Upcoming Shows November 4th-November 10th

Here is another week of shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are taken place in the Tri-State.

November 4th

  1. Brooklyn Bazaar- Incendiary, Red Death, Manipulate, Separated.
  2. Goldsounds- Oso Oso, Born Without Bones, Save Face.
  3. The Theater of MSG- Tegan and Sara, Torre.
  4. United Palace- Foals, Bear Hands, Kiev.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Adult Books, Journalism, Secret Crush.
  6. The Studio at Webster Hall- All Get Out, Gates, Microwave, Long Time.
  7. Shea Stadium- Gobbinjr, Thelma, Francic Cool, Boose Gumps.
  8. Saint Vitus Bar- Secret Headliner, Amor Prohibido.
  9. Muchmore’s- Tall Juan, Shining Mirrors, The Wedge, The Pizza Boys.
  10. Aisle 3- Have A Good Season, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Just Friends, Sybil, Monitor.

November 5th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Cryptodira, Johnny Booth, Separated, Pathogenic, Whittled Down, More of Mysleft to Kill.
  2. Our Lady of Peretual Hope- Oso Oso, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Just Friends, PuppyBrother, Catlike, Macseal.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- The Proletariat, The F.U.’s, Extended Hell.
  4. Brooklyn Bazaar- Such Gold, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Druse.
  5. The Place Bar and Lounge- Wicked World, Mercy Blow, Born A New, Repressed, Refinement, Silenus, TBA.
  6. Villain- Screaming Females, Moor Mother, Little Waist.
  7. Shea Stadium- Crying, Radiator Hospital, Foozle, Long Beard.
  8. The Capitol Theatre- Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.
  9. The Silent Barn- Miscegenator, Skarrones, Eskrorula, Mula Vista.
  10. Brighton Bar- The Interrupters, Hub City Stompers, Backyard Superheros,Bad Cop Bad Cop.
  11. Starland Ballroom- Meshuggah, High on Fire.
  12. Sunnyvale- Genna Davs, Patoo, She Said Yes, Washer.
  13. The Bowery Electric- The Shooting Gallery, Comrades, American Pineup.
  14. Lucky 13 Saloon- Ascend/Descend, Mad Diesel, Folklore, Ultor.
  15. Hank Saloon- The Challenged, Top Bunk, Universal Monsters, Hopeless Otis.
  16. House Show New Brunswichk- The Great Depression, Secret Nudist Friends, Johnny Cola, Blind Lion.
  17. Backroom Studios- Only Sibling, Sistine, Futures, Basement Beers.
  18. Mr. Beerys- Beach Craft Bonanza, Steve Adamyk Band, Sonic Avenues, Adult Magic, Young Rochelles.

November 6th

  1. Warsaw- AJJ, Diners, Chris Farren.
  2. The Silent Barn-Palberta, Shellshag, Vacation, Prima.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Child Abuse, Microwaves, Couch Slut, Opening Bell.
  4. Garcia’s- El Ten Elven, Bayonne.
  5. Championship Bar- Mercy Blow, Wicked World, Young Graves, Boundiares, Idle Minds, Past Hope, Drawn Out.
  6. Random House Publishing- Hodera, American Lions, Secret Stuff.
  7. The Meat Locker- Savagist, Dutchguts, Sick Shit, Hercyn.

November 7th

  1. Brewhaus Pub- Vacation, Somerset Thrower, Petal Head, Pushing Sides.
  2. Amityville Music Hall- Such Gold, Pkew Pkew Pkew.

November 8th

  1. Terminal 5- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death From Above, Deap Valley.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Hate Diplomacy, Detach The Island, Wrist Deep, Dead.
  3. Baby’s All Right- Dirty Fences, Big Huge, Barbed Wire, Nat Brower.
  4. Lucky 13 Saloon- Cancer Slug, Chest Malone And The Slice Em Ups, TBA.

November 9th

  1. Shakers Pub- Forced Out, Hangman, Draw The Line, Jab.
  2. Playstation Theater- Yellowcab, Like Torches, Dry Jacket.
  3. The Stanhope House- Such Gold, Pkew Pkew Pkew, When Thieves Are About, Automatic 253, Harvard on The Hell, 3rd Times A Charm.
  4. The Studio at Webster Hall- Skinny Lister, Lincoln Durham, Trapper Schoepp.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- U.S. Bastards, Against The Grain, Hot Blood.
  6. The Paramount- Black Rebel Motorcylce Club, Death From Above, Deap Valley.
  7. Goldsounds- Gone Wind, Secoue, Mustard Mind.

November 10th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- The Superweaks, Bedmakers, Lost & Adrift, Marfil.
  2. Irving Plaza- The Julie Ruin.
  3. Cafe Nine- Tony Molina, Wildhoney, Bilge Rat.
  4. P’s and Q’s Autobody- Staleworth, Russell Anderson, Golden Hour, Que Fuerte.
  5. Warsaw- Jesu, Sun Kil Moon.
  6. Mercury Lounge- Gabriella Cohen, Tall Juan.
  7. Brighton Bar- Shonen Knife, Psykedlic OVer Mit, Brenyama, The Stewart Dolly, Chain Dazey.
  8. Alphaville- Secret Crush, Hotlikr, Kew, Furnsss.
  9. The Bell House- Lydia, June Divided.
  10. Stanhope House- Sponge, Core Valay, Lurk, Everything Falls, Silence No More.Hunt Union Ballroom- Mariguanas, Rootkit Disaster, Smooth Kaleidoscopes, Parallel, Catlike.
Upcoming Shows November 4th-November 10th

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