Ceremony, Pink Wash, Blank Spell, and Olor A Muerte @ Brooklyn Bazaar 10/22/16

Last Saturday, I finally attended a show at the new Brooklyn Bazaar. The new Bazaar is a about a few blocks away from the old one. The new one is located on Greenpoint Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The venue is in a Polish catering hall. This was something else. It was smaller than the original but they had vendors and big bar area with a place to eat. The venue was two floors and I had to go upstairs to see the show. The room was small but there was a pretty big stage. I could not believe I was going to see Ceremony in a catering hall.

The opening act of the night was Olor A Murete. I was curious upon the bands who would open for them. The bands either were Punk or Indie. Just like the old Bazaar the first band got on at 9pm when doors were 7pm. Olor A Murete started to play and they are a Punk band. The band was from New York and all of their songs were in Spanish which I thought was pretty cool. The last time I have seen something like this was when I saw the band Cojobea at ABC No Rio in 2013. The band was pretty straight forward with their music. Fast songs and very Punk rock. The band played a little sloppy but overall they were a good openers. They even had a pit for them which was good.

Followed by Olor A Muerte was Blank Spell. Blank Spell are a three piece band from Philly. There was a lot of people upfront for them. Once they started to play I was somewhat surprised by their music. I was expecting a generic Indie band but they were different. It sounded like a mix between Post Punk and Hardcore Punk from the 1980’s. I felt like it was Black Flag meets Joy Division. Fast songs but filled with over drive. The guitar and bass sounded like machines playing. I really liked what I saw last Saturday. The band played a pretty good set. The set seemed pretty short but the band just played through their entire set. The one thing I did not like about this band was that they did not talk to the crowd at all. They were very quiet on stage but overall Blank Spell was sick. They were prefect for opening up for Ceremony.

Pink Wash was up next. Once they took the stage I was in shock because the band was a duo plus they set facing each other. I love when guitar and drum duo set up facing each other. Pink Wash is from Philly. Once they started to play they claimed that they were “Fake Punk.” I had no idea what that means but I was excited to see what was going to happened. Once they started to play I was blown away. The sounded similar to early White Stripes and ’68. The band had a strong Blues influences but the band was noisy and dirty. I was not expecting like this to play this show. At one point during their set they had people moshing for them which I kind of felt weird about. They were not fast or heavy but you could rock out to them. Overall I enjoyed this band I would like to see them again possibly in a basement or a house.

Ceremony took the stage. This was my third time seeing this band. They are from Rohnert Park, California. The last time I saw them play was in a random bar in Brooklyn back in March 2015. Where they played a majority of their new album The L Shaped Man. Ceremony is a Punk/Hardcore band. Every album they released they have changed their sound. Ceremony songs could sound like Black Flag or Minor Threat and then can sound like The Stooges or Joy Division. I always love the way they created their music. Ceremony was a playing this one off. Once they started to play the place went off. People were moshing, Stage diving, and grabbing the mic. The set they played was crazy. Ceremony played a lot of songs I wanted to hear. I have not seen this band in a year and half and this set made up for it. If you not seen Ceremony you should go seem them. I can not wait for the next time they come to the NYC/LI area hopefully they play a Long Island soon.


Ceremony, Pink Wash, Blank Spell, and Olor A Muerte @ Brooklyn Bazaar 10/22/16

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