Upcoming Shows December 2nd-December 8th

Here is another of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are taking place in the Tri-State era.

December 2nd

  1. The Chance- Leeway, Mindforce, HellKeeper, Wooden Ships, Rochdale, We All Die.
  2. Goldsounds- Negative Approach, Drunken Rampage, Absolute Power, Haram, Sick Head.
  3. AMH- Capsize, Tribute, Young Graves, Anahata, I Dream The Sea.
  4. Brooklyn Bowl- The Hold Steady.
  5. Throne- Dirty Bangs, These Wild Plains, Broken Beak, Travis Alexander, Roger Lussier.
  6. Hasbrouck Heights VFW- Titus Andronicus, Liam Betson, Boosegumps.
  7. Gramercy Threatre- The Supersuckers, Jesse Dayton, Gallows Bound.
  8. The Blue Parrot- Screaming Rebel Angels, The Living Deads, WWIX, Trick Fall & The Tuscaderos.
  9. Purgatory- Olor A Muerte, Sick Shit, Weather Lore, SPANDEX, Fluoride.

December 3rd

  1. Our Lady of Perpetual Hope- Broken Beak, The Toms, Hold On Caulfield.
  2. SUNY Oneonta Hunt Union Waterfront Room- Born Without Bones, Shorebreak, Table Talk, Breaking Tradition, Cold Hands, American Runaways.
  3. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Red Fang, Torches, Whores.
  4. Brooklyn Bowl- The Hold Steady.
  5. Warsaw- The Reverend Horton Heat, Unknown Hinson, Nashville Pussy, Lucky Table.
  6. Shea Stadium- Kissing Is A Crime, Navy Gang, Ghost Camp,
  7. Jabobus Lounge- The Moms, Backyard Superheroes, Help Me Help You, Corrina Corrina, Calender Year.
  8. Gamecharger World- Capsize, TBA.
  9. Paradise : Lost- Ghost Camp, Teenage Halloween, Shick SHit, The Great Depression.
  10. Mr. Beery- The Avoiders, Yum-Yucker, Jones Crusher, Bloody Sunday.
  11. The Parkside Lounge- None Above All, Hot Blood, Bastard Clan, Zero Rights.
  12. Saint Vitus Bar- Horrendous, Kosodemonic, Sentient Horror.

December 4th

  1. Revolution Music Hall- The Atari’s, Me The Enemy, All New Episode.
  2. Crunch  House- Cheem, The Most, Broken Beak, Knife Garden.
  3. TBD- Fury, Krimewatch, Unified Right, Sleight of Hand, Hotheads.
  4. Lucky 13 Saloon- Apparition, Scars of Deceit, Eyes of The Sun, Full Scale Riot, Unkempt Herald, Nothing is Over, Embrace Agony, None Above All.

December 5th

  1. Brick EMS- Cro-Mags, Unified Right, Day By Day, Deflect, Prospect.
  2. Mercury Lounge- Red Fang, Torches, Whores.
  3. The Bowery Ballroom- Bastille.
  4. Don Pedro- Nuclear Wave, Gutterlife, Civil Unrest, Zaid Depone, Pink Tacos, Lawless Hippies, Cult NYC.

December 6th

December 7th

December 8th

  1. AMH- Tiny Moving Parts, Microwave, A Will Away, Macseal.
  2. Irving Plaza- Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band, Pinegrove, Petal.
  3. Lucky 13 Saloon- North American Waste, C.J. Ramone, Fuzzgun, The Last Stand, The Ice Cold Killers, Point Blank.
Upcoming Shows December 2nd-December 8th

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