Old Gray, Nine of Swords, Soul Glo, and Closer @ Shea Stadium 12/17/16

Last Saturday, Old Gray was playing a weekender with Soul Glo and I could see them play at my favorite Brooklyn venue Shea Stadium. This show was not sold out but there were a lot of people who came out for this show. The rest of the lineup was Nine of Swords and Closer. Usually this venue books a lot of Emo or Indie shows but this was a little more aggressive this show.

Opening band of the night as Closer. Closer are a Brooklyn based local Screamo band. For this set they were set up on the floor which was sick. Shea Stadium has a small stage that might be a foot or foot and half high. Seeing a band play a floor show was intense. On stage, they had a projector playing Akira in the background. I enjoyed the music mixed with movie. Closer are a three piece the singer was also their drummer. At first the band kind remind me of Code Orange Kids. They were not aggressive like them but the vocals were so what similar. The band said that last Saturday’s show was their second show. I would love to see this band again especially with a killer screamo lineup. I also feel with a film playing in the background they should shut off the lights. That probably will make them into a creepy band.

Soul Glo was up next. This Hardcore/Screamo band is from Philly. I have heard of this band multiple times and saw some of their live sets on YouTube and Hate5six. I was excited to finally see this band. They started to play and I was kind of expecting a reaction for them. The entire set no one moved but Soul Glo played great. What I like about this band is that they mix Screamo with some Powerviolence and some Violence Violence Era Ceremony. If this band played with some Hardcore bands this band would have gotten a great reaction. I enjoyed what they were playing. Soul Glo had a great message especially when the lead singer made a speech about how times are getting scary. He mentions people who lived in a community should go outside and talk to their neighbors. The message is being open minded to everyone in the community. Overall Soul Glo is a sick band and they are worth checking out.

Nine of Swords was up next. For a long time now I was supposed to see this band play. There has been many of shows I was supposed to go to that Nine of Swords play. Last Saturday I finally got that chance. Nine of Sword were a Hardcore band. They are from New York. Once they started to play they this aggressive side to them. I really enjoyed what I was seeing. What I liked about this band they had these short and aggressive songs. I felt that they were the heaviest band of the night. Overall, they were good band.

Old Gray got stage and started to set up. Once they were done a man got on stage and started to do some spoken word. William James is a poet from a small town in Pennsylvania. Old Gray asked him to come on tour with them. He poems were interesting because they were about his life and growing up in bible ridden town. He discussed about DIY Punk venues, religion, and suicide. These poems hit close to home and a lot of audience seemed to enjoy it. Once he finished Old Gray joined on stage. Old Gray are a Screamo band and they are from Philly. William James stayed on stage for the opening song which was “Like Blood from a Stone.” This is my favorite song off their new album Slow Burn on Flower Girl Records. Williams James is doing some spoken word while the band is playing background music. That song is very powerful song about a girl who is going through some tough times with depression. After that song, Old Gray started to play their older stuff and finally the crowd started to go off. There was a pit and plenty of people up front screaming the lyrics for each song. Old Gray played a great set. This show overall was good and it was a different pace for this venue. Last Saturday there were a lot of shows happening in the tristate area and I am glad I went to this show. I was never huge into Old Gray but with the release of the new album and then seeing them I became a fan. I would love to see Old Gray again.


Old Gray, Nine of Swords, Soul Glo, and Closer @ Shea Stadium 12/17/16

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