Culture Abuse and Drug Church @ Saint Vitus Bar 10/26/16

Last Wednesday, I went to Saint Vitus to see Culture Abuse and Drug Church. Culture Abuse were on tour with Touche Amore and Tiny Moving Parts. This was an one off show that featured Drug Church. This was not a sold out show but there was a lot of people at the venue. There was an opening band and unfortunately I missed them due to the fact I got the show after 9. I thought the show was not going to start until 9. The band was Neaux and I heard some really good things about them. I was upset that I missed them.

So the first band I saw was Drug Church. They are from Albany, New York. This was my first time seeing them and I have been wanting to see them since their latest record came out titled Hit Your Head on No Sleep Records. The band took the stage and they rocked. Drug Church has a unique style to them. The vocals are somewhat like Hardcore but instrumental they sound like a 90’s Alternative rock band. I really enjoyed their live performance. Drug Church was really good and they had a good reaction from them. There were a lot of people singing along to them. Also a pit form for them. I was glad I got a chance to see them. If you never heard of Drug Church I recommend checking out their latest album and to go see them live.

The headliner was Culture Abuse. This was my third time seeing this San Francisco Punk band. Culture Abuse has been taken the scene by storm since the release of their debut album Peach on 6131 Recording. Peach is on my AOTY list and when I saw them twice in July they were amazing. The band started to play and the crowd was quiet at first and then people after the first song started to go off. Culture Abuse sound is so sick. They are like Wavves meets Hardcore. They had people singing along to them and the crowd was going off for them. This was a lot better the time I saw them back in July. I was upset that Touche Amore tour did not hit NYC or Long Island. I was not able to make it to any of the out of state shows but seeing Culture Abuse last Wednesday made up for it. What I love about seeing about this band live is that they do not care how sloppy or loose they are playing. The lead singer said he was high and enjoying life. The last time I saw them the band was just drunk it was great. To me this is real Punk Rock and Culture Abuse proved that last week. Overall Culture Abuse is really good and if you not check them out go do so.

Culture Abuse and Drug Church @ Saint Vitus Bar 10/26/16

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