Something In The Way 2016

Last Wednesday, Run For Cover and Fred Perry put together their first annual festival Something In The Way. The festival took place in New York City at the venue Webster Hall. This festival was one day only and it was sold out. The lineup featured some of the labels top and upcoming bands. The festival took place in all three rooms of Webster Hall. The Grand Ballroom featured Modern Baseball, Basement, Citizen, and Teen Suicide. The Marlin Room featured Turnover, mewithoutyou, Elvis Depressidly, and Petal. The Studio featured Alex G, Pinegrove, Nicole Dollanganger, and Crying. Doors were at 6 and the first band was on at 7.

The first band I saw that night was Teen Suicide. Their set began at 7:15 pm. This was my third time seeing them play. They were a lot of people there waiting for the band. The lead singer was on stage and just started playing samples. I really confused upon what going on. It was weird and it seemed that singer was doing his own thing. Teen Suicide sound is Lo-Fi but this was just one hot mess. I was somewhat disappointed from what I was seeing. I only stayed for three songs because Petal was going to start down stairs in the Marlin room.

I went downstairs to see Petal. This was my fourth time seeing her play. She had a backing band behind her and one of the members was from Tiger’s Jaw. Ben Walsh was doing backup vocals and playing guitar for her. The last time I saw Petal was back in June when she opened Pity Sex and PWR BTTM. There was a lot of people there for. I was there for most of her set. The set list was mostly from her album Shame. I was surprise to see that not a lot of people were singing along to her material. It seemed that a lot of people were talking during her performance which I find rude. From what I saw she played a good set. If you like some mellow Indie/Emo music this band is for you.

After that I got a chance to check out Nicole Dollanganger. She was playing down in the Studio. The reason why I wanted to check her out is because the upcoming Code Orange tour has her opening. I had no idea if this was a band or a acoustic act. I got down to the studio and I was surprise from what I was seeing. There was full band and lead singer was Nicole. The band sounded like the 80’s but her vocals sounded like Japanese pop singer. It was bizarre. Also, there was a lot of people checking her out which I could not believe. I will be seeing her opening up for Code Orange in February upstairs in the Marlin room. I tell you right now there will be a lot of people who get it at that show.

I walked up to the Grand Ballroom to see Citizen. This was my seventh time seeing this band. There were a lot of people there to see them play. Once they stated to play people started to go off.  People were crowd surfing and I notice there was barricade. As always, I really hate a barricade at a Punk/Indie show. Since the sets were either half hour or forty-five minutes Citizen played a shorter set than usually. The set was mix with Youth and Everybody Goes To Heaven. I did not stay for the entire set. I wanted to make sure I get a spot for Pinegrove. I was going to see Elvis Depressidly in the Marlin room but he dropped. Apparently the after show also was not happening so two of the bands split Elvis ‘s set. So, I missed Infinity Crush and Cat Be Damned.

Pinegrove was down in the Studio which I thought was dumb. This band has been blowing up and they should have not been playing in the Studio. When I got down there it was insane. The studio was packed out which I was could not believe. I was later told that Alex G would have the same crowd. This was my fourth time seeing Pinegrove. I did not stay for the entire set because I wanted to see Nothing in the Grand Ballroom. Once Pinegrove started to play people started to sing along. Once I notice it was time to go it was a little hard to get out for Pinegrove. The crowd was deep really deep. If Run For Cover does another fest next year Pinegrove needs to play upstairs because this was too much. I cannot wait to see them in April at their sold out Bowery Ballroom show.

I got upstairs just in time for Nothing. As I mention before they were playing the Grand Ballroom. This was my fifth time seeing them. Nothing got added on to this fest a few weeks ago, and I was excited when that was announced. This was the band I wanted to see more than anyone else. I love this band and they play so good. This is one of the sets I stayed for the entire set. Most of the set was from their new album Tired of Tomorrow. Besides playing songs off the new album they also played songs off the split with Whirr and song off Guilty of Everything. Nothing is the best band playing shoegaze right now. There was a lot of people there for them. I enjoyed the fact the band played well and people were going off for them.  I always recommend seeing this band. I am most likely going to see them opening for AFI in February at Terminal 5.

After Nothing set I had some time to kill so I went to go see mewithoutyou. I heard about this band for a very long time but I just never got into them. I figure I just watch some of the set until Basement gets on. I did not feel like traveling to the Studio for Alex G because the amount of people that was already down there. For mewithoutyou there was not a lot of people there in attendance which I was kind of surprise. The room seemed half filled maybe a little more. They were a 2000’s Emo band and they probably have a bigger fan base but Basement and Alex G were playing around the same time as them. Once time came I ran upstairs.

Going up the stairs I heard the opening riff of “Whole.” There was a lot of people up there for Basement. Basement is currently one of the biggest bands right now so there no surprise how many people were going to be there. This was my seventh time seeing this British Emo band. As usual they got the crowd going. People were moshing and crowd surfing. This set I wish there was no barricades because this was a perfect set to stage dive. I stayed for majority of the set. They played songs off all three albums. As always, they never disappoint me. I love Basement and I could see them night after night. Going towards the end of the set, I notice people were leaving which meant I need to leave to see Turnover.

Turnover was playing the last 10-15 minutes of Basement set. Turnover was playing in the Marlin room. I was almost upfront for Turnover. This would be my ninth time seeing this band. This would also be my last set of the night I did not stay for Modern Baseball. Going back to Turnover the band started to play and the crowd went off. Honestly this was the most energetic crowd I ever seen for Turnover. People were dancing everywhere and I could not believe the amount of stage dives for Turnover. I usually find it weird when people go this hard for Turnover. Nothing will beat the time I saw them opened for Citizen at the Bowery Ballroom and people moshing for them. Besides the crowd going wild Turnover played a great set as always. The entire set was from Peripheral Visions expect one song. Overall Turnover was wonderful and this fest was a lot of fun. I really hope that Run For Cover does this again and stays in New York. I also hope it is on a weekend instead of a Wednesday. I had a great time and I have no complaints about this festival.

Something In The Way 2016

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