Bracewar, Bent Life, Lost Souls, High Card, Limit, and Warehouse @ 11/16/16

Last Wednesday, Bracewar returned to Long Island. They are currently on tour with Bent Life and Lost Souls. It has been a few years since they played Long Island. Personally I was really excited for this show since I saw Bracewar played their set at Back to School Jam in September. The show was at Amityville Music Hall. There three local openers which were High Card, Limit, and Warehouse.

Opening band of the night was Warehouse. Warehouse are an up and coming Long Island Hardcore band. The last time I saw them was back last month when they opened for Whittled Down and Table Talk at the same venue. This was my fourth time seeing them play. Warehouse started to play and there somewhat of a reaction. It was not like the last time I saw play but the band themselves sounded really tight. First song the guitarist broke a string but otherwise the sound was great. Warehouse can be close to bands like Madball and Backtrack. They have these short two minute songs that are straight forward and have a short breakdown. They played their new song they released a few days before the show. They made announcement saying Black Friday they will release their upcoming EP. Be out on the lookout for that.

Up next was Limit. This was my third time seeing this LIHC band. I have not seen this band since July at Shakers Pub. Limit is more a Punk influenced Hardcore band. They have that 1980’s sound but it is not generic. Limit just recently released a Demo/EP. The started to play and right off the bat they got a reaction. This was my first time seeing people going off for them. Their set were all of the songs off of the demo. Since the last time I saw them this performance was great and enjoyed this set a lot. I think the crowd that was there enjoyed them the most part. Limit next Long Island show will be a big one. They are playing the annual LIHC Holiday annual show with Incendiary, Somerset Thrower and Sanction. Please attend that show because it is going towards a great cause.

High Card took the stage. This was my eighth time seeing this Long Island Hardcore band. The last time I saw them was when they opened for Ramallah back in August. Just like Limit they take a 1980’s Hardcore Punk approach to their material. Once they started to play they had people go off for them. Ever since they released their debut LP Y Generation, High Card has been gaining a following every time they played. High Card played a pretty a good set. They did an Outburst cover which was sick. They got a great reaction from the crowd with that cover. Overall High Card is worth checking out. If you like 1980’s Hardcore then this band is for you.

Lost Souls was up next. This was my fourth time seeing this Richmond band. The last time I saw them was back in August in their hometown at the Canal Club. Lost Souls started to play and no one went off. Maybe just a song in there was only one person going off. This was like the first time I saw them back in May when they played Shakers Pub and barely anyone moved for them. For me this set made me actually like this band a lot. It took me awhile to get into this band but just listening to them they were very sick. I loved how the guitarist use of pedals mixed with the aggressive sound. The sound is heavy and their songs are short. I was just surprise how no one was going off for them. I think Lost Souls is a criminal underrated band. They are my current favorite band from the Richmond scene. I recommend checking this band out. Earlier in the year they released an EP titled I Don’t Need You on Mass Move Records. Overall Lost Souls is great and I slept on this band for so long.

Up next was Bent Life. Bent Life was the only band on the lineup that I have never seen before. They are from Nebraska. Around this time last year they were suppose to play in Long Island with Regulate and The Beautiful Ones but they had to drop the tour due to their van breaking down. Once they started to play they got a reaction right off the bat. They had people singing along to them. Bent Life have more of this Crossover sound they were probably the more unique on the lineup. Most of the bands that were playing this show were geared to having a heavy Punk influence. These guys had more of a Metal influence. Overall they were cool I was not too into them. I am glad that this band is not being over shadowed by a lot of bands coming from that area that sound like Knocked Loose. Bent Life has been around for awhile and I am glad to see they are sticking to their roots.

Finally Bracewar took the stage. As I mention before i saw this band perform at Back to School Jam and thought they were so sick. That set was violent and very chaotic. I was excited for this because of well they played at that fest. Bracewar are from Richmond. They started to play the reaction was okay at first then got laid back. I was really surprised by this. I could not believe Long Island was not going off for this band. Towards the end of the set the reaction got better. The lead singer kept trying to get the crowd going but nothing work. Besides that Bracewar was sick. They even played some new material that sounded really sick. I am pretty sure 2017 they will be releasing new songs. What I love about this band is that they play these short face songs that almost sound like Powerviolence. A song can be under a minute with a fast part and leads into a intense breakdown. I really love Bracewar I really want to see this band again. Hopefully the next time I see them they have a better reaction from the crowd. If you have not see this band go see them they are well worth it.

Bracewar, Bent Life, Lost Souls, High Card, Limit, and Warehouse @ 11/16/16

Upcoming Shows November 25th-December 1st

Here is another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the tri-state area.

November 25th 

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Most Precious Blood, Line of Scrimmage, Blind Justice, Jukai.
  2. My Place Pizza- Naysayer, Regulate, Recycled Earth, Break Away, Vein.
  3. East Islip Lanes- Keep Flying, Makeshift, Megaweapon, All New Episode, Breaking Tradition, Bedmakers.
  4. The Stanhope House- Murphy’s Law, Fury Within, Devil In The Belfry, Ryder, Comb The Desert.
  5. The Bomb Shelter- Gatherers, Ornaments, Arrowhead, Massa Nera.
  6. Revolution Music Hall- Amboy, Tomorrow’s Apologies, Dinoskate Park, Omega, Young Harbor, Breakout Day.
  7. The Capitol Theatre- Ween.
  8. The Meatlocker- Tallcan, The Subcultures, Fools + Frauds, Dis-Ease, Pity Prize.

November 26th

  1. Shakers Pub- Cruel Hand, Lifeless, Varials, Near Death, Detriment, Separated.
  2. The Knitting Factory- The Menzingers, Hemming, The Bella Vista Social Club.
  3. Brooklyn Bazaar- Iron Chic, Laura Stevenson, Worries, Nude Beach, Shellshag, Outshirts.
  4. Gramercy Theatre- Toh Kay.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Mutoid Man, Erdon, Summoner.
  6. Wamleg- Violence To Fade, Fightsong, Glory, Pinfinger, Rare Form.
  7. Shea Stadium- No One & The Somebodies, Palberta, Mumblr, Old Table, The Drinkers Themselves, Fiasco.
  8. Amityville Music Hall- AllOut, Approaching Troy, The B-List, Legend of You, Older Than Oceans, Alumi.
  9. The Capitol Theatre- Ween.
  10. The Meatlocker- Whiner, Jean Pool, Will Wood, Quantum Peruvian, Roswell Debacle, John Gzz.
  11. Espresso Joe’s- Hold On Caulfield, Pep Rally, Hoboken Moms, Have A Good Season.
  12. Paul Tavern- TV Tramps, Sick Shit, School Shit, Nervous Triggers, Damage Done.
  13. Backroom Studios= Gatheresm Ornaments, Sistine, Arrowhead, TBA.
  14. Bronx Basement Show- Point/Forty Five, Remnants of The Plague, Plunk, The Neozoic.

November 27th

  1. Amityville Music Hall- Ornaments, Gnashville, Gatherers, Arrowhead, Graves.
  2. Goldsounds- Splatter, Rotten UK, Primitive Pact, Sewage.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- The Wedge, Beechwood, Darkwing.
  4. The Capitol Theatre- Ween.

November 28th 

November 29th

  1. The Space- Andrew W.K.
  2. The Knitting Factory- The Last Internationale, The Vee Vees, Freya Wilcox & The Howl.
  3. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Metric, New Myths.
  4. Goldsounds- Jugger-nut, Comrades, Disaters.
  5. Taco’s Shack- Keep Flying, Parallel, Cold Hands.

November 30th

  1. Irving Plaza- Dinosaur Jr., Easy Action.
  2. Cianfano’s Bar- Gag, Lower Species, Haram, Razorheads, Pisskvlt, Skuz.
  3. Brooklyn Bowl- The Hold Steady.

December 1st 

  1. Irving Plaza- Dinosaur Jr., Easy Action.
  2. Sunnyvale- Gag, Vanity, Lower Species, Free At Last, Liberty.
  3. Brooklyn Bowl- The Hold Steady.
  4. Webster Hall- Animals As Leaders, Intervals, Plini.
  5. The Stone Pony- The Sounds, Zipper Club, MY Jerusalem.
Upcoming Shows November 25th-December 1st

Take This Bird and Shove It Fest 2016

This upcoming weekend is the second annual Punk festival Take This Bird and Shove It Fest. This festival is taking place at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia. This is a two day festival that is starting today. The festival features a lot of Punk, Hardcore, and Oi! bands from the past and present. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Day One Friday November 25, 2016

Lineup: Special Duties, Funeral Dress, Violent Society, WKSJ?, Zex, Rotten UK, Executors, Parasitix, Out of Order, Rotten Stitches, Race Riot 59, Point Blank, Thunder and Glory, Olde Tigers, Shitty Friends, Splatter, Dive In The Box.

Day Two Saturday November 26, 2016

Lineup: Infa-Riot, The Strike, The Virus, The Krays, DDC, Assault & Battery, The Ravagers, Duffy’s Cut, The Brass, Cinderblock, Legion 76, Oldham Boys, No Parole, Bastard Clam Sweet FA, The Up! UP! Ups!.

Take This Bird and Shove It Fest 2016

FIDLAR, SWMRS, and The Frights @ Terminal 5 11/11/16

Last Friday, I finally got the chance to see FIDLAR. FIDLAR are currently on tour with SWMRS and The Frights. Surprisingly this was not a sold show which I thought it was going to be. There were a lot of people there and I was really excited for this show. The show was at Terminal 5. I have not been there since I saw Wavves & Best Coast. I was supposed to see At The Drive In but they canceled.

The opening band of the night was The Frights. The Frights are from San Diego, California. I walked in two songs into their set and right off the bat I could not believe what I seeing. People were going off and singing along to their songs. I never heard of this band before the tour was announced. I was shocked by this. The Frights had a nice Surf Punk sound. During their set they covered Weezer “Say Ain’t So” which got a good reaction from the crowd. The Frights were a solid opener and they played a great set.

SWMRS took the stage. The bass player was the only on stage and everyone thought they were still sound checking. Then all of the sudden the bass play started to play the opening riff of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room”. This was followed by the drummer who started to play the drums to the song. Eventually the entire band came out and they covered the song. For me this was amazing because Fugazi is one of my favorite bands of all time. Once the cover was over they started to play their material. SWMRS are from Oakland, California. A few days prior to this show I found out the drummer of the band is the son of Green Day’s vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong. I found this really sick because I am a huge Green Day fan. Just like The Frights they got the crowd going. People were going off for them. SWMRS had more a Punk Rock sound rather than Garage. The material was very poppy but the energy of Punk was there. Overall I loved this band and they put on a great set. They got the crowd going and got a great reaction. I recommend  seeing this band if they come around your town.

Fidlar took the stage. They are from Los Angeles, California. Just like the entire lineup this was my first time seeing them. Every time they came to New York City I did not know about the show or the show sold out before I got a ticket. Luckily this time I got that chance. I was very excited for this show. Once the band took the stage and they started off with a cover. The cover was “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys. The crowd went insane for the song. Fidlar played it fantastic. All three bands did a cover and all of them were great. Going back to Fidlar, the band played a great set. Songs were from both of their albums. I really loved the crowd reaction for the set. I was not expecting how crazy it got for them. People were crowd surfing and dancing to them. Also I will always love when the crowd is as loud as the band when they are singing the lyrics. Fidlar played everything I wanted to hear. What I love about this band is that they are just having fun on stage. Fidlar is a straight forward Garage Punk band and this show blew away the Wavves and Best Coast show. Overall I would love to see Fidlar again. They are one of those bands I could see again and again.


FIDLAR, SWMRS, and The Frights @ Terminal 5 11/11/16

Forced Out End of Suffering Release Show 11/9/16

Last Wednesday, Forced Out put together a show for their new release. End of Suffering came out last July on Filled With Hate Records. The show was at Shakers Pub in Oakdale, New York. The lineup was all local Long Island bands which were Hangman, Draw The Line, and Jab.

The opening band of the night was Jab. This was Jab’s first show. They recently released a demo titled Hometown Hate. The band started to play and they got a pretty solid reaction for their set. I notice some people singing along and really going off for them. Jab was heavy and these guys played pretty good. I would like to see this band again. They had a nice style of Metal and Hardcore. I can see influences from 100 Demons, Merauder, and even Neglect. The sound was good. If these guys played more shows they probably will have a tighter sound. Overall their first performance was good and these guys are worth checking out.

Up next was Draw The Line. I saw this band a few weeks prior at the same venue opening for Death Metal Pope. This was my fourth time seeing them play. Draw The Line is a Beatdown band. Once they started to play they got a good reaction. Draw The Line does not play shows often but each time they play people go off for them. This was also their second show with their new drummer. The band sounded tighter with the new drummer. Back in June they came out with an EP Stake Your Claim. The entire set except the last song were songs off of that EP. The band finished off their set with a Bulldoze cover. That cover got a lot of people going off for it. It got a little violent but seeing a Bulldoze cover was really sick. Overall Draw The Line is a good band and they are worth checking out.

Hangman took the stage. This was my twelve time seeing them. The last time I saw them play was last month at Amityville Music Hall opening for Whittled Down and Table Talk. Back in the summer the released their EP Hangman II. Hangman started to play and the crowd went off. Hangman played a really tight set. I love the style they have. Their sound mixes bands like Biohazard, Backtrack, and Neglect. They are very aggressive and the crowd does not resist. Every time I write about this I have nothing bad to say at all. I enjoy watching this band play and the band just gets better and better. I love the fact I have watched this band progress. They started with four members then add another guitar player. Ever since they added the second guitar play the band got so much better. For everyone who has never seen this band I recommend seeing them.

Forced Out took the stage. As I mention before this was their record release show. This was my sixth time seeing them play. The last time I saw them was when they opened up the Hangman record release show back in August at AMH. Forced Out and started to play. There some reaction but as the set progress the crowd got into it more and more for them. Forced Out overall played a really good set. End of Suffering is their best release to date and they are only getting better. The new EP is worth checking out and if you like Beatdown this EP is perfect. My favorite song off of is “Forever One.” Their next Long Island will be on December 17 opening up for Enemy Mind at Shakers. I am amazed that 150 came out to Shakers Pub last Wednesday for this show. The four bands were all local and a lot of people were there for support. Once again Long Island had another successful record release show and if you were not there you messed up big time.

Forced Out End of Suffering Release Show 11/9/16

Four Chord Music Festival 3

This Sunday is the annual festival Four Chord Fest. The fest features a mix of Punk, Pop Punk, Ska, Indie, and Emo bands. The festival takes place at Xtaza Nightclub in Pittsburgh, PA. For everyone who is going have a great time tonight and enjoy yourself.


Mayday Parade

The Spill Canvas

Hit The Lights

Against The Current

Hawthorne Heights

Eternal Boy

Patent Pending

Keep Flying

Let It Happen

Lotus Kid

Skashank Redemption

Worst Kept Secret

Look Out Loretta

Modern Chemistry

In Your Memory

Head Injuries

Smile My Dear

Check Engine Light

Four Chord Music Festival 3

Snowed In IV

This Saturday is the annual one day festival Snowed In. This Indie festival takes place in Lakewood, Ohio at the venue Mahall’s. The festival features a mix of Punk, Emo, and Indie bands across the United States. This is an all ages festival and tickets are $15 in advance. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.


Sorority Noise

Such Gold


Free Throw



The Cardboard Swords

Runaway Brother

Born Without Bones


Bare Walls

The Grievance Club

Dead Fall


Snowed In IV