Top 100 Releases of 2016

2016 might be the worst year with the amount of death and fear around every where but there was a lot of great music that came out this year. Here is a list of my favorite releases of this year. This list is a mix of LPs, Eps, Splits,Demos, and 7 inches from big musical acts to small local Long Island bands.


  1. Nothing- Tired of Tomorrow
  2. Basement- Promise Everything
  3.  Renounced- Theories of Despair
  4. Pinegrove- Cardinal
  5. Touche Amore- Stage Four
  6. Separated- Forced Fed Misery 
  7. Jeff Rosenstock- Worry
  8. Oathbreaker- Rheia 
  9. Milk Teeth- Vile Child
  10. Culture Abuse- Peach
  11. Against Me!- Shape Shift With Me
  12. Westpoint- S/T
  13. Jukai- Devoid of Hope
  14. Weezer- The White Album
  15. Pity Sex- White Hot Moon
  16. Table Talk- S/T
  17. Countdown- Demo
  18. The Hotelier- Goodness
  19. Joyce Manor- Cody
  20. Dowsing- Okay 
  21. Deftones- Gore
  22. Criminal Instinct- Zone 6 Music
  23. Angel Du$t- Rock The Fuck on Forever
  24. Regulate- Year of Rage
  25. Modern Baseball- Holy Ghost
  26. Posture and The Grizzly- I Am Satan
  27. Beach Slang- A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings
  28. Pup- The Dream is Over
  29. Weekend Nachos- Apology
  30. Nails- You Will Never Be One of Us 
  31. Balance and Composure- Light We Made
  32. Dinosaur Jr.- Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not
  33. The Body/Full of Hell- One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache
  34. Descendents- Hypercaffium Spazzinate
  35. Green Day- Revolution Radio 
  36. Solids- Else
  37. Porches- Cool
  38. Lost Souls- Get Lost
  39. Gatecreeper Sonoran Depravation
  40. Prince Daddy and The Hyena- I Thought You Didn’t Even Like Leaving 
  41. Discolor- Wake
  42. Old Gray- Slow Burn 
  43. Pixies- Head Carrier
  44.  AJJ- The Bible 2
  45. Whittled Down/The Menagerie- Split 
  46. Moose Blood- Blush
  47. Barge- S/T LP 
  48. Praise- Leave it All Behind 
  49. Harley Flanagan- Cro Mags
  50. Somos- First Day Back
  51. Hangman- II 
  52. Turnover- Humblest of Pleasures/Change Irreversible 
  53. The Dirty Nil- Higher Power 
  54. Tender Defender- S/T Mini LP 
  55. Death Metal Pope- Harvest
  56. Big Bite- I Don’t Think So 7″
  57. Vein- Demo 2016 
  58. Tourniquet- Anatomy of Obsession
  59. Turnstile- Move Thru Me 7″ 
  60. High Card- Generation Y
  61. Gag- American’s Greatest Hits
  62. Dikembe- Hail Something 
  63. Jagged Visions- Black Sun Zenith
  64. Frameworks- Smother 
  65. JANK- Versace Summer 
  66. Spine- Deny 
  67. Clique- Burden Piece
  68. Greys- Outer Heaven
  69. American Football- American Football 2 
  70. Tiny Moving Parts- Celebrate 
  71. Every Time I Die- Low Teens
  72. Warehouse- Image 
  73. Gouge Away-  , Die
  74. Jab- Hometown Hate
  75. Draw The Line- Stake Your Claim
  76. Trail of Lies- Strength Through Discipline  
  77. Eternal Sleep- The Emptiness Of
  78. Dangers- The Bend in the Break
  79. You Blew It- Abendrot
  80. Trophy Eyes- Chemical Miracle 
  81. The Midnight Sons- Ludomania 
  82. Free At Last- Embrace You
  83. Left Behind- Seeing Hell 
  84. Garden of Mary- The Agony in Memory 
  85. Vamachara- Lapse
  86. Krust-Paradise in Back 
  87. The Superweaks- Bether Heavens 
  88. Forced Out- End of Suffering
  89. Iggy Pop- Post Pop Depression 
  90. Told Slant- Going By 
  91. Exalt- The Shape You Took Before You Ache 
  92. No Victory- Time To Die 
  93. Suburban Scum- Ultimate Annihilation 
  94. Neaux- Feel The Deep End
  95. The Falcon- Gather Up The Chaps
  96. Heavens Die- The Hands of Men 
  97. EcoStrike- Time Is Now
  98. Lume- Perennial Phase 
  99. Metallica- Hard Wired… To Self Destruct 
  100. Knocked Loose-Laugh Tracks



Top 100 Releases of 2016

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