America’s Hardcore Fest 2016

This weekend in Cambridge, Massachusetts is the third annual America’s Hardcore fest. This two day fest features some of the best and upcoming bands from the United States. The fest will take place at two different venues which are The Middle East and Hardcore Stadium. There will be a pre show which will be tonight. For everyone who is going have a good time and enjoy yourself.

Pre Show Thursday December 1st

Hardcore Stadium: Negative Approach, Waste Management, Hardware, Chaos Cross, Rare Form, Malcontent (First Show).

Day One Friday December 2nd

Hardcore Stadium: Pure Disgust, Peacebreakers, Praise, Free At Last, Stuck Pigs, Wild Side, Glory, Abuse of Power, Faze.

Day Two Saturday December 3rd


The Middle East Upstairs: Fury, Unified Right, Big Contest, Protester, Hard Stripes, Krimewatch, Civic Duty, FREE.

Night Show

Hardcore Stadium: Power Trip, Freedom, Forced Order, Impalers, Gag, Red Death, Lock, Depths of Reality, Warefare.



America’s Hardcore Fest 2016

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