FIDLAR, SWMRS, and The Frights @ Terminal 5 11/11/16

Last Friday, I finally got the chance to see FIDLAR. FIDLAR are currently on tour with SWMRS and The Frights. Surprisingly this was not a sold show which I thought it was going to be. There were a lot of people there and I was really excited for this show. The show was at Terminal 5. I have not been there since I saw Wavves & Best Coast. I was supposed to see At The Drive In but they canceled.

The opening band of the night was The Frights. The Frights are from San Diego, California. I walked in two songs into their set and right off the bat I could not believe what I seeing. People were going off and singing along to their songs. I never heard of this band before the tour was announced. I was shocked by this. The Frights had a nice Surf Punk sound. During their set they covered Weezer “Say Ain’t So” which got a good reaction from the crowd. The Frights were a solid opener and they played a great set.

SWMRS took the stage. The bass player was the only on stage and everyone thought they were still sound checking. Then all of the sudden the bass play started to play the opening riff of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room”. This was followed by the drummer who started to play the drums to the song. Eventually the entire band came out and they covered the song. For me this was amazing because Fugazi is one of my favorite bands of all time. Once the cover was over they started to play their material. SWMRS are from Oakland, California. A few days prior to this show I found out the drummer of the band is the son of Green Day’s vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong. I found this really sick because I am a huge Green Day fan. Just like The Frights they got the crowd going. People were going off for them. SWMRS had more a Punk Rock sound rather than Garage. The material was very poppy but the energy of Punk was there. Overall I loved this band and they put on a great set. They got the crowd going and got a great reaction. I recommend  seeing this band if they come around your town.

Fidlar took the stage. They are from Los Angeles, California. Just like the entire lineup this was my first time seeing them. Every time they came to New York City I did not know about the show or the show sold out before I got a ticket. Luckily this time I got that chance. I was very excited for this show. Once the band took the stage and they started off with a cover. The cover was “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys. The crowd went insane for the song. Fidlar played it fantastic. All three bands did a cover and all of them were great. Going back to Fidlar, the band played a great set. Songs were from both of their albums. I really loved the crowd reaction for the set. I was not expecting how crazy it got for them. People were crowd surfing and dancing to them. Also I will always love when the crowd is as loud as the band when they are singing the lyrics. Fidlar played everything I wanted to hear. What I love about this band is that they are just having fun on stage. Fidlar is a straight forward Garage Punk band and this show blew away the Wavves and Best Coast show. Overall I would love to see Fidlar again. They are one of those bands I could see again and again.


FIDLAR, SWMRS, and The Frights @ Terminal 5 11/11/16

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