Upcoming Shows December 30th-January 5th

Here is another of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

December 30th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Merauder, King Nine, Jukai, Trail of Lies, Detriment, A Breed Apart.
  2. Starland Ballroom- Thursday, Nothing, Sick Feeling.
  3. Bowery Electric- The Dictators, Palmyra Delran, WYLDLIFE.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Pink Mass, Ultor, Goats Grave, Castle Freak.
  5. Mercury Lounge- Cymbal Eats Guitar, Haybaby.
  6. Shea Stadium- Yabadum, Ground Out, SLUMS.
  7. ABC No Rio- Mad Diesel, Ether, The Virgin, Manalive, I Disappear.

December 31st

  1. The Paramount- Bush, The Kickback.
  2. Gold Sounds- Dangers, Taking Meds, Aspine, Blame God. (Matinee)
  3. Mercury Lounge- The Hotelier, Oso Oso, Born Without Bones.
  4. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Guided By Voices, The Moles.
  5. Baby’s All Right- The Black Lips, PMS & The Moodswings, Daisy Glaze, Winstons.
  6. Saint Vitus Bar- Rainer Maria, Snail Mail
  7. Villain- DIIV, Palm, Honduras.
  8. The Cobra Club- Sister Munch, Meltman, Slayer But Gay, Chay & The Hostages.
  9. The Funhouse- Fiscal Cliff, Hodera, Hong Kong Graffiti, EVL MOMMZ.
  10. Dingbatz- Whiplash, Faction Zero, Sinners.

January 1st

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Rainer Maria, Olivia Neutron John.

January 2nd

  1. Meatlocker- Massa Nera, Malevich, Null & Void, KPG.

January 3rd

January 4th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Omnea, Blame God, Sycarian, The Hudson Horror.

January 5th 

  1. Knockdown Center- Title Fight, GIVE, Westpoint.
  2. Revolution Music Hall- Madball, Wisdom in Chains, Brick By Brick, Out Live Death.
  3. Shea Stadium- Dolly Spartans, Brandon Can’t Dance, Top Nachos, Blue Smiley, Fern Mayo.
  4. Asbury Park Yacht Club- The Nude Party, Von Mons, White Lighters.
Upcoming Shows December 30th-January 5th

Top 100 Releases of 2016

2016 might be the worst year with the amount of death and fear around every where but there was a lot of great music that came out this year. Here is a list of my favorite releases of this year. This list is a mix of LPs, Eps, Splits,Demos, and 7 inches from big musical acts to small local Long Island bands.


  1. Nothing- Tired of Tomorrow
  2. Basement- Promise Everything
  3.  Renounced- Theories of Despair
  4. Pinegrove- Cardinal
  5. Touche Amore- Stage Four
  6. Separated- Forced Fed Misery 
  7. Jeff Rosenstock- Worry
  8. Oathbreaker- Rheia 
  9. Milk Teeth- Vile Child
  10. Culture Abuse- Peach
  11. Against Me!- Shape Shift With Me
  12. Westpoint- S/T
  13. Jukai- Devoid of Hope
  14. Weezer- The White Album
  15. Pity Sex- White Hot Moon
  16. Table Talk- S/T
  17. Countdown- Demo
  18. The Hotelier- Goodness
  19. Joyce Manor- Cody
  20. Dowsing- Okay 
  21. Deftones- Gore
  22. Criminal Instinct- Zone 6 Music
  23. Angel Du$t- Rock The Fuck on Forever
  24. Regulate- Year of Rage
  25. Modern Baseball- Holy Ghost
  26. Posture and The Grizzly- I Am Satan
  27. Beach Slang- A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings
  28. Pup- The Dream is Over
  29. Weekend Nachos- Apology
  30. Nails- You Will Never Be One of Us 
  31. Balance and Composure- Light We Made
  32. Dinosaur Jr.- Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not
  33. The Body/Full of Hell- One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache
  34. Descendents- Hypercaffium Spazzinate
  35. Green Day- Revolution Radio 
  36. Solids- Else
  37. Porches- Cool
  38. Lost Souls- Get Lost
  39. Gatecreeper Sonoran Depravation
  40. Prince Daddy and The Hyena- I Thought You Didn’t Even Like Leaving 
  41. Discolor- Wake
  42. Old Gray- Slow Burn 
  43. Pixies- Head Carrier
  44.  AJJ- The Bible 2
  45. Whittled Down/The Menagerie- Split 
  46. Moose Blood- Blush
  47. Barge- S/T LP 
  48. Praise- Leave it All Behind 
  49. Harley Flanagan- Cro Mags
  50. Somos- First Day Back
  51. Hangman- II 
  52. Turnover- Humblest of Pleasures/Change Irreversible 
  53. The Dirty Nil- Higher Power 
  54. Tender Defender- S/T Mini LP 
  55. Death Metal Pope- Harvest
  56. Big Bite- I Don’t Think So 7″
  57. Vein- Demo 2016 
  58. Tourniquet- Anatomy of Obsession
  59. Turnstile- Move Thru Me 7″ 
  60. High Card- Generation Y
  61. Gag- American’s Greatest Hits
  62. Dikembe- Hail Something 
  63. Jagged Visions- Black Sun Zenith
  64. Frameworks- Smother 
  65. JANK- Versace Summer 
  66. Spine- Deny 
  67. Clique- Burden Piece
  68. Greys- Outer Heaven
  69. American Football- American Football 2 
  70. Tiny Moving Parts- Celebrate 
  71. Every Time I Die- Low Teens
  72. Warehouse- Image 
  73. Gouge Away-  , Die
  74. Jab- Hometown Hate
  75. Draw The Line- Stake Your Claim
  76. Trail of Lies- Strength Through Discipline  
  77. Eternal Sleep- The Emptiness Of
  78. Dangers- The Bend in the Break
  79. You Blew It- Abendrot
  80. Trophy Eyes- Chemical Miracle 
  81. The Midnight Sons- Ludomania 
  82. Free At Last- Embrace You
  83. Left Behind- Seeing Hell 
  84. Garden of Mary- The Agony in Memory 
  85. Vamachara- Lapse
  86. Krust-Paradise in Back 
  87. The Superweaks- Bether Heavens 
  88. Forced Out- End of Suffering
  89. Iggy Pop- Post Pop Depression 
  90. Told Slant- Going By 
  91. Exalt- The Shape You Took Before You Ache 
  92. No Victory- Time To Die 
  93. Suburban Scum- Ultimate Annihilation 
  94. Neaux- Feel The Deep End
  95. The Falcon- Gather Up The Chaps
  96. Heavens Die- The Hands of Men 
  97. EcoStrike- Time Is Now
  98. Lume- Perennial Phase 
  99. Metallica- Hard Wired… To Self Destruct 
  100. Knocked Loose-Laugh Tracks



Top 100 Releases of 2016

Bands I Want To See

In 2016 I have seen over 900 bands and I want to see 1,000 before I turned 30. I will most likely get up to that number next year. Here are so of the band I would like to see. Some of these bands are active and some are not active. For the ones who are not active I hope that one day I will see them.


  1. 25 ta Life
  2. 7 Angels 7 Plagues
  3. 7 Seconds
  4. A Great Pile of Leaves
  5. A Love For Enemies
  6. ACxDC
  7. Agent
  8. Agent Orange
  9. AJJ
  10. Algernon Cadweller
  11. All Pigs Must Die
  12. American Football
  13. Anti Nowhere League
  14. Axis
  15. Bad Seed
  16. Beach House
  17. Beach Slang
  18. Bikini Kill
  19. Bind
  20. Birds in Row
  21. Blink-182
  22. Bloodlet
  23. Bombers
  24. Boysetsfire
  25. Built To Spill
  26. Built Upon Frustration
  27. Bulldoze
  28. Bush
  29. Bury Your Dead
  30. Butthole Surfers
  31. Cadet
  32. Camera Shy
  33. Captain We’re Sinking
  34. Career Suicide
  35. Catch 22
  36. Cayetana
  37. Cave In
  38. City of Caterpillar
  39. Charged GBH
  40. Cloakroom
  41. Cocteau Twins
  42. Crash The Calm
  43. Dag Nasty
  44. DAME
  45. Dead Milkmen
  46. Death Threat
  47. Depeche Mode
  48. Detain
  49. Devo
  50. Diamond Youth
  51. Dikembe
  52. Dillinger Four
  53. Discharged
  54. Disembodied
  55. Dissent
  56. District 9
  57. Dogs on Acid
  58. Down
  59. Drawing Last Breath
  60. Dwarves
  61. E. Town Concrete
  62. Echo & The Bunnymen
  63. Elvis Depressdly
  64. Enemy Mind
  65. Eyehategod
  66. Failure
  67. Fairweather
  68. Farside
  69. Fireworks
  70. First Blood
  71. Flipper
  72. Flogging Molly
  73. Foxing
  74. Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls
  75. Free Throw
  76. Garden of Mary
  77. Gatecreeper
  78. Ghost
  79. Gin Blossoms
  80. Gogol Bordello
  81. Good Charlotte
  82. Good Riddance
  83. Hank Wood and The Hammerheads
  84. Harvest
  85. Have Heart
  86. Helmet
  87. HIRS
  88. Hole
  89. Hot Water Music
  90. Hymn
  91. Hum
  92. I Am The Avalanche
  93. Iggy Pop & The Stooges
  94. In My Eyes
  95. Interpol
  96. Into Another
  97. Irate
  98. James Chance
  99. Jawbox
  100. Jawbreaker
  101. Jeff The Brotherhood
  102. Kurt Vile & The Violators
  103. L7
  104. Latterman
  105. Lemuria
  106. Lifetime
  107. Limp Wrist
  108. Local H
  109. Loner Chic
  110. Lush
  111. Make Do and Mend
  112. The Melvins
  113. Mental
  114. Merchant Ships
  115. Mineral
  116. Misson of Burma
  117. Modern Life Is War
  118. Mudhoney
  119. Murphy’s Law
  120. My Bloody Valentine
  121. My Chemical Romance
  122. Napalm Death
  123. Neglect
  124. No Age
  125. No Victory
  126. No Warning
  127. Oathbreaker
  128. OFF!
  129. Off With Their Heads
  130. One Life Crew
  131. Operation Ivy
  132. Outer Heaven
  133. Pansy Division
  134. Patti Smith
  135. Pearl Jam
  136. PEARS
  137. Pepper
  138. Pentimento
  139. Pg. 99
  140. Plow United
  141. Polar Bear Club
  142. Posture & The Grizzly
  143. Potty Mouth
  144. Praise
  145. Prayer For Cleansing
  146. Primal Scream
  147. Primus
  148. Prince Daddy & The Hyena
  149. Promotomarty
  150. Queens of The Stone Age
  151. Rage Against The Machine
  152. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  153. Recon
  154. Renounced
  155. Rich People
  156. Ringfinger
  157. RVIVR
  158. Samiam
  159. Screaming Females
  160. Sheer Mag
  161. Siege
  162. Silversun Pickups
  163. Sinai Vessel
  164. Single Mothers
  165. Slaughter Beach Dog
  166. Sleater-Kinney
  167. Slowdive
  168. Slow Fire Pistol
  169. Small Brown Bike
  170. Smashing Pumpkins
  171. Snapcase
  172. Snowing
  173. Spraynard
  174. Spur
  175. Stiff Little Fingers
  176. Street Dogs
  177. Streetlight Manifesto
  178. Subzero
  179. T.S.O.L.
  180. Take One Car
  181. Teenage Bottlerocket
  182. Ten Yard Fight
  183. Tender Defenders
  184. Terror Ave
  185. Timeshares
  186. The Banner
  187. The Body
  188. The Bouncing Souls
  189. The Carrier
  190. The Casualties
  191. The Cranberries
  192. The Ergs!
  193. The Exploited
  194. The Flatliners
  195. The Flex
  196. The Front Bottoms
  197. The Gaslight Anthem
  198. The Geeks
  199. The Get Up Kids
  200. The Loved Ones
  201. The Max Levine Ensemble
  202. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  203. The Moms
  204. The New Harmony
  205. The Orwells
  206. The Promise
  207. The Promise Ring
  208. The Replacements
  209. The Toms
  210. The Weirdos
  211. The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die.
  212. The Worries
  213. The Wrongside
  214. Thee Oh Sees
  215. Thou
  216. Three Knee Deep
  217. Told Slant
  218. Total Chaos
  219. Twin Peaks
  220. Ty Segull
  221. U2
  222. United Nations
  223. Vatican
  224. Vision
  225. Vision of Disorder
  226. War on Women
  227. Weezer
  228. X
  229. XrepentanceX
  230. You Blew It!
  231. Young and In The Way
  232. The Zeros
Bands I Want To See

Upcoming Shows December 23rd to December 29th

Here is another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

December 23rd

  1. Blackthorn 51- Crown of Thornz, G.F.Y., Apparition, Silence Equals Death, Negative Sky, TBA.
  2. The Paramount- The Sleeping, Reggie and The Full Effect, Folly, Lux Courageous.
  3. Meatlocker-Galare, Fluoride, Woodland Tomb, Hot Blood, Heat Death, Hiroshi Jaguar.
  4. The Ballroom at The Outer Space- The Slackers, The Screw-Ups, Rebuilder.
  5. The Bell House- Bayside (Acoustic), Hawthorne Heights.

December 24th

  1. Di Fara Azza- Urchin, Nosferatu, Enemy One.

December 25th

Merry Christmas

December 26th

  1. Shea Stadium- Dangers, Kids, Dog.
  2. Revolution Music Hall- Patent Pending.
  3. Wamleg- Dear Pines (Reunion), Milkshakes (Record Release), Peaer, Mineva, Jacket Thor.

December 27th

  1. Bowery Ballroom- Lenny Kaye.
  2. Shakers Pub- More of Myself to Kill, Basilisk, The Second Phase, Ornaments, Bear Success.
  3. The Stone Pony- Dag Nasty, Iron Reagan, Loud Boyz.
  4. Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Valencia, Punchline, Can’t Swim.
  5. The Meatlocker- Sunflower, Ice Giant, The Subcultures, Itsalongshot, Nowadays.

December 28th

  1. Terminal 5- Kurt Vile and The Violators, Woods, Nathan Bowles.
  2. Revolution Music Hall- Ryan Hunter & Brian Byrne 0f Envy on The Coast.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Corey Glover of Living Colour.
  4. Berlin- The Dictators.

December 29th

  1. Starland Ballroom- Thursday, The Hotelier, Primitive Weapons.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- Dag Nasty, Kill Your Idols, Loud Boyz.
  3. The Space at Westbury- Gogol Bordello, Low Cut Connie.
  4. Cianfano’s Bar- Trenchfoot, Dusters, Dissent, Manalive, Forbidden Subjects.
  5. SMASH Industries- Mom Jeans, Macseal, Nervous Dater, Canadian Sailor.
  6. Shea Stadium- Dan Francia Experience, Bueno, Skateboard, gobbinigr.
  7. Wamleg- Dangers, Rare Form, Big Man, LIFT.
  8. The Silent Barn- Pearie Sol, Blood Club, and Dougie Pool.
  9. Sunnyvale- Sharkmuffin, Def Girls, Hellz Kitchen, Darkwing.
  10. The Bowery Electric- H.R. (Bad Brains), Dubb Agents, Skarroneros, Kingsound.
Upcoming Shows December 23rd to December 29th

Old Gray, Nine of Swords, Soul Glo, and Closer @ Shea Stadium 12/17/16

Last Saturday, Old Gray was playing a weekender with Soul Glo and I could see them play at my favorite Brooklyn venue Shea Stadium. This show was not sold out but there were a lot of people who came out for this show. The rest of the lineup was Nine of Swords and Closer. Usually this venue books a lot of Emo or Indie shows but this was a little more aggressive this show.

Opening band of the night as Closer. Closer are a Brooklyn based local Screamo band. For this set they were set up on the floor which was sick. Shea Stadium has a small stage that might be a foot or foot and half high. Seeing a band play a floor show was intense. On stage, they had a projector playing Akira in the background. I enjoyed the music mixed with movie. Closer are a three piece the singer was also their drummer. At first the band kind remind me of Code Orange Kids. They were not aggressive like them but the vocals were so what similar. The band said that last Saturday’s show was their second show. I would love to see this band again especially with a killer screamo lineup. I also feel with a film playing in the background they should shut off the lights. That probably will make them into a creepy band.

Soul Glo was up next. This Hardcore/Screamo band is from Philly. I have heard of this band multiple times and saw some of their live sets on YouTube and Hate5six. I was excited to finally see this band. They started to play and I was kind of expecting a reaction for them. The entire set no one moved but Soul Glo played great. What I like about this band is that they mix Screamo with some Powerviolence and some Violence Violence Era Ceremony. If this band played with some Hardcore bands this band would have gotten a great reaction. I enjoyed what they were playing. Soul Glo had a great message especially when the lead singer made a speech about how times are getting scary. He mentions people who lived in a community should go outside and talk to their neighbors. The message is being open minded to everyone in the community. Overall Soul Glo is a sick band and they are worth checking out.

Nine of Swords was up next. For a long time now I was supposed to see this band play. There has been many of shows I was supposed to go to that Nine of Swords play. Last Saturday I finally got that chance. Nine of Sword were a Hardcore band. They are from New York. Once they started to play they this aggressive side to them. I really enjoyed what I was seeing. What I liked about this band they had these short and aggressive songs. I felt that they were the heaviest band of the night. Overall, they were good band.

Old Gray got stage and started to set up. Once they were done a man got on stage and started to do some spoken word. William James is a poet from a small town in Pennsylvania. Old Gray asked him to come on tour with them. He poems were interesting because they were about his life and growing up in bible ridden town. He discussed about DIY Punk venues, religion, and suicide. These poems hit close to home and a lot of audience seemed to enjoy it. Once he finished Old Gray joined on stage. Old Gray are a Screamo band and they are from Philly. William James stayed on stage for the opening song which was “Like Blood from a Stone.” This is my favorite song off their new album Slow Burn on Flower Girl Records. Williams James is doing some spoken word while the band is playing background music. That song is very powerful song about a girl who is going through some tough times with depression. After that song, Old Gray started to play their older stuff and finally the crowd started to go off. There was a pit and plenty of people up front screaming the lyrics for each song. Old Gray played a great set. This show overall was good and it was a different pace for this venue. Last Saturday there were a lot of shows happening in the tristate area and I am glad I went to this show. I was never huge into Old Gray but with the release of the new album and then seeing them I became a fan. I would love to see Old Gray again.


Old Gray, Nine of Swords, Soul Glo, and Closer @ Shea Stadium 12/17/16

Something In The Way 2016

Last Wednesday, Run For Cover and Fred Perry put together their first annual festival Something In The Way. The festival took place in New York City at the venue Webster Hall. This festival was one day only and it was sold out. The lineup featured some of the labels top and upcoming bands. The festival took place in all three rooms of Webster Hall. The Grand Ballroom featured Modern Baseball, Basement, Citizen, and Teen Suicide. The Marlin Room featured Turnover, mewithoutyou, Elvis Depressidly, and Petal. The Studio featured Alex G, Pinegrove, Nicole Dollanganger, and Crying. Doors were at 6 and the first band was on at 7.

The first band I saw that night was Teen Suicide. Their set began at 7:15 pm. This was my third time seeing them play. They were a lot of people there waiting for the band. The lead singer was on stage and just started playing samples. I really confused upon what going on. It was weird and it seemed that singer was doing his own thing. Teen Suicide sound is Lo-Fi but this was just one hot mess. I was somewhat disappointed from what I was seeing. I only stayed for three songs because Petal was going to start down stairs in the Marlin room.

I went downstairs to see Petal. This was my fourth time seeing her play. She had a backing band behind her and one of the members was from Tiger’s Jaw. Ben Walsh was doing backup vocals and playing guitar for her. The last time I saw Petal was back in June when she opened Pity Sex and PWR BTTM. There was a lot of people there for. I was there for most of her set. The set list was mostly from her album Shame. I was surprise to see that not a lot of people were singing along to her material. It seemed that a lot of people were talking during her performance which I find rude. From what I saw she played a good set. If you like some mellow Indie/Emo music this band is for you.

After that I got a chance to check out Nicole Dollanganger. She was playing down in the Studio. The reason why I wanted to check her out is because the upcoming Code Orange tour has her opening. I had no idea if this was a band or a acoustic act. I got down to the studio and I was surprise from what I was seeing. There was full band and lead singer was Nicole. The band sounded like the 80’s but her vocals sounded like Japanese pop singer. It was bizarre. Also, there was a lot of people checking her out which I could not believe. I will be seeing her opening up for Code Orange in February upstairs in the Marlin room. I tell you right now there will be a lot of people who get it at that show.

I walked up to the Grand Ballroom to see Citizen. This was my seventh time seeing this band. There were a lot of people there to see them play. Once they stated to play people started to go off.  People were crowd surfing and I notice there was barricade. As always, I really hate a barricade at a Punk/Indie show. Since the sets were either half hour or forty-five minutes Citizen played a shorter set than usually. The set was mix with Youth and Everybody Goes To Heaven. I did not stay for the entire set. I wanted to make sure I get a spot for Pinegrove. I was going to see Elvis Depressidly in the Marlin room but he dropped. Apparently the after show also was not happening so two of the bands split Elvis ‘s set. So, I missed Infinity Crush and Cat Be Damned.

Pinegrove was down in the Studio which I thought was dumb. This band has been blowing up and they should have not been playing in the Studio. When I got down there it was insane. The studio was packed out which I was could not believe. I was later told that Alex G would have the same crowd. This was my fourth time seeing Pinegrove. I did not stay for the entire set because I wanted to see Nothing in the Grand Ballroom. Once Pinegrove started to play people started to sing along. Once I notice it was time to go it was a little hard to get out for Pinegrove. The crowd was deep really deep. If Run For Cover does another fest next year Pinegrove needs to play upstairs because this was too much. I cannot wait to see them in April at their sold out Bowery Ballroom show.

I got upstairs just in time for Nothing. As I mention before they were playing the Grand Ballroom. This was my fifth time seeing them. Nothing got added on to this fest a few weeks ago, and I was excited when that was announced. This was the band I wanted to see more than anyone else. I love this band and they play so good. This is one of the sets I stayed for the entire set. Most of the set was from their new album Tired of Tomorrow. Besides playing songs off the new album they also played songs off the split with Whirr and song off Guilty of Everything. Nothing is the best band playing shoegaze right now. There was a lot of people there for them. I enjoyed the fact the band played well and people were going off for them.  I always recommend seeing this band. I am most likely going to see them opening for AFI in February at Terminal 5.

After Nothing set I had some time to kill so I went to go see mewithoutyou. I heard about this band for a very long time but I just never got into them. I figure I just watch some of the set until Basement gets on. I did not feel like traveling to the Studio for Alex G because the amount of people that was already down there. For mewithoutyou there was not a lot of people there in attendance which I was kind of surprise. The room seemed half filled maybe a little more. They were a 2000’s Emo band and they probably have a bigger fan base but Basement and Alex G were playing around the same time as them. Once time came I ran upstairs.

Going up the stairs I heard the opening riff of “Whole.” There was a lot of people up there for Basement. Basement is currently one of the biggest bands right now so there no surprise how many people were going to be there. This was my seventh time seeing this British Emo band. As usual they got the crowd going. People were moshing and crowd surfing. This set I wish there was no barricades because this was a perfect set to stage dive. I stayed for majority of the set. They played songs off all three albums. As always, they never disappoint me. I love Basement and I could see them night after night. Going towards the end of the set, I notice people were leaving which meant I need to leave to see Turnover.

Turnover was playing the last 10-15 minutes of Basement set. Turnover was playing in the Marlin room. I was almost upfront for Turnover. This would be my ninth time seeing this band. This would also be my last set of the night I did not stay for Modern Baseball. Going back to Turnover the band started to play and the crowd went off. Honestly this was the most energetic crowd I ever seen for Turnover. People were dancing everywhere and I could not believe the amount of stage dives for Turnover. I usually find it weird when people go this hard for Turnover. Nothing will beat the time I saw them opened for Citizen at the Bowery Ballroom and people moshing for them. Besides the crowd going wild Turnover played a great set as always. The entire set was from Peripheral Visions expect one song. Overall Turnover was wonderful and this fest was a lot of fun. I really hope that Run For Cover does this again and stays in New York. I also hope it is on a weekend instead of a Wednesday. I had a great time and I have no complaints about this festival.

Something In The Way 2016

Upcoming Shows December 16th-December 22nd

Here is another list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that theses shows are in the tri-state area.

December 16th

  1. AMH- Incendiary, Somerset Thrower, Sanction Limit.
  2. Irving Plaza- The Bouncing Souls, Off With Their Heads, Crazy & The Brains.
  3. Revolution Music Hall- Acceptance, Shorebreak, Table Talk.
  4. Gold Sounds- Stand Off, Line of Sight, Hot Heads, Impact.
  5. Suburbia- Taking Meds, Slingshot Dakota, Hard Pass, Original Sharks.
  6. Meatlocker- Whiner, Kissingisacrime, Fond Hain, Primitive Lips, Paddle Splashers.
  7. Millhill Basement- Night Birds, Conmen, Posers, Nervous Triggers.
  8. Trenton Coffee House and Roaster- WINO, Josh Adair, Tail Light Rebellion, Moron Girls, Pilot.
  9. Vartini Bar- Chris Ruben Band, The Loose Lips, Cherry pop, Sharp Violet.
  10. Wamleg- Recycled Earth, Cast in Blood, Violence To Fade, Contempt, Combatant, Lawrence.

December 17th

  1. Brick EMS- Floorpunch, Down To Nothing, Get Real, Blind Justice, Krust, Regulate.
  2. Shea Stadium- Old Gray, Nine of Swords, Soul Glo, Closer.
  3. Shakers Pub- Punch You Face, Enemy Mind, Psycho Enhancer, Strengh Through Suffering, Forced Out.
  4. Webster Hall- Jimmy Eat World, Prawn.
  5. Irving Plaza- The Bouncing Souls, Anti-Flag, Up For Nothing.
  6. AMH- Night Birds, Two Man Advantage, Vinny Hooliganz, Beach Craft Bonanza, The Conmen.
  7. Suburbia- Mikey Erg, Thin Lips, Spill, Nervous Dater.
  8. MAC 650 Gallery & Artist Co-op- NYR, Dagwood, Quiet Giant, Death Black Birds.
  9. Meatlocker- Washington Square Park, Whiner, tru, Archie Alone, River Acheron Appeal.
  10. Buckley’s- Almost Aimless, Bedpan Fight, Cash Registers, The Cuts, League of Pity, Jones Crusher, Suburban Decay.
  11. Backroom Studios- Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Bottomfed, Basement Beers, Mr.Pink, Secretart Legs.
  12. Fitzies Irish Pub- Hate Diplomacy, The Weight We Carry, Delinquence, Caste.
  13. Thomaston American Legion- When in Motion, Boundaries, Foulmouth, Shots Fried, Mase, Brickshot, SCVM, Anarchy Inc,

December 18th

  1. Webster Hall- Champagne Jam
  2. The Silent Barn- Loone, Library, Teenage Halloween.
  3. Brighton Bar- Serious Matter.
  4. Sunnyvale- Banladeafy, Crytodira, Fall of The Albatross, Consonance.

December 19th

  1. Obrien- Stories Untold, Crash The Calm, Part Time Bear, Depressant, Figure Eight, Megaweapon.

December 20th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Flase Gods, Beast Modulus, Pussywolf, Skunk Daze.
  2. Meatlocker- Galare, Eulogy, Down With Rent, Devil on The Belfry.

December 21st

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Fuzzy Ozbourne, Thera Roya, Eternal Black, Matismass.

December 22nd

  1. AMH- Holiday Cover Show.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Mary Todd, Dealers, Dead Flowers, The Haunt.
  3. Bar Matchless- Caught In A Traop, Bastard Clam, Bowhead, TBA.
Upcoming Shows December 16th-December 22nd