Turnstile Sold Out show @ Sunnyvale 10/27/16

Last Thursday Turnstile played a sold out NYC show in Brooklyn. This was my first time attending the venue Sunnyvale. Usually a lot of Indie bands play this venue but it was to nice see a Hardcore show to be booked here. The venue was pretty cool and the stage was tiny so I knew stage diving was going to be interesting.  Turnstile are currently doing a USA tour with Angel Dust and Big Bite. They also had support from Krimewatch and Fury this date. I was excited to see Turnstile again. I never miss them when they play the NYC/Long Island area.

The first band up was Big Bite. Big Bite was the only band on the lineup that I have never seen before. They were also the only band that was not a Hardcore band. They are from Seattle, Washington. Big Bite started to play and they sounded like a Grunge band. I was really surprised to see a band on this lineup that was not Hardcore. This band somewhat set the mood. A lot of people were there watching them play. They had a small set and I liked what they were playing. They were not like Nirvana but they had this Punk sound that mixed with well with Grunge. I like the sound and they played a good set. I would like to check them out again.

The next band up was Krimewatch. This was my second time seeing this New York Hardcore band. The last time I saw them was at the Silent Barn opening up for Firewalker and ICE. The band started to play. I was never huge fan of this band but it was cool that Turnstile put them on tour because Krimewatch has a good message. They bring women to Hardcore and women go off for them. I feel like this band is bringing back Riot Grrl which is pretty sick because there has been a raise of bands features female members kicking a lot of ass. They had some people going off for them. The set was pretty good even though they were not my thing.

Fury was up next. This was my second time seeing them. Fury are from California. I have not seen them since Summer of 2015 when they opened up for Freedom at Amityville Music Hall. That was one of my favorite Hardcore shows of all time. Fury took the stage and they had a pit for them right off the bat. The pit never died for them. Fury are a Youth Crew band which means a lot of fast songs which some mosh parts. They were some stage dives. The last song they had Ned Russin on stage doing guest vocals. The second time around I liked them a lot more. Earlier in the year they released an LP titled Paramount on Triple B records. Overall the set was really good. I recommend checking this band out if you like Turning Point and Mental.

Angel Dust took the stage. This my fifth time seeing this band. Angel Dust is somewhat like a super group with members of Trapped Under Ice and Turnstile. Angel Dust is this generation’s Ramones. They have songs that are short and very catchy. Angel Dust always puts on a good set and once they started to play the crowd went off. I love the fact the crowd was singing along to every song. People were moshing and stage diving. Earlier in the year Angel Dust released their new LP Rock The Fuck on Forever on Pop Wig. Really cool record that features a lot of good songs. Overall Angel Dust played a great set. I love the fact that every time I see them I have a great time. Since the first time I saw them play in 2014 I fell in love with this band. Angel Dust is a fun a band live and if you like straight forward Hardcore that is really simple and fast this band is for you.

The final band of the night was Turnstile. This was my tenth time seeing them play. Turnstile are from Baltimore, D.C., and Ohio. The last time I saw them was at Back to School Jam which was the hottest set in the history of mankind. Turnstile is like the 1980’s era of The Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with 90’s Hardcore. They are aggressive, funky, cool, catchy, and very groovy. They recently released a new EP Move Thru Me on Pop Wig. They are tour supporting the new EP. Thursday was also a special show because it was Freaky Franz birthday. Franz is the bassist of the band and before they started play the crowd sang happy birthday and he blew the candles out. It was cool to know members of the audience actually got him a cake. The band started to play and the place went off. This was pretty usually for a Turnstile crowd. There were a lot of people stage diving, moshing, and singing along. At some points there was people taking the mic and singing parts of some of the songs. The set list was mixed and they played some songs off of the new EP. The even played the cover of “Fuck Me Blind” which was original by the D.C. band Give. I actually surprise to see them play my favorite song “Pushing Away” which was sick. Overall Turnstile played another fantastic set. I was happy I got another chance to see this band. If you have not seen Turnstile you really are messing up.

Turnstile Sold Out show @ Sunnyvale 10/27/16

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