also feature members from the Punk Band Such Gold. Such Gold I have seen a few times and they always play great sets. I have not seen them since 2014. Taking Meds just recently released an album titled My Life As A Bro on Broken World Media. Once they started to play it seemed okay. The music reminded me of Punk bands from the 2000’s but they were some Math parts involved. They were playing a little technical. As the set progress, I started to like them more. The band played a good set. I could see this band play shows with bands like Iron Chic, Jeff Rosenstock, and even The Menzingers.

Up next was Dangers. I knew about this for a while but never gave them a chance. I did not know they were from California and big underground band. They recently a new album that I checked out prior to the show which was sick. The album is titled The Bend In The Bark on Topshelf Records. They started to play and they had a lot of people moved up. They remind me of a mix of Every Time I Die, Ceremony (Violence Violence era), and Glassjaw. I love the mix of metal and punk. The quick songs but the vocals were sick. It took away to mosh for this band but they were people up front singing along to the material. I love how crazy this band is. I wish I knew who they were a long time ago. I was really surprised how they were not popular. I enjoyed the music and the band was great. If you never seen this band or heard of this band you should checked them out. They said they have been a band for over fourteen years and they killed it on stage.

Final Show of 2016 with Dangers, Taking Meds, Aspine and Blame God.